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About Minds and More
Minds&More supports clients to grow their business by building capabilities in marketing, sales and transformation.

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Minds and More capabilities

  1. 1. Helping companies to build their capabilities in marketing and sales for more positive business growth Market Analysis Strategic Planning Marketing Management Sales & Channel Communication Management Management Capturing Value & Return
  2. 2. WE HELP CLIENTS TO GROW THEIR BUSINESS BY BUILDING CAPABILITIES IN MARKETING, SALES & TRANSFORMATION MARKETING Define, develop and bring to market offerings that have value for your customers SALES Boosting commercial performance enabling you to find, win and retain customers TRANSFORMATION Building organizational focus, capabilities and the necessary change to win more in the market 2
  3. 3. BUSINESS GROWTH NEEDS WE HELP TO SOLVE Need to build specific skills and capabilities in sales or marketing Need specific marketing resources for specific time frame Need a clear go to market plan and processes to get there Need relevant marketing, sales or transformation capabilities to help grow our business Need to better align sales and marketing teams to enhance our revenues Need help on a specific project, program, or transformation Improve my customer management strategy Not enough sales leads in our sales pipeline or opportunities not progressing 3
  4. 4. WE HELP BUILD CAPABILITIES OF OUR CLIENTS TO ACHIEVE POSITIVE BUSINESS GROWTH MARKETING SALES TRANSFORMATION Help organizations to define, develop, and bring to market offerings that have value for their customers Boosting commercial performance enabling you to find, win and retain customers Building organizational focus, capabilities and the necessary change to win more in the market Illustration of capabilities we help create for our clients • Market Assessments • Segmentation, targeting & positioning • Product management & marketing • Go to market plans & activation • Integrated communications management • Pricing & value capturing • (Employer) brand management • Customer experience & loyalty • Marketing performance & scorecards • • • • • • • • • Sales & lead management Funnel planning® Funnel Academy® Creating sales opportunities – Conceptual Selling® Managing opportunities - Strategic Selling® Managing relationships - Large Account Management Process® Value based selling and pricing Negotiating success Partner channel management • Defining or aligning on vision & mission • Shifting the paradigm and change management • Innovation & NPD processes • Organizational design • Building customer centric or solution led organizations • Internal communications • Coaching & capability building • Marketing & sales alignment • Building employee engagement CONSULTING – PROGRAM MANAGEMENT – TRAINING – COACHING – INTERIM MANAGEMENT 4
  5. 5. SAMPLE PROFILES OF OUR 30+ASSOCIATES Benny Van Calster, Partner 20+ years experience in marketing & management, product management and go to market. Focus: B2B and high-tech sector. Pieterjan Kempynck, Partner 20+ years experience in people, change management and marketing capability building. Focus: B2B, Services, and Energy. Jo Van Crombruggen, Associate 20 years experience in marketing and sales activation, 360 campaign optimization, MarCom, and social media. Focus : B2B, B2C. Mark Francken, Associate 20+ years marketing and sales specialist covering channel and customer experience management, implementation of sales activation tactics, campaigns and programs. B2C, B2B Francois Delvaux, Partner 20 year experience in marketing and sales: Strategy, go to market planning and alignment, value based pricing and selling, and building sales capabilities. Focus: B2B, start-up and large. Gaëlle Helsmoortel, Associate 15 years experience in marketing , product and portfolio management, brand and P&L management.. Focus: Retail, Pharma, Services. Pascale Hall, Partner 20+ years experience in building sales capabilities and channel management, coaching. Certified Miller Heiman® . Focus: Large or complex sales force environments. Siska Bossuyt, Associate 20+ years expert in customer relationship management, and marketing. Focus: Helping companies to become a real customer-centric organization. Myriam Vangenechten, Partner 20+ years experience in marketing, operational marketing, program implementation. Focus: B2B incl. Utilities, Energy, and Insurance. 450+ Years of Experience Grégoire Vanderveken, Associate 20+ years experience in strategy, building sales capabilities, coaching. Certified Miller Heiman® . Focus: ICT, Services, Large or complex sales force environments. Cindy De Schouwer, Associate 15 years experience in helping companies to grow their brands through effective go to market, marketing communications, planning and go to market. Focus: B2B, B2C and services. Marianne Dewandeleer, Associate 20+ years experience in corporate marketing, employer branding, program management; change. Focus: B2C, B2B Services, ICT. 5
  6. 6. MINDS&MORE SERVICES • Consulting Services: Marketing consulting assignments supporting the business agenda and providing strategic recommendations, change and implementation. • Go to Market Support: Workshops, coaching or consulting support to develop and help execute go to market strategies. Certified in MathMarketing® Funnel methodology • Project Management: Management of marketing, sales or internal change projects, often in the context of business evolution and innovation. • Interim marketing and Staffing Solutions: Providing help on finding permanent resources or providing qualified temporary/interim resources in marketing and sales. • Sales Performance Training and Transformation: Building competencies of your organization in commercial effectiveness. Certified in Miller Heiman® • Sales & Marketing Audit and Assessment: Helping a company find quick wins to boost profits and achieve more marketing & sales efficiency and effectiveness. We assess an organization’s capabilities (people, processes, structure & enablers). 6
  7. 7. TO HELP ALIGN MARKETING AND SALES OR DEVELOP EFFECTIVE GO TO MARKET PLAN WE USE FUNNELCAMP TM Go to market choices Sales velocity and wins needed Tactics to fill funnel and progress opportunities • FunnelCamp™ workshops to provide your organization with the change required to break down impediments to growth and effective go to market. • The facilitated program specifically addresses the most common Sales and Marketing management issues in business today, while delivering a highly-actionable Sales and Marketing plan and pragmatic tactics to prosecute your strategy. Minds&More is official distributor of FunnelAcademy™, FunnelCamp™ and FunnelPlan™ 8
  9. 9. Francois Delvaux, Partner Mobile: +32 (0)495 242 986 Email: francois.delvaux@mindsandmore.biz Pieterjan Kempynck Mobile: 32 (0)477 700 541 Email: pieterjan.kempynck@mindsandmore.biz Pascale Hall, Partner Mobile: + 32 (0) 472 445 983 Email: Pascale.Hall@mindsandmore.biz Benny Van Calster, Partner Mobile: 32 (0)475 633 483 Email: benny.van.calster@mindsandmore.biz Gregoire Vanderveken, Partner Mobile: +32(0) 495 58 22 21 Email: Gregoire.Vanderveken@mindsandmore.biz Myriam Vangenechten, Partner Mobile: +32(0)477 508 640 Email: Myriam.Vangenechten@mindsandmore.biz MINDS&MORE cvba Park Hill Office Jan Emiel Mommaertslaan 16b 1831 Diegem www.mindsandmore.biz Tel: +32 (02) 704 49 40