Doble Group Spearheads Sales Team Reorganization ...


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Doble Group Spearheads Sales Team Reorganization ...

  1. 1. Doble Group Spearheads Sales Team Reorganization and CRM Implementation for Dominican Republic-based Telecommunications ProviderMiami, FL, December 03, 2012 – WIND Telecom, a leading provider of telecommunicationsfor the Dominican Republic, has employed the services of Miami-based consulting firmDoble Group to assist in the reorganization of its sales department and implementation ofSalesforce CRM to improve its business use and daily operations.WIND Telecom had only a small sales team and wanted to reorganize its corporate salesdepartment to include its business department. The company also needed help inestablishing the correct sales goals and properly training its sales, business and humanresource staff to improve sales promotion and efficiency. As a consulting firm that focuseson improving business results through the implementation of CRM and PerformanceManagement solutions and the alignment of teams, processes and technology for success,Doble Group was able to convert WIND Telecom’s sales processes into technicalrequirements which were automated through the Salesforce CRM. As a result, WINDTelecom can now provide online tracking of sales leads and improved communicationbetween its sales team and managers.“Due to the implementation of Salesforce CRM with the guidance of Doble Group, we havemuch better communication between our sales team and managers along with moreawareness of the sales opportunities we have,” remarked Damián Báez, CEO of WINDTelecom. “Our sales team is better able to follow internal leads because they’re online, andour managers and sales team have the ability to better deal with customers. Now we have avery easy process, and Salesforce CRM has helped our sales team be more effective withinthe entire sales process.”Doble Group also enlisted WIND Telecom employees in its Customer Advantage SalesTraining (CAST) Program, in which the company’s sales consultants were certified in value,solution and consultative-based selling, ensuring they have the professional skills to use theSalesforce CRM to its maximum potential in their sales processes. Through Doble Group’songoing support program, WIND Telecom is able to keep Salesforce CRM relevant to itsevolving process changes and maximize its investment in the application.About Doble Group, LLCDoble Group combines sales performance improvement consulting with cloud computingtechnologies to improve business results for companies throughout the U.S., CentralAmerica, the Caribbean and Latin America. The company understands the importance ofdelivering and supporting integrated end-to-end solutions for customers and is uniquelyqualified to deliver these services through hands-on experience. Our mission is to deliverholistic business solutions that deliver bottom-line results to clients. For more information,visit: ###