Aaron McGrath - Acquirinag Leads Online - The Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012


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  • You are the needle in the haystack
  • Your website is your shop window, make sure it is not cluttered!Crawlability- If a crawler can’t access your content, the content won’t be indexed by search engines, nor will it be ranked. Make sure your website navigation is clean and strive for a simple, search-friendly URL structure. This means the URL is keyword rich. Avoid placing links and content inside rich media applications, such as Flash and Silverlight, which make it almost impossible for crawlers to find and read the contentSite Structure: Provide a site structure that with strong functionality which helps and encourages link building. Linking to both trusted outside sources and internal content shows you care about users getting the best data around their query.In addition, HTML sitemaps ensure a good user experience and help search engines discover all the content on your pages.On Page Factors and Site Production: Follow a few simple guidelines for the area inside the code of your webpage denoted by the <head> tag. Each <title> should be short, about 65 characters, and unique to the page. Include the keyword you’re targeting for that page near the beginning of the title. The <meta description> tag can be longer and should also contain the keyword or phrase you’re targeting. All content should be unique to every page and be based on keyword research.Link Building: When you build links, insert targeted keywords in the anchor text to boost relevancy for the targeted search term. This increases a link’s perceived value to both users and search engines.Encourage links to your page by integrating social network icons which allow visitors to easily share your page. More eyes on your page can increase the odds it will be linked from an outside source. The best way to get links, though, is to provide excellent, unique content. Build your audience and engage with them.
  • Keywords: Build out keyword lists with Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, and use negative keywords based on search query reports to minimize the number of times your ad shows up in unrelated searches.Review your keyword Quality Scores and follow the suggested steps in adCenterto improve low-rated keywords.If you’re getting traffic but not enough conversions, consider using exact match. To boost traffic, try phrase or broad match types.Ad Copy: Consider using dynamic text to customize your ad titles and text to include the specific keywords searched by your customers. Be specific; offer 50% off” instead of “big discounts.”Understand what your competition is offering.Use a call to action, such as acting on a discount available for a limited time, to give customers a reason to click your ad. Budget: Your budget determines whether your shop is open or closed for online Business.You can choose a daily or monthly budget option. Be sure you’re capturing your share of impressions and clicks by using the Budget Suggestions feature. Make sure your budget is aligned to the shopping habits of your key customer base.Bidding: The Top 3 positions will drive 80% of clicks. You want your ad to have a better position to give you a better chance of attracting the attention of your target customers.Several factors help determine ad position—such as your ad’s relevance to the keyword, past performance, and clickthrough rate—the keyword bid amount is also critical. You can also use incremental bid increases to help reach customers in targeted locations and from specific demographics.Targeting: Use targeting to reach a more relevant audience and help improve your chances for conversions.You can target customers by location, age and gender, device used for the search, or by the time of day and day of week. You can opt to show your ads only to customers that meet your set criteria, or you can show your ads to everyone but use incremental bids.Placing an incremental bid increases the likelihood that your ad is displayed in a better position for customers who meet your targeting criteria.Local market extension – you can now add your business address and contact number – double digit increase in CTR
  • Bing – A Decision Engine“A brand new search experience providing rich and engaging search results that help users make more informed decisions, faster.”Unlike most search engines, Bing serves up more than a long list of results. We organize our Search results so they’re easy to read and you can make informed choices.
  • User base that is 33% more likely to convert than any other search engine in the UK
  • Affordable: a click cost 5p vs DM piecesNo wastage: only pay for a clickTargeted: time of the day, geography, demographicsQualified leads: commercial intent, likelihood to convert is high. Conversion on Bing: 7.4% (average 4.2%) compared to a DM pieceScalable: the more KW, the more leads. A new promotion: add a relevant adgroupControllable: increase or decrease your budget at will
  • Aaron McGrath - Acquirinag Leads Online - The Online Business Makeover - 12/03/2012

    1. 1. How to promote and manage your resources
    2. 2. and Online Spend
    3. 3. SiteCrawlability StructureOn PageFactors andSiteProduction Link Building
    4. 4. Ad Copy TargetingKeywordsand MatchTypes Budget Bidding
    5. 5. How Bing Delivers For Consumers
    6. 6. What’s in it for me
    7. 7. The Marketing Grail for SMBs Affordable Controllable No wastage Scalable Targeted Qualified leads
    8. 8. BWMT: Getting Started Step 1: Sign up with your LiveID, or get a free LiveID to start Step 2: Set your preferences so we know how to contact you and select which email alert you want to receive from us Step 3: Add your website into the system Step 4: Verify your website using one of the provided options
    9. 9. Easily see which links point to your websiteBroken down by page and number of linksClick on any page to see individual linksData sourced from Bing (& Yahoo)
    10. 10. Add a sitemap to help us find all of yourcontentRequires you have the sitemap hosted onyour serverYou can also insert an RSS feed for us
    11. 11. EmailSupport Support Center CommunityChat Blog
    12. 12. Location Extension – Step by Step GuideStep 1 – In Campaigns view, select manage your business locations Step 4 – In Campaign Settings, scroll down to Advanced Settings / Ad extensionsStep 2 – Input your business location details, make sure you enter in your fullbusiness address and phone number. You can also import multiple businesslocations. Select Display the address and phone number from your business location in your text ads • Select this and your text ad will display the address and phone number that you specified in the Business locations page • Note – The user needs to be within a 50 mile radius of your business when he searches for your ad to see your address and phone number Step 3 – Return to Campaigns view and select edit your campaign settings for the campaign that you want to enable ad extensions • Note – If you have multiple business locations in a 50 mile radius where the user searched, he will see the location for the nearest business in your ad15
    13. 13. Device OS Targeting – Overview What It Is Target users by either device (mobile or tablet) and/or OS How It Works By selecting a specific OS, advertisers and app developers can target just those users Value Prop Increased engagement and budget efficient results in higher ROI Available in AdCenter UI and API (v8) in US, UK, CA, and FR Launch Date Desktop Tool support expected June16