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Road freight bulletin no7

  1. 1. Transport for LondonOlympic Road Freight Management Team Road Freight Bulletin No7: 16th May 2012New information for planning your deliveries and collectionsWith just over ten weeks to go, TfL’s Olympic Road Freight Management team aims to provide youwith the latest useful information and advice to help you plan and prepare your operations for theOlympic and Paralympic Games this summer. It is our intention that we will now be able tocirculate a bulletin on a weekly basis. This edition covers the following topics: 1. Road events  2. Passes and access 3. Updates to the website 4. Road network changes in Central London  5. TfL travel alerts More detail can be found online using the linked websites within the articles. 1. Road eventsRoad events in London will take place on seven of the 16 days of the Olympic Games and on oneday of the Paralympic Games. Road closures may affect your ability to make out of hoursdeliveries at certain locations on the night before a scheduled event, so it is important to checkwhen planning your routes. Information about dates, times and geographic extent of Road Eventsis available on the TfL website; also including details of changes to the Olympic Route Networkduring certain times before, during and after the Events.Downloadable leaflets, giving an overview of changes to the road network are available on aborough-by-borough basis on the London 2012 website. These summarise information regardingthe Olympic Route network and closures needed for Road Events. Any further informationregarding road events will be communicated as appropriate.Olympic Torch relayThe 70 day Olympic Torch Relay starts from Land’s End on Saturday 19th May. Detailed, street-by-street information about days 1-68 is available by clicking the interactive map, also on theLondon 2012 website. The Relay may affect your operations in towns and cities outside Londontoo, so please check the website and any other local council pages. Further information will bepublished shortly regarding the final two days of the Relay. 1
  2. 2. Transport for LondonOlympic Road Freight Management Team 2. Passes and accessWe have received a number of queries relating to whether a pass is needed for deliveries inLondon. No new passes are required in order to deliver in London during the Games period. Therewill, however, be checkpoints in place near Olympic Venues, with other enforcement activitycontinuing as normal.DocumentationIn order to ensure smooth passage through checkpoints, we recommend drivers carry with themthe following items in their vehicle: • Driving licence photo card – for drivers holding licences issued before July 1998, a photocopy of the paper licence, including residential address and photographic ID (e.g. work building access pass) is a suitable alternative. • Headed company note paper with letter saying that the named driver is employed by the company. This letter must include a contact telephone number for any queries. A specimen template will be circulated shortly. • Delivery note or manifest with delivery address identified or package with address displayed. For some freight operators, such as parcel delivery companies, delivery notes are no longer used and PDA or electronic means are used instead; providing sufficient details are displayed, these media are suitable for use as well. For last-minute deliveries, a text message from a supervisor / transport manager from the employing firm, alongside a contact telephone number will be sufficient.Separate arrangements apply for deliveries into Olympic Venues. Detailed information regardingLocal Area Traffic Management Plans, Vehicle Checkpoints, and Venue and residents’ protectionzone access arrangements is available online. Further information regarding permits for employeevehicles will be circulated shortly. 3. Updates to the websiteFurther case studies are now available on the TfL 2012 Freight website; the case studies highlighthow a range of freight operators and businesses making or receiving deliveries are changing theiroperations to meet the challenge of the Games.Single point of contact at London’s borough councilsFor simplified contact with the various borough departments who understand your local restrictionsregarding out-of-hours deliveries, TfL’s website now contains single point of contact details forLondon’s boroughs.Boroughs continue to be responsible for the enforcement of planning conditions andenvironmental health matters, amongst other regulations, throughout the Games. Please get intouch with the local borough council, if you are unsure of any proposed changes to your deliveriesare compliant with local regulations, and use the Code of Practice for any out-of-hours deliveries. 2
  3. 3. Transport for LondonOlympic Road Freight Management TeamKeeping the website up-to-dateThe London 2012 website has been updated to include more information about the Games andthe information for businesses is now available on If you notice abroken link on the TfL, Get Ahead of the Games or London 2012 websites, please let us knowusing the contact details below. 4. Road network changes in Central LondonParts of Central London (particularly in Westminster) will be particularly busy during summer 2012,with some of its most iconic streets and locations transformed into Olympic sporting and culturalvenues.Daily changes will be made to roads within the Central London Zone, which stretches from MarbleArch and Hyde Park Corner to Victoria Embankment and Trafalgar Square. Information regardingthe Central London Zone is available on the TfL website.A map and covering letter with information related to vehicular access to / from the Media Hub inBloomsbury were released recently and can be downloaded from the London 2012 website.Changes to access and parking will coincide with other road changes on the adjacent OlympicRoute Network (ORN). Restrictions will be in place longer than at some other sites. 5. TfL Travel AlertsIf you are concerned about disruption during the Games, you may wish to sign up to Games emailtravel alerts by visiting the TfL website. These emails will supplement the information availableonline and in our bulletins, highlighting hotspots and giving you options to help plan your journeys.They also cover public transport modes so may be of use to your staff travelling to and from work.Keeping up-to-date • Real-time traffic information updated every few minutes: • Real-time public transport information: • Travel for business, commuting or leisure if you have questions relating to the public transport network, walking and cycling during the Games, please go to: www.getaheadofthegames.comContact usFor any queries or further information, please email: you no longer wish to receive emails from the Olympic Freight team at Transport for London,please respond to this email with “NO NEWSLETTER” in the subject line.Website: 3