Digital marketing overview for EBS


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Digital Marketing overview
by Franck Debane
prepared for the European Business School

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Digital marketing overview for EBS

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Overview by Franck Debane
  2. 2. Digital marketing =$100 billions worldwide
  3. 3. It all started with...
  4. 4. Hi! Franck Debane
  5. 5. The purchase funnel...
  6. 6. ...and its variations...
  7. 7. ... and the reality...
  8. 8. 78% click-through rate
  9. 9. Display advertisingthe billboard of the digital age
  10. 10. Ad units● Banners: MPU/Leaderboard ○ Format and standards proposed by IAB ○ Interstitial, pop-ups, page skinning● Started as static images but quickly animated and interactive ○ have sound, play video ○ overlay: expands into the rest of the page ○ can be gamesCTRs average 0.10%
  11. 11. Display advertisingEconomic models1. Publishers such as the The Times, Yahoo! or CNN: a. provide advertising space seen by their users called inventory2. Advertisers such as McDonalds, Nike or Dell: a. buy the inventory to show their ad also called creative3. Advertisers pays the publisher on CPM basis a. CPM : Cost per mille: cost of the advert for thousand viewsNumbers today:● CPM between $1 to $50● CTR around 0.10%
  12. 12. What influence the CTR and CPM ?Creative, placement and the user!Creative and placement:● Ad unit, type, message, color, animations etc...● Placement, Ads shown above the FoldUser targeting:● ROS - Run of Site: no specific targeting● Contextual - section level, page level● Behaviours - based on user recorded behaviors (clicks, time spent on site and other behavioral data)● Demographics & geo targeting
  13. 13. Display advertisingDrawback● Taking place of content● Limited to awareness● Intrusive & distracting user from its goal● Banner/right column blindness● Ad blocker is the most popular Firefox-plugin
  14. 14. Banner blindness
  15. 15. Ad networksaggregate small publishers and handle remnant inventoryand sell it to advertiser.
  16. 16. Display advertising:Emerging solutionsAd Exchange: An ecosystem which allows advertisers,publishers and ad networks to exchange data, set prices,and ultimately serve an ad. (+ DSP and SSP)Real-Time Bidding: Bidding on inventory in real time. Areal-time bid is often dynamically generated based on pastperformance of creatives, inventory, user groups, and otherparameters.
  17. 17. Display advertisingWhat does it mean for marketing ?Pros:● Association with high profile brands● Build up awareness of your brandCons:● Not to use in isolation● Little guarantee of effectiveness"Needs to be combined with somethingelse"
  18. 18. Search marketing● Moving away from publishers - content driven● Into the realm of search - one of most used application on the internet ○ Google delivers results for 4 billions searches per day
  19. 19. ...into a world dominated by Google
  20. 20. SEM and SEO
  21. 21. SEO - Search Engine OptimizationWatch: What is search engine optimisation. dark science of getting your site as high as possible onthe Google result.Increase your SEO traffic=> get more visitors coming from search engine.How to do it ?
  22. 22. SEO - how ?● Dark science means guru ?● SEO expert and SEO agencies● Field in constant change as Google rolls-out improved version of their algorithm to fight spam, content farm, link farms etc...● Search result varies per market and per usersBasically boils down to:1. Links that lead up to your pages or domains2. Keyword use on pages3. Internal link on the site+ others.Based on PageRank algorithm
  23. 23.
  24. 24. SEM and SEO
  25. 25. Search engine marketingSearch engines allow advertiser to buy links onresults pageAd are simple, non intrusive text adsSold on a cost per click (CPC) basisThe advertiser choose keyword to bid onThe search engine decides which ad to showbased on a CTR * CPC combination
  26. 26. Google adwords demo
  27. 27. Search marketing: SEM/SEO● Search engine optimisation SEO - free● Search engine marketing SEM - $$● Keyword based targeting● Google is the leader, followed by BingSEM:● Keyword sold on an auction● Ads are text based● Pay per click (PPC) or CPC (starting at €0.01)
  28. 28. Search Marketing:For marketers● Very powerful.● User is an active state of search, ready to click● You pay only for clicks you get● Keywords can be expensiveAdvices for marketers:● Research keywords● Your ad: Dont oversell● Try tune and refine ○ Different message ○ different keywords
  29. 29. AffiliationResult driven model:● CPA - cost per action● CPS - cost per sales
  30. 30. Affiliation ecosystem● Affiliation represent %10 to %20 of Amazon sales, depending on the category● Main revenue stream for price comparators● Affiliation gave birth to opportunistic businesses created around niche that pays● Making a living for 1000s of little sites● Smaller advertisers can affiliation platforms● Small publisher can use them in self-service mode● Affiliation plafoforms: Zanox / TradeDoubler
  31. 31. Affiliation programs example - Zanox
  32. 32. Affiliation for marketersPros:● Low risk marketing● Pay only for sales● Effective in retailSide effects:● generates new potential subscribers● brand awareness● improves SEOCons:● no control over where the ads is show● can damage the brand
  33. 33. From Ad Men to Math Men
  34. 34. Online advertising spend split
  35. 35. Social Media Marketing
  36. 36. FacebookFacebook ads demo: data => better targeting => more advetiser $$The likes and fan pagesFeed exposureIf Youre Not Paying for It; Youre the Product
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Tracking in the digital worldMetrics: Goal tracking:- nb of impressions - sales- nb of clicks - newsletter sign-up- unique visitors (reach) - followers / facebook fans- conversions rates - amount sold- engagement- bounce rate
  39. 39. Measuring marketing efficiency
  40. 40. Multivariate testing
  41. 41. Many touchpoints
  42. 42. Metrics for social medias
  43. 43. Thank you by Franck