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  • 1. FD Safety
  • 2. Who We Are
    • Protecting 3,000+ high-end homes in high fire-risk areas (e.g. wildland-urban interface and similar) for ten years
    • Currently serving California, Oregon, and Colorado markets
    • Team of experienced firefighters and risk-mitigation specialists
  • 3. Our Offering
    • Our team of Class I firefighters can visit the site to determine the best approach for protecting the home/community
    • We can prepare a community fire risk analysis and present a proposal for community protection with pricing
    • Upon approval, we schedule a date to conduct the Phos-Chek application
  • 4. Our Product: Phos-Chek*
    • Trusted fire retardant in use since 1962
    • The only fire retardant approved by the US Forest Service
    • Protecting homes for 10 years
    • Colorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe
    *Registered trademark of ICL Performance Products LP, and used under license Photo of Phos-Chek being used to create firebreak (orange dye added so pilots can see where they’ve covered)
  • 5. How it Works
    • Phos-Chek consists of fertilizer type salts, corrosion inhibitors, and flow conditioners. The salts, when heated by the approaching fire, react with the woody material, grass and other organic matter rendering it unburnable, thus retarding the fire spread.
  • 6. How We Protect Homeowners
    • A home’s risk from wildfires is determined by the fuel near the home*
    • Because of scarce fire department resources, protection becomes mainly the responsibility of the homeowner*
    • FD Safety works directly with homeowners and Community Associations to treat fuel on their properties and adjacent wildlands
    *"Thoughts on the Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Problem,” Jack Cohen, Research Physical Scientist at the Fire Sciences Lab, USDA Forest Service
  • 7. Trusted As Seen in the News
  • 8. USFS Approved Only Phos-Chek Has Qualified Under the US Forest Service’s Rigorous Standards