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Overview of services delivered by the Institute for Future Insights, 'helping you anticipate the future'

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i4fi services fact sheets

  1. 1. i4fi services helping you anticipate the future frederic de meyer founder institute for future insights frederic@i4fi.com www.i4fi.com www.fredericdemeyer.com(All inquiries for the pharmaceutical or biotech industry will go through I.S.I.S. Global, CI experts since 1992)
  2. 2. Thought-provoking speeches for internal meetings and industry events Topics and industries covered so far: • The future of organizations; • Strategic innovation based on megatrend assessment; • Long-term trends in Human Resources; • The impact of megatrends on the Pharmaceutical industry; • The future role of ICT; • Shared Value and Social Entrepreneurship; • The future of government; • Business trends for the next decade, should you adopt or ignore them?
  3. 3. ‘Train the trainer’ workshop a half-day workshop to prepare you to conduct a megatrend exercise in your company and draw strategic conclusions from it Where we can help:What’s in it for you? #1 discuss and brainstorm the impact of +20• obtain thorough insights into the megatrends on yourmajor megatrends affecting your business;business;• integrate step-by-step #2 thorough discussion ofmethodology to discuss the different steps of the methodology and howmegatrends internally and draw to make sure to get thestrategic conclusions from the maximum out of it;exercise;• get plenty of templates to make #3 CD-ROM withthe maximum of the megatrend discussionexercise! templates, conclusion charts, megatrend briefing fact-sheets, …
  4. 4. Full megatrend assessment for your company an in-house brainstorm to translate megatrend assessment into strategic innovation ideasWhat’s in it for you? Where we can help: Mega trends #1 identify and select• generate ideas for strategic Megatrends to discussinnovation;• early warning of new threats andchallenges of the future; #2 facilitate in-house brainstorm session• find convincing arguments fornew strategic directions;• new ways to assess competitive #3 draw conclusionposition; document with trend• optimal way to understand the segmentationchanging environment and newchallenges of your customers #4 build reports and• strategic megatrends document presentations forfor multiple stakeholders. specific stakeholders
  5. 5. ‘Future Readiness Benchmark’ report a complete competitive assessment of how prepared you are for future challenges and opportunities compared to 5 competitors Where we can help:What’s in it for you? #1 desk research for 6 companies on 26 long-• a complete competitive term metrics;assessment of you and 5competitors, based on 26 long- #2 strategic report withterm metrics; competitive positioning• a unique SWOT analysis; charts, heat maps and• new ideas for innovation and concretestrategic directions; recommendations;• concrete advise on how to ensurefuture competitiveness. #3 30 minutes telephone debrief. Lucerne – San Francisco – Princeton (NJ) – Shanghai – Bangalore – Miami
  6. 6. The future cannot be predicted …but it can be made ! (ancient African saying) www.i4fi.com www.fredericdemeyer.com additional questions: frederic@i4fi.com