ESD using PaperClipPlus


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PaperClipPlus makes it easy to securely distribute software to exacly who you want to distribute it to - and lets you see who got what and when. There is no charge for basic PaperClipPlus services.

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ESD using PaperClipPlus

  1. 1. Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) using
  2. 2. Fast, Safe, Easy and Free ESDThis presentation shows how to use PaperClipPlus™ for electronic software distribution (ESD). PaperClipPlus™: – gives you precise control over who can access your software. – supports fine-grained control based on the recipient’s e-mail address. – can require that the recipient has a verified PaperClipPlus™ account. – lets also lets you know for sure that the recipient has gotten the file.
  3. 3. ESD with PaperClipPlus™ Step-by-Step
  4. 4. Login to your PaperClipPlus account
  5. 5. Click on New File
  6. 6. New file dialog starts with selecting a file
  7. 7. … from your computer’s file system.
  8. 8. Add a description, leave Authorization open(‘Everyone’) and add Tags that describe the file.More about Authorization later in this presentation.
  9. 9. File is uploaded, click on My Files to share
  10. 10. Click on the row to see the detail
  11. 11. Click on the person icon to share
  12. 12. Choose the best way for you to share.
  13. 13. If you click the e-mail icon, PaperClipPlus will compose an e-mail message for you with a link to the file
  14. 14. Add recipients and customize the message if you want
  15. 15. The recipient gets your message and clickson the link to get the file
  16. 16. Our example used ‘Verified’ authorizationand ‘Everyone’ to allow any registered userwith the PaperClipPlus file link to get thefile by clicking on the link and logging in.
  17. 17. You can specify a single e-mail address isauthorized to get a file – like a new licensee.(Remember to remove ‘Everyone’)
  18. 18. Or you can specify a list of e-mailaddresses that are authorized to get a file.You could add an authorized user to a listevery time a license is sold.
  19. 19. Wild Cards (*) may be used to make thefile available to any recipient in an e-maildomain. This may be appropriate for a ‘sitelicense’ or ‘enterprise license.’
  20. 20. Combinations of these techniques may beused for very flexible and precise control.All licensees for a given product could belisted and authorized.
  21. 21. Un-checking the ‘Verified’ box allows therecipient to get the file without logging in to aPaperClipPlus account with a verified e-mailaddress.
  22. 22. Using PaperClipPlus™ for Electronic Software Distribution• Specify authorized users – A single e-mail address – Multiple e-mail addresses – Wild-card e-mail addresses – Any combination• Optionally require the recipient to log into their verified PaperClipPlus™ account• PaperClipPlus™ gives you precise control on who can get your software• Know exactly who got what software and when