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FD Lifestyle Presentation to Google

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Just my presentation to the Bayfubai group in Google, along with some Facebookers, Yahooers, Cisco folks etc.

Just my presentation to the Bayfubai group in Google, along with some Facebookers, Yahooers, Cisco folks etc.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Epiphany
  • 3. The Game of Life
  • 4. Problem with Society
  • 5. The NPC
  • 6. The Main Character
  • 7.  
  • 8. Pick Your Game vs
  • 9. vs Based on your passions Pick Your Game
  • 10. vs Pick generic industries/fields Pick Your Game
  • 11. vs Don’t factor in your talents Pick Your Game
  • 12. vs Examples: solve global warming, make the internet more efficient Pick Your Game
  • 13. vs Passion leads to better work ethics and more fun Pick Your Game
  • 14. Determine Your Role
  • 15. Determine Your Role Based on your interests and skills
  • 16. Determine Your Role Find your initial stats and build
  • 17. Access your Initial Stats What are your innate talents?
  • 18. Access your Initial Stats What do you do better than everyone else in this world?
  • 19. Access your Initial Stats Don’t be an Axeman if your strengths lie in magic
  • 20. Associative Thinking Yu-kai Chou Your Talent Triangle Leadership Empowerment Emotional Intelligence Creativity Empathy Networking Optimism Systems Creation Gem Spotting Adaptation Strategy Analytical Skills Learn-Use Conversion Interpersonal Speaking Corky Humor Events Memory
  • 21. Build your Skill Sets
  • 22. Build your Skill Sets Plan out your ideal skill combo
  • 23. Build your Skill Sets Focus on a few essential skills
  • 24. Build your Skill Sets Only invest in synergetic skills
  • 25. Build your Skill Sets Find your right Skill Triangle
  • 26. Coaching Yu-kai Chou Skill Triangle-Now Networking Leadership English/Mandarin Innovation FD Social Media Branding Project Management Excel Pitching Finance Sustainability Analytics Recruitment Virtual Worlds GIMP (Design Software)‏
  • 27. Leadership Yu-kai Chou Coaching Networking Public Speaking Sales Pitching Sustainability Social Media English/Chinese/Spanish/Arabic Innovation Excel Project Management Analytics Finance GIMP (Design Software)‏ Legal Programming Events Memory Skill Triangle-Final
  • 28. Find Allies
  • 29. Find Allies Find people with the same passion and Complementary Skills
  • 30. Find Allies Find people who are much higher level than you are
  • 31. Find Allies Help lower level people level up
  • 32. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxUKPXDzLdM The Harmless Dragon
  • 33. The Harmless Dragon Approaching strangers seems scary, but there is nothing to lose
  • 34. The Harmless Dragon Worse Case: you make someone feel good about him/herself
  • 35. Complete Quests
  • 36. Complete Quests Find small quests that help you beat the final mission
  • 37. Complete Quests Level up and grow with teammates
  • 38. Complete Quests Be Persistent: don’t be afraid of rejection or failure
  • 39. 5 Scores of Power
  • 40. 5 Scores of Power 1. Reputation
  • 41. 5 Scores of Power 2. Influence
  • 42. 5 Scores of Power 3. Network
  • 43. 5 Scores of Power 4. Resources
  • 44. 5 Scores of Power 5. Ability
  • 45. Beat the Game
  • 46. Beat the Game Fulfill your life with meaning
  • 47. Beat the Game Make every day count
  • 48. Beat the Game The Journey is the fun part
  • 49. Beat the Game Retire or find new games to master
  • 50. Thank you. Truly. @yukai_chou