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    Non profit presentation skills Non profit presentation skills Presentation Transcript

    • Non-Profit Presentation Skills
      A Review of Three Blog Articles
    • “I am not tolerant of bad presentations with my technology clients, but for some reason, I am even less tolerant here. Perhaps because I feel that there is more at stake. The problem of poverty is enormous and stubborn. I don’t know much about how to improve health in a rural village, but I do know how to craft a message that people will respond to.”
      --posted by Bridget Gleason on 03/02/2010
    • “Presentations are a great way to share information consistently with a lot of people in a short amount of time. But, if no one hearsor remembers the information you want to convey, then the information is lost and not used.”
      --posted by Tanya Landry on 08/21/2010
    • “The shocking statistics for me were than people think that only 40% of presentations are interest at conferences. How disappointing!! Also, most people rate conference presentations as C-.”
      --posted by Heather Carpenter on 06/06/2008
    • Bridget’s Five Rules for a Non-Profit Presentation
      Rule #1. Don’t read your slides!
      It’s boring, insulting, and a waste of time!!
      Slides meant to be a guidepost
    • Bridget’s Five Rules for a Non-Profit Presentation
      Rule #2. Choose 3 main points
      What do you want your audience to remember?
    • Bridget’s Five Rules for a Non-Profit Presentation
      Rule #3. Keep your slides uncluttered.
      Font size should be 20 pts or greater
      No more than 4 bullets per slide
      No more than 2 bullets under those bullets
      Use graphics
    • Bridget’s Five Rules for a Non-Profit Presentation
      Rule #4. Remove unnecessary slides.
      Does it relate to 3 main points?
      Is it absolutely essential to the understanding of the main point?
    • Bridget’s Five Rules for a Non-Profit Presentation
      Rule #5. Present with passion.
      If you are excited about the topic, then why should others be?
      Moods are contagious.
    • Non-Profit Toolbox
      Tip #1. Interact with your audience
      “Warm up” your audience
      Ask Yes/No type questions where most will answer “yes”
      Be sure people can hear you
      Don’t talk too fast
    • Non-Profit Toolbox
      Tip #2. Provide Pertinent Information in Multiple Ways
      Does this presentation relative to the people sitting in front of me?
      Recognize that people learn differently: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, etc.
      Invite participation
    • Non-Profit Toolbox
      Tip #3. Check for Understanding
      Encourage questions: “What questions do you have?” instead of “Are there any questions?”
      Be comfortable waiting for questions
    • Non-Profit Toolbox
      “Focus on how you can serve people instead of worrying about how you look, sound, or feel…You have people’s attention; it is a gift and an opportunity.”
      --posted by Tanya Landry, 08/21/2010
    • Non-Profit Leadership 601
      Bad presentations
      Reading the slides
      Providing too much information on the slides
      Lack of audience engagement
      Lack of energy
      Room and tech problems
    • Non-profit Leadership 601
      Why do we tend to do bad presentations?
      We fail to prepare and practice
      We are in denial
      We have low expectations
    • Non-Profit Leadership 601
      Good Presentations
      Have interaction
      Audience participation
      Relevant visuals