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Clean Energy Op Ed Sept21 12
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Clean Energy Op Ed Sept21 12


Published on

Open Letter by Frank Carnevale, Director of Clean Energy Developments Corp (CleanEnergy)

Open Letter by Frank Carnevale, Director of Clean Energy Developments Corp (CleanEnergy)

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  • 1. Open LetterSeptember 21, 2012Sustainability Requires Greater Education for Corporate-Wide AdoptionBig cultural change needs to occur in the real estate development and managementsectors if it is to meet the modern day appetite for sustainability, but despite theefforts by leading Fortune 500 company executives and MUSH sector leaders armedwith their sustainability plans, it is apparent that memos alone, downstream toemployees, are not enough to force change.This isn’t new. The success to change at minimum includes employee engagement,but to staff whose job it is to spec technologies or replace HVAC equipment, and notinherently connect them with the long term repercussions of those decisions, isasking for failure and thus a disconnect between desired results and the actualoutcomes.After 14 years of consulting for mainly infrastructure developers and asset solutionproviders, I take the plunge and throw my efforts into a new venture. As an officer ofa publicly traded company, Bellair Ventures Inc. (TSXV:BVI), we have acquired theleading national provider of sustainable thermal energy solutions, CleanEnergy.CleanEnergy sustainable thermal energy solutions are examples of clean and greensystems that requires the developer and/or asset manager to have more than justsustainability plans; in my years of experience in the MUSH sector, I have witnessedgood sustainability plans be trumped by ill advised bureaucrats who read bylaws inways that are a detriment to the economy and their tax payers or procurements thatlook nothing like the intentions behind the direction to create them.North America has a 1% penetration rate for geoexchange systems (ground sourceheating and cooling) with respect to overall heating and cooling solutions, vs over70% penetration rates in European nations. Sweden has a geoexchange penetrationrate of north of 80% for new build.I’m not suggesting that geoexchange is the only solution for sustainability, but it’ssuch a significant solution to remove up to and over 60% of your heating andcooling costs and using the ground to deliver it. It is a great example to examine whychange hasn’t occurred in North America. CleanEnergy is designing hybrid systemswith few years’ payback and optimized delivery of heating and cooling.Why is North America lagging? The culture of the bureaucracy that advises onarchitecture, design, HVAC, energy requirements, asset managers, project managers,builders, senior staff, etc.. are all dis-incented from providing and recommendingsolutions that they are not as aware of or make as much fees on vs the moretraditional they are accustomed to. It’s only human nature to stick to your comfort
  • 2. zone and recommend and adopt practices that are more familiar and simpler tomanage.What’s the answer? Educate, educate and educate every hand involved withassessing, designing, managing and funding sustainability projects in the real estatesector. Change the deck and get government incentives for geoxechange systemsand overall sustainable thermal energy systems and incent the architects, assessorsto meet long term objectives.I am excited at the possibilities, and while we are embarking on the requiredchanges, we are also changing the deck, and we have announced our intentions toacquire Urban Mechanical, a leading mid-tier design build mechanical engineeringfirm. We will have the ability to manage the inside and outside of the distribution ofheating and cooling, from sourcing to distribution.Where are we at? Change won’t work with a memo; it will need wholesaleprocurement changes that are based on desired outcomes.In my humble opinion, thought leaders within their Fortune 500 companies andMUSH sector need to look deeper at their procurement practices and better armtheir teams to enhance their sustainability plans.What have you done to ensure that your organization embraces sustainability andexecutes it, effectively?Sincerely,Frank Carnevale fcarnevale@CleanEnergy.caDirector, CleanEnergy – Sustainable Thermal Energy