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Digital marketing overview for EBS
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Digital marketing overview for EBS


Published on

Digital Marketing overview …

Digital Marketing overview
by Franck Debane
prepared for the European Business School

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Digital Marketing Overview by Franck Debane
  • 2. Digital marketing =$100 billions worldwide
  • 3. It all started with...
  • 4. Hi! Franck Debane
  • 5. The purchase funnel...
  • 6. ...and its variations...
  • 7. ... and the reality...
  • 8. 78% click-through rate
  • 9. Display advertisingthe billboard of the digital age
  • 10. Ad units● Banners: MPU/Leaderboard ○ Format and standards proposed by IAB ○ Interstitial, pop-ups, page skinning● Started as static images but quickly animated and interactive ○ have sound, play video ○ overlay: expands into the rest of the page ○ can be gamesCTRs average 0.10%
  • 11. Display advertisingEconomic models1. Publishers such as the The Times, Yahoo! or CNN: a. provide advertising space seen by their users called inventory2. Advertisers such as McDonalds, Nike or Dell: a. buy the inventory to show their ad also called creative3. Advertisers pays the publisher on CPM basis a. CPM : Cost per mille: cost of the advert for thousand viewsNumbers today:● CPM between $1 to $50● CTR around 0.10%
  • 12. What influence the CTR and CPM ?Creative, placement and the user!Creative and placement:● Ad unit, type, message, color, animations etc...● Placement, Ads shown above the FoldUser targeting:● ROS - Run of Site: no specific targeting● Contextual - section level, page level● Behaviours - based on user recorded behaviors (clicks, time spent on site and other behavioral data)● Demographics & geo targeting
  • 13. Display advertisingDrawback● Taking place of content● Limited to awareness● Intrusive & distracting user from its goal● Banner/right column blindness● Ad blocker is the most popular Firefox-plugin
  • 14. Banner blindness
  • 15. Ad networksaggregate small publishers and handle remnant inventoryand sell it to advertiser.
  • 16. Display advertising:Emerging solutionsAd Exchange: An ecosystem which allows advertisers,publishers and ad networks to exchange data, set prices,and ultimately serve an ad. (+ DSP and SSP)Real-Time Bidding: Bidding on inventory in real time. Areal-time bid is often dynamically generated based on pastperformance of creatives, inventory, user groups, and otherparameters.
  • 17. Display advertisingWhat does it mean for marketing ?Pros:● Association with high profile brands● Build up awareness of your brandCons:● Not to use in isolation● Little guarantee of effectiveness"Needs to be combined with somethingelse"
  • 18. Search marketing● Moving away from publishers - content driven● Into the realm of search - one of most used application on the internet ○ Google delivers results for 4 billions searches per day
  • 19. ...into a world dominated by Google
  • 20. SEM and SEO
  • 21. SEO - Search Engine OptimizationWatch: What is search engine optimisation. dark science of getting your site as high as possible onthe Google result.Increase your SEO traffic=> get more visitors coming from search engine.How to do it ?
  • 22. SEO - how ?● Dark science means guru ?● SEO expert and SEO agencies● Field in constant change as Google rolls-out improved version of their algorithm to fight spam, content farm, link farms etc...● Search result varies per market and per usersBasically boils down to:1. Links that lead up to your pages or domains2. Keyword use on pages3. Internal link on the site+ others.Based on PageRank algorithm
  • 23.
  • 24. SEM and SEO
  • 25. Search engine marketingSearch engines allow advertiser to buy links onresults pageAd are simple, non intrusive text adsSold on a cost per click (CPC) basisThe advertiser choose keyword to bid onThe search engine decides which ad to showbased on a CTR * CPC combination
  • 26. Google adwords demo
  • 27. Search marketing: SEM/SEO● Search engine optimisation SEO - free● Search engine marketing SEM - $$● Keyword based targeting● Google is the leader, followed by BingSEM:● Keyword sold on an auction● Ads are text based● Pay per click (PPC) or CPC (starting at €0.01)
  • 28. Search Marketing:For marketers● Very powerful.● User is an active state of search, ready to click● You pay only for clicks you get● Keywords can be expensiveAdvices for marketers:● Research keywords● Your ad: Dont oversell● Try tune and refine ○ Different message ○ different keywords
  • 29. AffiliationResult driven model:● CPA - cost per action● CPS - cost per sales
  • 30. Affiliation ecosystem● Affiliation represent %10 to %20 of Amazon sales, depending on the category● Main revenue stream for price comparators● Affiliation gave birth to opportunistic businesses created around niche that pays● Making a living for 1000s of little sites● Smaller advertisers can affiliation platforms● Small publisher can use them in self-service mode● Affiliation plafoforms: Zanox / TradeDoubler
  • 31. Affiliation programs example - Zanox
  • 32. Affiliation for marketersPros:● Low risk marketing● Pay only for sales● Effective in retailSide effects:● generates new potential subscribers● brand awareness● improves SEOCons:● no control over where the ads is show● can damage the brand
  • 33. From Ad Men to Math Men
  • 34. Online advertising spend split
  • 35. Social Media Marketing
  • 36. FacebookFacebook ads demo: data => better targeting => more advetiser $$The likes and fan pagesFeed exposureIf Youre Not Paying for It; Youre the Product
  • 37.
  • 38. Tracking in the digital worldMetrics: Goal tracking:- nb of impressions - sales- nb of clicks - newsletter sign-up- unique visitors (reach) - followers / facebook fans- conversions rates - amount sold- engagement- bounce rate
  • 39. Measuring marketing efficiency
  • 40. Multivariate testing
  • 41. Many touchpoints
  • 42. Metrics for social medias
  • 43. Thank you by Franck