"Integrating Salesforce CRM through Scribe" Webinar


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  • Before we begin a few housekeeping details.
  • An agenda for today:
  • Thank you for your time today. At Scribe we have been delivering integration solutions to customers and partners globally for over 15 years. Deep expertise in data integration across a broad range of industries and applicationsOur solutions are designed to work in cloud, hybrid, hosted and premise environments with equal ease. Additionally, we offer full development platform for ISVs. Our solutions are proven across many industries with blue chip customers and are delivered by some of the largest global systems integrators as well as smaller businesses and consultants. Our solutions really do provide data integration for all.
  • What we’re seeing and hearing as it relates to the challenges associated with consolidating and distributing data.Employees spend an awful lot of their time just trying to pull together the data they need to do their jobs and often its still insufficient. And as the volumes are growing and new unstructured data sources like social and mobile are mixed in, its increasingly difficult for business users to get the information they need.And while the technology exists to bring a lot of the data together and new technologies are emerging daily to support users, many companies are still not taking advantage of them.In our recent survey only 15% had integrated their customer facing systems.
  • With our portfolio of integration solutions, which includes both premise and cloud-based solutions. We are the unequivocal leader in the premise based integration market and we have done a lot with Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP and other market leaders on premise. Our Insight offering is widely deployed, we have over 1,000 deployments/year. We know a lot about CRM from our rich history in the premise based integration market and we leveraged that history when we created Scribe Online, our cloud offering. We did not want Scribe Online to be complete replica of Insight - we already have the strongest CRM integration on the market. So, instead we built a cloud platform for integration. We expanded the playing field. We created a platform for innovation in the cloud, a platform for ISVs, a platform for our partners and a platform for ourselves to integrated marketing, sales, support and finance applications in the cloud to traditional back office and on-premise applications such as ERP. With Insight, we here at Scribe did all the innovation, with Scribe Online as a platform we are enabling our partners and the ecosystem at large to participate in that innovation with us – creating their own solutions. Insight and Scribe Online are complementary with some overlap. Typically those seeking deep, complex integrations prefer to rely on Insight as there is nothing it cannot handle from an integration perspective. Its robust, its deep, its tested and proven for over 15 years. For those seeking lighter, simpler integrations or those looking to extend an application to or from the cloud, Scribe Online is often the choice. And many use both.
  • Show one or more of the “solutions” created by Pre-Sales
  • This slide is intended to provide an opportunity to showcase Scribe’s diverse capabilities. Highlight integrations of interest to the prospect. Discuss how our solutions provide access to these common business applications.
  • Review how to get more information about Scribe and offer the trial
  • "Integrating Salesforce CRM through Scribe" Webinar

    1. 1. INTEGRATION FOR SALESFORCEAND MICROSOFT DYNAMICS GP Presented by: Robin Dupre, Sales Manager, Scribe Software Rich Radaci, Sales Engineer, Scribe Software
    2. 2. Housekeeping• Phone lines are muted• Presentation is approximately 40 Minutes• Use the Questions feature to submit questions• All questions will be addressed at the end of presentation
    3. 3. Agenda• Scribe Company Overview• The Data Disconnect• The Scribe Product Introduction• Demonstration - Scribe for Salesforce/Dynamics GP Integration• Q&A + 3
    4. 4. 12,000 customers worldwide1,000 partners1,200 certified consultants8 out of 10 largest financialinstitutions Leader in Customer Data Integration Premise & Cloud Solutions Cloud Integration Platform ISV Program 15+ years CRM experience
    5. 5. The Data Challenge• Employees struggle to find information they need – 25% of a sales person’s time each week is spent doing research using as many as 15 distinct data sources1 – The average employee spends 4.5 hours every week tracking down information they need to do their job.2• Why? Because the technology not in place to support the needs of the business – >50% of companies do not have the systems in place to bring structured and unstructured data together1 – Only 15% of customer facing systems are integrated3 1Information Week, CSO Insights, August 2012 2 Data Growth and Protection Survey, March 2012, Symform & StorageCraft 3 State of Data Integration, Scribe Software, March 2012 11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 5
    6. 6. Scribe PortfolioFull Range of Premise, Cloud, Hybrid, or Hosted Insight Online Premise Integration Solution Cloud Integration Platform Complex, deep integration Integration Platform for for the Enterprise Partners Replication & Integration Adapters to natively connect to Solutions for customers Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP and more Scribe built connectors for easy access to key applications Templates to jumpstart integration SolutionPaks to jumpstart integration Interoperability with Scribe Ecosystem of Partner built Online connectors & solutions11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 6
    7. 7. Salesforce to Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics GP• Increase revenue – Generate accurate sales quotes – Execute on product focused campaigns• Retain more customers – Have real-time customer data as you meet with them – Deliver the right products, on time• Lower your selling costs – Streamline your sales order processes – Eliminate duplicate data entry• Gain better business intelligence – Maximize your visibility into sales activity by customer and product 11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 7
    8. 8. Back to Basics - Configuration• For simple, many and complex integrations Templates Designer Administrator Workbench Server Console Adapter Adapter Adapter Application/DB Server 1 Application/DB Server 2 On Demand Application Legacy Systems ERP
    9. 9. Scribe Integration in Action• Scribe template – Starting point for integration as-is or configure to meet unique needs• Synchronize – Customer, address, & prod catalog records between Salesforce/DynamicsGP• In real time – Convert opportunities to orders in Salesforce, and – Automatically process orders in Dynamics GP• Provide complete customer visibility in Salesforce – Real time updates of orders and invoices from Dynamics GP 11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 9
    10. 10. Demonstration• Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Dynamics GP Customer Credit Status Visibility within SFDC – SFDC/GP Order to Invoicing Business Process • SFDC Opportunity to Order Conversion • SFDC Order Submission to Dynamics GP • Dynamics GP Update & Invoicing to SFDC – Scribe Insight Components • Workbench • Console11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 10
    11. 11. Demonstration11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 11
    12. 12. Connect with Scribe Microsoft Dynamics ERP – AX, NAV, GP and CRM11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 12
    13. 13. Questions11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 13
    14. 14. Learn More• Visit our website: www.scribesoft.com• Download a datasheet: – Dynamics GP to Salesforce: http://scribesoft.com/images/pdf/DataSheet_Dynamics_GP_to_Salesf orce_Template.pdf• Contact you Doble representative or robin.dupre@scribesoft.com• Check us out on the Appexchange11/15/2012 Scribe Software Confidential 14