Strategic Sales Training combined with CRM...Doble Group White Paper@2013


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Strategic Sales Training combined with CRM...Doble Group White Paper@2013

  1. 1. Strategic Sales Training combined with CRM….A powerful combination for sales success! by Mariano J. Doble, President and CEO, Doble Group, LLCIntroduction“An organizations ability to learn, and translate that learning into actionrapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage,” -- Jack Welch.Jack Welch is an American chemical engineer, business executive, and author. He wasChairman and CEO of General Electric for 20 years. During his tenure at GE, thecompanys value rose 4,000 percent.Mr. Welch’s advice on training and learning as they relate to a company’s pathto success is more relevant today than ever. Every company needs to find thecompetitive advantage that will propel it ahead of its competition, and as Mr.Welch so succinctly frames it – that advantage can be achieved throughprofessional training and applying the knowledge gained to your businessprocesses.Doble Group has always been a proponent of continuous learning as a positivedriver for organizational success. Our company specifically focuses onintegrated CRM solutions and training aimed at maximizing the capabilities ofCRM. This white paper focuses on the training program we offer and how ithelps companies achieve success and gain competitive advantage in themarketplace. 1
  2. 2. A New Approach to Strategic Sales Training & SupportDoble Group’s specific approach to strategic sales training revolves around theprinciples of value, consultative and solution based selling and consists of fourstages to help our customers maximize the alignment between people,processes and ultimately the CRM.In Stage 1, the goal is to identify the specific business strategy of the individualorganization – each company is different. The next step is to align the multi-faceted, Sales Cloud tool’s capabilities to automate the company’s uniquebusiness strategies and sales processes.During Stage 2, hands-on training is delivered, so everyone involved in thesales process knows how to use the Salesforce CRM tool to its maximumadvantage and can apply this hands-on knowledge to their individual workenvironments.In Stage 3, optimization training is conducted to help teams align bestpractices with the Salesforce CRM tool. At this level of training, sales teammembers, who can already use the tool confidently, now learn how toproficiently apply these advanced, best practices to make the CRM tool evenmore effective in the execution of their sales efforts. Often times, theOptimization and Hands On training are combined into one training (dependingon budget).Stage 4 consists of Doble Group’s unique Customer Advantage Sales Training(CAST). This training deals with modifying the sales professionals’ skills andbehaviors to make them even more effective in the sales process. CAST isdesigned to help sales teams and managers master the concepts required tooffer their customers a different sales experience based on value, consultativeand solution selling techniques. From identifying customer needs, todeveloping effective account strategies, ROI based propositions and compellingpresentations, this hands-on practical approach transforms the way people sell 2
  3. 3. forever. This training is not necessarily tied to the Salesforce CRM tool, butsales team members, who have the CAST training, will be able to use the CRMtool to its maximum capacity.The CAST Training DifferenceCAST prepares sales professionals to use a consultative, value-based, solutionsselling approach. Why is this type of training critical for today’s salesenvironment? Sales organizations are presently facing numerous challengesbecause of increased buyer sophistication, due to greater informationavailability; compressed product life cycles, as a result of technologicaladvances; and price pressures on products and services, brought on by intenselocal and global competition.CAST is designed to help clients win and grow their customer base bydemonstrating to sales professionals how to communicate the superior value oftheir product/service offerings. Profitable growth requires that companiescustomize their market offerings to reflect individual customer’s needs andbuying processes. CAST helps sales team members communicate and prove thebenefits and value of their product/service offerings; it also helps themdifferentiate their product offerings from their competitors’.CAST Provides Customer-focused Selling and the Margin for SuccessThe CAST program teaches sales team members how to demonstrate toprospective customers that the “total value” of their product/service, relative toprice and customer service, far exceeds that of the competition. Whensuccessfully executed, CAST can provide sales team members with the businessskills needed to justify the purchase decision within their customer’sorganization, based on terms that are meaningful to all decision makers in theprocess. 3
  4. 4. Many companies sell based on price, features and friendship. Moving to aconsultative, customer-focused sales approach requires a different set of skills,messaging and support system. CAST helps build this successful framework byputting the customer at the center of the selling strategy. This requirescollecting fact-based customer insights to understand what the customer’sneeds are, what steps are involved in the buying processes, and the value thatthe customer places on each of these elements.Calibrate and Manage Sales OpportunitiesCAST also helps calibrate and manage the sales opportunity by explaining howto gather competitor insights to understand the options that a prospectivecustomer can choose from; this knowledge can serve as a benchmark againstwhich to evaluate a competitor’s offerings. The training also includes how tomanage sales opportunities by identifying and profiling key customer segmentsbased on their needs and potential-to-buy. This allows for the creation of aunique value proposition for each customer segment that details how theirproduct/service offerings match the customer’s needs. This significantly aids incommunicating the functional, emotional and economic benefits thatprospective customers will realize from their products/services.CAST Helps Review Your Sales ProcessesCAST helps you review your sales processes and define the detailed activitiesrequired for a consultative, customer-focused sales cycle. This ensures theirsales processes reflect the customer’s buying processes. This review also helpsyour sales people apply the proper sales tools that align with the correct salesprocess to help them be successful in their day-to-day sales activities.The end result of CAST is the development of a superior and competent salesforce. This sales organization is enabled by constructive performance reviewsthat provide coaching and mentoring to ensure the consistent reinforcement ofthe CAST concepts. 4
  5. 5. ConclusionCompanies operating in today’s business environment, have very little choicewhen it comes to training and learning as business drivers. They can eitherignore the benefits that ongoing training and knowledge bring and becomestagnant, or they can choose to embrace learning and knowledge and enjoy thesuccess and growth this strategy generates. Doble Group’s multi-dimensional,ongoing training programs not only provide the knowledge for success, we takethe process one step further, and help our clients translate that learning intomeaningful action. END 5