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  • Hi, I’m Chris Turitzin, and Eric is upstairs. Before we begin a little about us... collectively we have 20 years of web development experience, and have been involved in 6 startups. Prior to friendradio, Eli and I worked at frog design and Eric has come from NASA!
  • The problem. Music players are boring. I listen to the same music over and over. Where is the excitement? Where is the variety? What do you do when you get tired of your music collection?
  • The realization. I spend an incredible amount of time on facebook (8 hours day!) For the last 5 years, this “favorite music” category on the profile has been taunting me. Why can’t I listen to this? Then it hit me! This is what needs to be different about music players.
  • The Solution. We’ve built friendradio, a product the brings music and social networks together.
  • Ever since the mix tape, friends have been the best way to discover and experience new music, we’ve built the best place to do it. Our site lets you listen to your friends’ music, save the ones you like, and share your favorites. The music comes from your friends, the videos come from YouTube.
  • Of course, I don’t like ALL of my friends’ music, so we let you choose. We even match you with friends with similar tastes. Music match score?
  • Now what kind of player would it be if the music stopped when you left our page? Our player follows you around facebook. You can click play and then go back to hanging out with your friends.
  • We bring music to your friends’ profiles. Once friendradio is installed, you can load up your friends profile and immediately start listening to their music.
  • We also bring music to facebook fan pages. If you want to listen to cold play, simply, pull up the coldplay fan page and click ‘play.’
  • How are we doing? We’re lean, we’re new and we’re iterating quickly. Despite less than 2 months of existence, we’ve attracted over 20,000 MAU. Since friendradio is all about sharing music among friends’ we have a clear channel for user growth. Right now, every user who signs up for our app tells an average of 15 of their friends about friendradio. We’ve also discovered that our friend-based distribution model can work well with other types of media (such as video).
  • So, what do we need? Were seeking a $200k seed round. With this we will mature our product, hone viral distribution, and explore expansion into other types of media. In conclusion, whenever you are at a loss for what to listen to friendradio is there.
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    1. 1. The Soundtrack of Your Social Networks
    2. 2. Team
    3. 3. Music players are boring.
    4. 4. Realization
    5. 11. 2 months 20,000 Monthly Active Users
    6. 12. Seeking $200k Seed Round
    7. 13. Playing: Juggy-D - Soniye discovered from my friend Vikram [email_address]