I’ve received an e mail about files at PaperClipPlus

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This presentation shows how to retreive a file sent to you by a PaperClipPlus user.

This presentation shows how to retreive a file sent to you by a PaperClipPlus user.

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  • 1. I’ve received an e-mail about files at PaperClipPlus Now what?
  • 2. PaperClipPlus™• PaperClipPlus.com is software-as-a-service (SaaS) – a server in the ‘Cloud’ that stores and shares users’ files. – PaperClipPlus™ makes files available to you on any device that supports a Web browser – Users can share their files with just who they want and they’ll be able to see if got got them – PaperClipPlus™ is for any kind of file – invoices, binaries, presentations, and multimedia – You can be certain that the users’ email identity has been verified by PaperClipPlus™
  • 3. You will receive an e-mail like this with alink to PaperClipPlus.com where you canretrieve files the sender has chosen toshare with you. Click on the link:
  • 4. At PaperClipPlus, please enter You can rest assured that the fileyour e-mail address so the actually came from the sender identifiedsender will know that you have in the message. Only registered usersbeen to the site. It will not be with verified e-mail addresses can sendused for any other purpose. links in PaperClipPlus.
  • 5. If the sender shared a single file with you, you will see the file View display Click on the View File icon (two arrows) or the Download File icon (arrow pointing down) to view or download the file.
  • 6. If the sender shared a fileset with you, you will see the setof files.Click on the View File or Download File icons for each file.
  • 7. Your file will be displayed or downloaded as requested.
  • 8. Note: If you are viewingimages in-line and theimage appears larger thanthe browser window,adjust your browsersettings to automaticallyresize the image.
  • 9. More info about PaperClipPlus™• New users of PaperClipPlus.com should start with – “Getting Started with PaperClipPlus”• To learn how to keep your files organized, read – “Managing My Files in PaperClipPlus”• For more help with PaperClipPlus™ Filesets, check out – “PaperClipPlus Filesets”• See how to precisely control access to your files in – “Using Authorization Strings with PaperClipPlus”• See PaperClipPlus™ features for Multimedia in – “Multimedia in PaperClipPlus”