PTOLEMUS - SWC - Free Navigation - May 2010


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Navigation is dead!
Long live navigation!

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PTOLEMUS - SWC - Free Navigation - May 2010

  1. 1. PTOLEMUS Consulting Group Navigation is dead! Long live navigation! SmartWIPClub, Paris, 10th June 2010 Frederic Bruneteau, Managing Director
  2. 2. Introduction PTOLEMUS is named after Ptolemy, the greek geographer who created the first map of the world 2
  3. 3. Introduction PTOLEMUS assists its clients, from strategy definition to business development Our areas of expertise Our services Positioning / Location enablement Strategy definition including business plan Navigation development, board coaching and support Location-based content Telematics & services e.g. connected car, fleet Strategic due diligence e.g. maps, traffic, fuel management, PAYD, road and market assessment prices, speed cameras, charging, e-call weather, parking, etc. Intelligent transport systems Innovation management including product & services Mobile content and social networking, e.g. application development and launch stores, content sourcing, crowd-sourcing M2M Business development including response to RFPs Connectivity (sourcing, MVNO, ESP, etc.) 3
  4. 4. Introduction We have acquired substantial experience in the field of geo-connected mobility Telecom operators Infrastructure providers Content & application providers ITS providers • Four partners in Paris, London and Brussels Car & telematics vendors • +30 years of experience in mobile • +30 years of experience in telematics Insurers & assistance providers Venture capitalists Montezemolo & Partners 4
  5. 5. Smart WIP Club offer PTOLEMUS will publish next week its 2010 European Location Study • 150 pages of our expertise about the location industry, built on • Interviews with over 100 executives from all sides of the industry, from Admob to Yahoo!, • Over 6 months of desk research and primary research, notably an online survey, • A detailed market model so as to combine strategic and technology analysis with hard figures 5
  6. 6. Long live navigation Since 2003, navigation has reigned over the LBS kingdom OFFBOARD HYBRID ONBOARD Application Mobile Mobile Mobile PND vendors provider phone network phone vendor operators vendor Map Map Map Mobile network operators App. Application Mobile subscriber Mobile user End-user Note: a number of alternatives to these 3 models exist, such as the onboard mobile model 6
  7. 7. Long live navigation Free navigation is turning the 3 navigation business models upside down The impact of Google's announcement ... and Nokia's reaction of free navigation on Android in the US TomTom: -33% or €780 million lost Garmin: -21% or €1.1 billion lost Oct. 12th: Leaks in certain Droid documents Oct. 28th: official announcement Free navigation in 74 countries 7
  8. 8. Long live navigation Welcome to connavigation! ON-BOARD PND vendors 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mobile network Local search Dynamic services Map Application End-user Pioneering Commercial Launch Expansion Mainstream 8
  9. 9. Long live navigation Welcome to nadvigation! Advertisers Search / navigation provider Dynamic services Local search Map Mobile phone vendors Mobile network operators Mobile subscriber 9
  10. 10. Long live navigation Welcome to (real) pedestrian navigation! Availability of pedestrian attributes on navigation maps Increasing integration of A-GPS & WiFi in mobile phones Availability of "urban" positioning databases (WiFi, Cell-ID) Unlimited mobile tariffs 10
  11. 11. Long live navigation Welcome to indoor navigation! Technologies addressing the wide variety of Micello, indoor map provider indoor location requirements include: • WiFi (companies such as Navizon and Skyhook), • UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) and SWB (Super- Wide Band), • RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification), • Pseudolites (or Pseudo Satellites), ground- based radio transmitters that transmit a navigation signal (Insiteo), • MEMS. A combination of WiFi, Cell-ID, inertial sensors and GPS (e.g. Pole Star‘s combined GPS and WiFi solution). 11
  12. 12. Long live navigation Welcome to social navigation! Advertisers Mobile MSN provider phone vendor User context database Mobile Map network operators App. Mobile user 12
  13. 13. Long live navigation Welcome to navYOUgation! Understanding your general and occasional preferences Always connected Adapted to your to your social network YOU transport mode Everywhere you go 13
  14. 14. Long live navigation Navigation will be at the core of our (mobile) life • Several formats will remain, to adapt to different use cases • The days of the closed PND model are counted. Within 3 years, all PNDs will be connected and give access to an App. Store • GPS-only navigation will soon become history. Several complementary technologies will emerge from WiFi to Cell-ID • Search and navigation will become one and the same business, notably under Google's influence Long live navigation! • Smart navigation will permeate most mobile applications and services 14
  15. 15. PTOLEMUS Consulting Group Strategies for Mobile Companies Brussels - Paris - London w w w. p t o l e m u s . c o m Frederic Bruneteau Managing Director Twitter: PTOLEMUS