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… that ISO has standards for pasta, lawn mowers and even toothbrushes? Most people recognize the “ISO brand” due to the success of ISO 9001 or even ISO 14001, and would be surprised to discover that’s not all we do.

The November/December 2012 issue highlights some key examples of standards that are less well known (compared to the world famous ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems), but which still intrigue, captivate and pique our interest.

Read on and discover the “other” ISO standards and how they benefit business, government and society.

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ISO Focus+ | November/December, 2012 | Did you know…

  1. 1. Volume 3, No. 10, November - December 2012, ISSN 2226-1095 Did you know...• Petrobras CEO on the strategic importance of International Standards• 35th ISO General Assembly
  2. 2. a Contents Comment Did you know… ? Comment Did you know… ? ........................................................................................................ 1 World SceneISO Focus+ is published 10 times a year International events and international standardization ............................................. 2(single issues : July-August, … that ISO has standards for pasta, lawn mowers and even toothbrushes ? Most peo-November-December). Guest Interview ple recognize the “ ISO brand ” due to the success of ISO 9001 or even ISO 14001,It is available in English and French. and would be surprised to discover that’s not all we do. But since its founding 65 Maria das Graças Silva Foster, Petrobras CEO ......................................................... years ago, ISO’s goal has been to put together international experience and wisdomISO Update : Special Report to develop solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and good practice.The electronic edition (PDF file) of ISO From spaghetti to symphonies ................................................................................... 8Focus+ is accessible free of charge on the The standardized dimensions of freight containers, and beyond, we must stop and ask : Are we doingISO Website Pasta-stic ! How to cook the perfect pasta ................................................................. 10 for example, make trade and transport cheaper and enough ? How can we improve standards knowledgeAn annual subscription to the paper edition Drink up ! How to make the perfect cuppa, and other thirst-quenching drinks ....... 13 faster. Standardized format and security protocols even further ? ISO Focus+ highlights important issues,costs 38 Swiss francs. of bank cards make financial transactions more Cheers ! Wine lovers could soon be toasting a new standard glass .......................... 16 events and achievements, featuring contributions convenient and secure. Road vehicles are continu- from high-level guests and key actors amongst ourPublisher The ISO toothbrush – Keeping the tooth fairy at bay ............................................... 18 ally made safer and more environmentally friendly stakeholders. We delve into technical matters and tryISO Central Secretariat Pump up the volume – Assessing loudness and hearing sensitivity ......................... 20 by standards. Our health is protected by guidelines to present them in an accessible way. We spend hours(International Organization for for food safety and the quality of medical devices. looking for the right words, and for the best images,Standardization) Heard that ? Improving acoustics from the concert hall to the office ....................... 221, chemin de la Voie-Creuse IT standards have facilitated the development of the sometimes drawing our own, to ensure we get the Tune in to ISO 16 ! The long and oscillating history of standard tuning frequency ..... 25 Internet, the exchange of information and images via message across right. And these are just a few exam-CH – 1211 Genève 20Switzerland Durable cards – Giving the ID industry a new lease on card service life ................ 30 e-mail, as well as the arrival of e-business. And these ples of what we do in ISO’s Communication Team.Tel. : +41 22 749 01 11 examples are only scratching the surface. It is incredibly rewarding because every time we learnFax : +41 22 733 34 30 Centre-fold something new. Even after years of working at ISO,E-mail : we can still be surprised and amazed by the wealth of Having fun with ISO standards ............................................................................ 28-29 We can still be surprised International Standards out there – like the ones featuredManager : Roger Frost Planet ISO and amazed by the wealth of in this issue. The more we know, the more we realizeEditor in Chief : Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis the value of what ISO does. And this is something weAssistant Editor : Maria Lazarte News of the ISO system ............................................................................................. 34 International Standards out there. are excited to share with you, our readers.Communication Officer : Sandrine Tranchard We hope that whether you have been with us forArtwork : Xela Damond, Pierre Granier CDC Overall International Standards, be they for cars, many years, or that this is the first time you delve intoand Alexane Rosa Good standardization practices – Putting best practice to work ............................... 35 dentistry or ergonomics, spread best practice and our pages, whether you are looking at these words onCopy editor/Proofreader : Mary RitchieTranslation : Translation Services, ISO/COPOLCO launches its Facebook page ............................................................. 35 avoid reinventing the wheel, but this requires that paper or on a screen, you will enjoy reading us as muchISO Central Secretariat people know that they exist in the first place ! With as we enjoyed working on ISO Focus+. But we are ISO/CASCO holds open day in Colombia ................................................................. 36 over 19 400 standards developed by some 200 tech- not stopping here, like our well-known managementSubscription enquiries : Sonia Rosas Friot ISO 50001 training in Tunisia .................................................................................... 37 nical committees, this is no easy feat – a challenge standards, the Communication Team is also aimingISO Central Secretariat faced by ISO’s network of members and also by us, for continual improvement ! So as we go ahead, weTel. : +41 22 749 03 36 Management Solutions the Communication Team at ISO. welcome your ideas on how we can improve. WeFax : +41 22 749 09 47 Getting the best out of people – ISO 10018 aids ISO 9001 implementation ............. 38 Every idea is considered in our efforts to spread the hope to take advantage of all the different platformsE-mail : word about standards : from brochures to cartoons, offered by technology to continue to inform our read- 360° from newsletters to Facebook, from press releases to ers about the valuable work ISO is doing.© ISO, 2012. All rights reserved. apps, from videos to the magazine you are reading, To conclude, we would like to highlight one of the ISO 35th General Assembly : Innovation is name of the game .................................. 42 ISO Focus+. ISO’s Website has been reinvented over most important elements that in our view, is key toThe contents of ISO Focus+ are copyrighted ISO Open Session : time to cater to evolving technology and changing successful communications (and everything else) :and may not, whether in whole or in part,be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or Sustainability and innovation – Leveraging International Standards ....................... 51 digital habits. The number of visits on the ISO Website teamwork ! Behind the scenes of ISO there are people,transmitted in any form or by any means, elec- has doubled in the last five years and our Website and the ability to work together across any barriertronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, New Releases is, by far, the most visited for a standards develop- (language, cultural, etc.) is what we treasure most. Awithout written permission of the Editor. ment organization worldwide. Today we are seeing special thanks goes to our graphic artists : Xela Damond, ISO road safety standard – Helping save thousands of lives worldwide ................... 56 results of all these efforts ; references to ISO and its Pierre Granier and Alexane Rosa ; the copy editor/proofThe articles in ISO Focus+ express the views standards on Internet media sites increased by 38 % reader, Mary Ritchie; the translation team of Denysof the authors, and do not necessarily reflect Coming Up 57the views of ISO or of any of its members. in 2011. ISO’s Facebook page has over 10 500 fans, Crapon de Caprona, Cécile Jeannet, Anita Rochedy, and Twitter is not far behind. Our Youtube channel and Catherine Vincent, supported by Leila Esteban, plus has scored over 200 000 video views. Clearly, there our colleagues from sales, distribution and information.ISSN 2226-1095Printed in Switzerland is a growing realization of the benefits of standards, And of course, to you, for reading us !   and a desire to talk and learn on social platforms. The demand for information about ISO standards Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis, Maria Lazarte,Cover photo : ISO, 2012 is therefore growing. But as we turn the page to 2013 Sandrine Tranchard and Roger Frost. © ISO Focus+, 1
  3. 3. a World Scene Guest Interview Maria das Graças Silva Foster The companies targeted involve those • Make information on ISO and IEC stand- with an energy consumption between 1 000 ards more easily available through various MWh and 27 000 MWh based in Ghent. means, to enable more people to get the This is a pilot project in the framework of answers they need the European project Answers to the Carbon Petrobras CEO • Recognize and respond to the experts who Economy (ACE). contribute their time to developing standards with processes and procedures that reflect IEC and ISO look ahead best practice • Use our structures in more proactive ways The International Electrotechnical Com- and identify customer needs much faster mission (IEC) held its 2012 General Meeting in Oslo, Norway in October 2012. The event brought together participants from around the world to discuss the latest developments at the IEC. It was also an opportunity to honour the winners of the global IEC-IEEE (Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers)Singapore’s energy management Challenge. The contest attracted high-level From 2013, the Government of Singapore submissions from a number of universitieswill be introducing mandatory energy man- around the world.agement requirements for large energy users Ken Krechmer, of the University ofwhich consume more than 15 GWh in the Colorado, USA, received the first prize ofindustry sector under an Energy Conservation USD 20 000 for his paper, “ Cloud comput-Act (ECA). These include the appointment ing standardization ”, which looked at howof energy managers, reporting of energy use cloud computing can dramatically simplifyand submission of energy efficiency improve- the development and deployment of new eco-ment plans. nomic, social and environmental applications. Green companies equal more The Energy Efficiency National Partnership Second and third prizes were also awarded. productive employees(EENP) is a voluntary partnership programme At the IEC Council Meeting, ISO Vice-for companies that wish to be more energy President (technical management), Elisabeth Find it hard to get motivated at the office ?efficient. Its core elements include the adop- Stampfl-Blaha, spoke on behalf of ISO Presi- A new study by researchers in the Universitytion of ISO 50001:2011, Energy management dent Boris Aleshin, saying, “ Today the world of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) suggestssystems – Requirements with guidance for use ; is going through rapid change. Assessment that companies which adopt green practicesa learning network on energy efficiency ideas, of global risks highlights areas that reflect such as those based on ISO 14001 on envi-technologies, practices, standards and case a new reality and a need for new solutions. ronmental management enjoy a higher levelstudies, including ISO 50001 ; and a national “ For IEC and ISO, I think this presents of worker productivity.recognition scheme with awards. the challenge to even further increase the The study looked at the environmental In addition to companies, the public sector positive, open and constructive collaboration standards and employee productivity of overin Singapore is also taking a lead in environ- we have developed together during the last 5 000 French companies. Employees of greenmental sustainability and resource efficiency years at various levels – to the benefit of our companies were found to be 16 % more pro-with the help of standards. Public sector agencies have put in place stakeholders, especially business.” The ISO Vice-President highlighted four ductive than those of companies not aiming to implement sustainability-related objectives or Maria das Graças Silva Foster is the CEO of dinator for the national programme for biodieselenvironmental sustainability measures that areas where both organizations should deliver produce eco-friendly products. The research Petrobras. In a career that has spanned 31 years, production and use.encompass energy efficiency (including energy tangible results : team concluded that the results undermine theaudits, indoor air temperature regulations, • On the broad subject of electric mobility, common complaint that sustainable standards Ms. Foster has served in numerous roles includ- Ms. Graças Foster sits on numerous boards andenergy management trainings, procurement of IEC and ISO have a huge responsibility to stifle business. ing Gas and Energy Director, CEO and Financial has received many prestigious awards, notably theenergy efficient equipment), water efficiency ensure cooperation in their standardization The study was the first international effort to examine how a company’s environmental Director of Petrobras Distribuidora. In February Medalha da Inconfidência, awarded to persons whoand recycling. programme commitment affects its productivity. Working 2012, she was elected member of the Petrobras have made an outstanding contribution to social, together with Sanja Pekovic, from France’sCity offers EUR 5 000 for energy Board of Directors and was chosen to take over cultural and economic development. She has been University Paris-Dauphine, Professor Magali To reduce energy consumption and CO2 Delmas, an environmental economist at the helm of the company. made a Knight Commander of both the Admiraltyemissions, the city of Ghent in Belgium is UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sus- She also sits on the boards of Petrobras Dis- Order of Merit and the Rio Branco Order of theoffering local companies professional support tainability, randomly selected two employeesto the value of EUR 5 000 for the establishment from each company, from a total of around tribuidora, Petrobras Biocombustível, and is the Brazilian External Affairs Ministry. In April 2009,of an energy management system. 10 000 participants. “ Green ” companies were President of the Board of Directors of Petrobras she received the Tiradentes Medal, the highest The city hopes that this initiative will help it those that voluntarily adopted Internationalbecome climate neutral. It will also help save Standards such as ISO 14001, and eco-labels Transporte, Petrobras Gas and IBP (Brazilian Oil, decoration of the Legislative Assembly of the Statehundreds of thousands of Euros, as companies such as “ fair trade ” and “ organic ”. Natural Gas and Biofuels Institute). of Rio de Janeiro. In 2008, she was named Execu-reduce costs linked to energy. The support The study also found that employees at green From 2003 to 2005, Ms. Graças Foster was Sec- tive of the Year by the Institute of Brazilian Fi-involves an energy audit to help companies companies got more training and had betterestablish an energy management system that interactions with co-workers. “ It’s a counter- retary for Oil, Natural Gas and Renewable Fuels nance Executives.saves energy and reduces costs. This will make point to people thinking that environmental at the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy. Ms. Graças Foster graduated in chemical engi-it easier for companies to obtain certification practices are detrimental to the firm, ” saidto ISO 50001:2011, Energy management sys- Delmas. “  Green practices make a company During this period, by presidential decree, she be- neering from Fluminense Federal University, thentems – Requirements with guidance for use. more attractive because so many employees came National Executive Secretary of the federal completed her Master’s at Rio de Janeiro FederalThe certificate is considered an added-value Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha, ISO Vice-President want to work for a company that is green, but we“ good for business ”, as it shows customers and (technical management), at the IEC Council also argue in this paper that it’s more than just government programme for mobilizing Brazil’s University. She also has an MBA in economicssuppliers that the company is energy efficient. Meeting, held in October 2012, Oslo, Norway. wanting to work there – it’s working more.”   oil and gas industry and Interministerial Coor- from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.2 © ISO Focus+, ISO Focus + November-December 2012 ISO Focus + November-December 2012 © ISO Focus+, 3
  4. 4. a Guest Interview ISO Focus+ : How does Petrobras applyPhoto : Petrobras ISO 9001 in quality management ? How does this standard contribute to making company operations more efficient ? Maria das Graças Silva Foster : In an oil products market that is growing at an annual rate of 4 %, the Petrobras 2012-2016 Business and Management Plan earmarks a significant part of its investments to satisfying product quality requirements, especially gasoline and diesel. The ISO 9001 model is a benchmark in quality management and allowed us to identify the interfaces of the company’s vertical processes, enhancing the integra- tion of corporate areas and helping improvePetrobras CEO, Maria das Graças Silva Foster (right), visits a platform in the Campos Basin. the quality of inputs that pass through the company’s value chain up to delivery of the final product, with better and moreISO Focus+ : Petrobras recently came and compliance with health, safety and sustainable in a ranking of the 50 most valuable environmental requirements.brands in Latin America and is the 4th In day-to-day operations, Petrobras Photo : Petrobraslargest energy company in the world. applies International Standards in the Petrobras (with BW Pioneer) operates in the Cascade and Chinook fields in the US Gulf of Mexico.From the project stage to construction, various development phases for projects Applying Internationalcommissioning and acquisition of equip- relating to oil and gas production facili- Standards is of strategic on the domestic and international markets, the basis of the entire HSE management At present, in pursuit of continualment and oil refineries, how important ties, transport and refining, such as drill- importance. providing products and services that satisfy system developed for Petrobras Units, which improvement in HSE management, Petro-are International Standards to a company ing and production platforms, terrestrial the needs of our customers and contribute to are certified to Brazilian Standards NBR bras is working on a new challenge aimedof this scale ? What part do they play in and undersea pipelines, storage ships and the development of Brazil and the countries ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. at obtaining a single certification to NBRday-to-day operations ? terminals, refineries, thermal power plants, in which we operate.” ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for the entire petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants and The adoption of ISO 9001 was a strategicMaria das Graças Silva Foster : Apply- To do this, the company links productive company. This will lead to greater dyna- biodiesel production plants. They are also decision aimed at improving our operations, processes to health, safety and environment mism and homogeneity in our productiveing International Standards is of strategic applied in the operation, maintenance, cutting costs and boosting customer satisfac- The ISO 9001 modelimportance to ensure competitiveness (HSE) corporate guidelines approved by the processes, making them safer, healthier inspection and assessment of facilities. tion. Applying ISO 9001 helped increase is a benchmarkin our business, since this means that Executive Board and embodying modern and more sustainable. These standards cover project requirements, asset efficiency, improve processes, enhanceprojects, equipment manufacture and flexibility and strengthen our commitment HSE management practices focused on the in quality management. equipment manufacture, construction and to safety and the environment. Furthermore, company’s activities. The guidelines form ISO Focus+ : Why did Petrobras participateconstruction, assembly and commissioning assembly, commissioning, quality man- factors such as the predictability of the in drafting social responsibility standardof new onshore and offshore facilities are agement, operational security, health, the characteristics of products and services, Petrobras gas station in Paraguay. ISO 26000 ? How is the company applyingin line with international practices, aimed environment, social responsibility and risk workforce awareness of quality aspects this standard ?at ensuring quality, operational efficiency analysis, as well as other aspects. Photo : Petrobras and increased standardization are helping Maria das Graças Silva Foster : ActingPetrobras’ diesel hydrotreating unit. the company achieve results and satisfy with social and environmental responsibility market requirements. is one of the strategic corporate pillars at Photo : Petrobras Petrobras, together with growth and profit- ISO Focus+ : Petrobras emphasizes its ability. This commitment is expressed in commitment to environmental, economic our mission statement and corporate vision, and social sustainability and is listed on and determines how the company exercises the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Could its activities. We saw the opportunity to you give us more information on the com- participate in drafting the International pany’s environmental commitments and, Standard on social responsibility as strategic. in particular, describe how International We worked alongside the international Standards such as ISO 14001 (environ- working group for ISO 26000 from the mental management) help in this ? initial meeting in 2005 and were invited Maria das Graças Silva Foster :Petrobras’ by Associação Brasileira de Normas Téc- performance is closely linked to its deep nicas (ABNT), ISO member for Brazil, to commitment to the environment, the safety of represent Brazilian industry in 2006. The its operations and facilities and the health of company consolidated a successful part- its workforce. This commitment is expressed nership with the ABNT and the Brazilian in the company’s mission statement : “ To delegation for disseminating the content of act in a safe and profitable manner, with the standard by holding 15 seminars in all social and environmental responsibility, regions of the country. After ISO 26000 © ISO Focus+, ISO Focus + November-December 2012 ISO Focus + November-December 2012 © ISO Focus+, 5
  5. 5. a Guest Interview in the International Maritime Organiza- tion (IMO), the international technical regulations body for maritime issues, with 23 representatives. And we have 14 representatives on the International Asso- ciation of Oil Gas Producers/Standards Committee (OGP/SC), responsible for assisting ISO/TC 67 by drafting basic texts for international technical standards in the petroleum industry. Our participation in these organizations involves preparing International Standards and regulations jointly with representa- tives from other countries and companies. These standards and regulations are used extensively on the international market, Photo : Petrobras where Petrobras works with technical requirements that satisfy quality, safety, health, environmental, deadline, cost and local content standards. About Petrobras Petrobras is a Brazilian integrated energy company with over a million shareholders,Photo : Petrobras operating in the oil, natural gas, and biofuels sectors in 27 countries. As the largest deep water operator in the world (22 % share of worldwide operations),Petrobras’ Comperj development : one of the biggest water reuse projects in the world. Petrobras’ pre-salt oil and gas discoveries opened up a new exploration frontier with the potential to put Brazil among the world’s leaders in terms of oil and gas reserves.was released, in December 2010, a further Maria das Graças Silva Foster : Petro- Petrobras currently has proven reserves of some 16 billion barrels of oil (SPE criteria),seven seminars were held to present the In a highly competitive bras participates in ISO, the leading and this figure could double over the next few years as new discoveries are made.standard to industry federations in the main global market there is organization for international technical Petrobras is one of the few companies with output of over 2.6 million barrels of oilcapital cities of Brazil. The principles and standardization, with 249 representatives no room for gender bias. equivalent per day (boed). Its strategic plan forecasts a rise in domestic and foreignthemes discussed internationally in relation on technical committees, subcommittees output to 5.7 million boed by 2020, an increase of 115 ISO 26000 contributed to the formula- and working groups. This is done throughtion of the company’s policies and guide- committees, such as ISO/TC 67, Materials, ABNT, in which Petrobras employees act The global public offering launched in September 2010 raised the company’s capitallines on social responsibility. In addition, equipment and offshore structures for as representatives of Brazil. to BRL 205 billion, funding earmarked for projects covered by the 2012-2016 BusinessPetrobras has been promoting a series of petroleum, petrochemical and natural The company also participates in the and Management Plan and amounting to USD 236.5 billion. In 2011, the company’s net Photo : Petrobrastraining courses, talks and workshops on gas industries, and ISO/TC 28, Petroleum International Electrotechnical Commission profit reached USD 20 billion.the standard for its workforce. products and lubricants. Tell us a little (IEC), another international organization more about Petrobras’ participation in for technical standardization, with 15 Today, Petrobras’ system has around 84 000 employees. According to projections,ISO Focus+ : Petrobras specialists are international standardization. How impor- representatives, along similar lines to its by 2014, around a million direct and indirect jobs will be created in Brazil in the Petrobras receives the Top Energy Award domestic oil and gas sector.members of a number of ISO technical tant is this participation to the company ? participation in ISO. We also participate 2011 for excellence in its plants and operations.Petrobras’ tanks with ethanol in Antarctica. ISO Focus+ : You are one of the few women Maria das Graças Silva Foster : With a One of Petrobras’ 10 values, defined Photo : Petrobras who are at the helm of one of the largest great deal of determination, women have been in the Strategic Plan for 2020, is respect companies in the world. At the Women making conquests in the world of work. In for human and cultural diversity based on Leaders’ Forum held during Rio+20, Brazil, 60 % of the workforce are women. In three principles : combatting discrimination, you encouraged women in management 1980, this figure was only 38 %. We manag- promoting equality of opportunity, and positions to be aware of, and take action ers, especially women, in companies where respecting differences. Petrobras partici- to combat, prejudice. You also pointed out we play a leadership role, must be constantly pates in the gender equality programme that the oil sector is naturally dominated aware of, and combat, all and any kind of launched by the federal government’s by men, stating that 84 % of the Petrobras prejudice. If companies accept prejudice, this special women’s policy agency. In 2010, Holding workforce are men and only 16 % constitutes a destructive administrative act, we adhered to the Women’s Empowerment women. We could say the same about leading to the loss of competitiveness and Principles, a UN document listing seven standardization ! In your opinion, how resulting in other consequences damaging principles giving companies practical would gender diversity benefit business ? to the development of the business itself. guidelines for promoting gender equality How can we change our viewpoint and In a highly competitive global market there in the workplace, in the market and in the involve women more ? is no room for gender bias. community.   © ISO Focus+, ISO Focus + November-December 2012 © ISO Focus+, 7
  6. 6. a Special Report From spaghetti ... ... to symphoniesby Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis facing the international community. For that projects, equipment manufacture and ISO Focus+, the flagship magazine of The November/December 2012 ISO 4. Learn about ISO standards you never confirmation, you only need to look at the construction, assembly and commissioning ISO, strives to make improvements year on Focus+ issue looks at those “ unknown ” suspected existedDid you know that ISO has “ Guest View ” column of ISO Focus+ of new onshore and offshore facilities are year, a lot like the continual improvement standards, famous only to the industry 5. Discover how a standard for tooth- magazine. CEOs from both private and in line with international practices, aimed principle contained in ISO management concerned, but which intrigue, captivate brushes can make you smilemore than 19 400 standards ? public sectors regularly cite implementation at ensuring quality, operational efficiency standards. ISO Focus+ provides a one-stop and pique the interest of others.. 6. Delightful anecdotes and tidbits you of ISO International Standards as principal and compliance with health, safety and shop for articles on the complete range of Did you know, for example, that ISO has won’t want to missA few years ago, if you men- assets for improving their operations. environmental requirements.” ISO standards and their benefits to business, standards for spaghetti and for symphony 7. Broaden your standards horizontioned standards to just about Take, for instance, the exclusive interview ISO 9001 on quality management also government and society. tuning ? The Special Report in this issue 8. Regale all your friends and acquaint-anyone in the mainstream media, with Maria das Graças Silva Foster, CEO of brings a great many benefits to the company. We focus on key issues, events and focuses on “ other ” ISO standards and ances with your encyclopædicthey would dismiss standards Petrobras, the 4th largest energy company Graças Silva emphasizes : “ The decision on achievements in and around ISO and their benefits. knowledge of standards in the world, in this issue of ISO Focus+. adopting ISO 9001 was a strategic option international standardization and related Here are the top 10 reasons why youas a technical subject only for 9. ISO Focus+ is fun and the graphics Maria das Graças Silva Foster appre- aimed at improving our operations, cutting matters. The purpose is not only to capture shouldn’t miss this issue of ISO Focus+.industry experts. That was then – are gorgeous ciates ISO standards for supporting the costs and boosting customer satisfaction. the range of ISO standards – beyond ISO’s 1. You should never miss reading an 10. You will never drink a glass of winethis is now. worldwide business operations of Petrobas : Applying ISO 9001 helped increase asset well-known ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 on issue of ISO Focus+ “ Applying International Standards is of efficiency, improve processes, enhance environmental management – but also to the same way again (see page 16) !   Standards are now more and more seen as strategic importance to ensure competi- flexibility and strengthen our commitment do justice to the broad scope of work of all 2. It’s the last issue for the year 2012 Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis is Editor in Chief,practical tools for tackling urgent challenges tiveness in our business since this means to safety and the environment.” ISO committees and standards. 3. Your work just might be featured ISO Focus+.8 © ISO Focus+, ISO Focus + November-December 2012 ISO Focus + November-December 2012 © ISO Focus+, 9
  7. 7. a Special Report results should be compared with the aim The long and short • Put the whole test sample of pasta onto Pasta-stic ! of accepting, checking or improving any of pasta assessment a plate, noting the time method. • Leave this pasta on the plate for five A sample of pasta is cooked by a standard minutes procedure specified in ISO 7304-2:2008, Towards perfect pasta assessing the starch release, liveliness and The OCT can be determined before ISO 7304-2:2008, Alimentary pasta firmness. The test sample is then rated in testing by using the same cooking condi- produced from durum wheat semolina – accordance with the results. To do this : tions described above, but two minutes Estimation of cooking quality by sensory • Weigh 100 g of pasta before the estimated cooking time. This analysis – Part 2 : Routine method, speci- is usually written on the package by the • With long, solid strands of pasta, break fies a method for assessing, by sensory manufacturer (or, if this is not the case, each strand into two halves (13 ± 2) analysis, the quality of cooked pasta such cm long and eliminate any small bits use a cooking time based on experience as spaghetti and macaroni. This pasta can before weighing with pasta of similar thickness). be produced from durum wheat semolina, • Place a steel pot containing 1 300 ml With long, solid strands of pasta, remove common wheat or a common wheat-durum of tap water on the hob a strand of pasta and crush it using the wheat mix, and expressed in terms of its crushing plate ; with short, hollow strands starch release, liveliness and firmness • Add pasta to the boiling water of pasta, remove a strand of pasta and cut characteristics – its texture. • Cook the pasta for the time determined it at right angles to the length with the • When the pasta is cooked, cool the water Pasta products cutter ; and repeat this every 30 seconds by adding 200 ml of cold tap water are now eaten and until the continuous white line, visible at Sensory evaluation is • Immediately pour the pasta into the enjoyed everywhere. the centre of the crushed strand or the cut colander and drain gently section, disappears. nearest to consumers’ estimation and remains the most reliable test.How to cook the perfect pasta The method has been developed to provide a procedure for the evaluation ofby Maria Grazia D’Egidio pasta samples based on the use of refer- ence samples. It gives an estimate of theAs any food lover can testify, pasta can be undercooked, over- pasta’s quality after it has been cooked for the optimum cooking time.cooked or just right. Fortunately, by specifying a sensory method for It is cooking time that influences allassessing the quality of cooked pasta, an ISO standard brings pasta textural characteristics. Generally themakers and eaters closer to consistently perfect pasta. minimum cooking time (defined also as optimal cooking time) is used, but differ- ent times could be used for experimental Known to Italian and other Mediter- pasta to be evaluated. Moreover, sensory purposes, such as fixed time or an over-ranean civilizations for many centuries, evaluation is the main reference against cooking time.pasta products are now eaten and enjoyed which chemical or instrumental method In this method some terms are applied,everywhere. Pasta is popular because it is and it is useful to define them :natural, versatile, wholesome, available • Starch release – the release of starchin a variety of shapes and easily stored for from cooked pasta, indicating the statelong periods. of its surface breakdown Pasta’s sensory quality is determined • Firmness – cooked pasta’s resistancemainly by its behaviour during cooking. to crushing when it is positioned onThis characteristic, known as texture, is the distal phalanx of the index fingerimportant for personal/home uses but is and crushed with the tip of the thumbespecially so for general production andconsumption. • Liveliness – the ability of one strand The textural characteristics of a given of pasta to slide smoothly oversample of cooked pasta can be measured another, which depends on the degreeby objective methods (chemical or instru- of strand-to-strand adhesion ; thismental) or by sensory analysis. applies only to long-cut shape pasta Sensory analysis is nearest to con- • Optimum cooking time (OCT) – the Optimum cooking time (OCT) – the timesumers’ estimation, and remains the time after which the continuous white after which the continuous white linemost reliable test because it allows the visible at the centre of a pasta strand line visible at the centre of a pastaoverall textural characteristics of cooked during cooking disappears. strand during cooking disappears10 © ISO Focus+, ISO Focus + November-December 2012 ISO Focus + November-December 2012 © ISO Focus+, 11