The Future of Marketing & Brands

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  • 1. The future ? ofMarketing & Brands Fernando Barrenechea / @fbarrenecheaf
  • 2. The "world haschanged" and Marketing & Brands mustgive a respond to this new reality.
  • 3. The “traditional” marketing has become somewhat outdated and obsolete as it was in its day the Ford T.
  • 4. Ive changed!Did you?The contemporary consumeris savvy as a result ofincreased informationavailable, largely due to thedigital world, the highinterconnection of consumershas changed the rules of thegame.  
  • 5. Do you remember Maslow?, .... Theconsumer has changed!!
  • 6. But noteverythingchanges at the same time..
  • 7. The Consumer is a Mix..The Consumer behavior is a mix brands: low cost, luxury,mass market,…
  • 8. Advertising, quality andprice no longer have positive "relationship"with the brand.
  • 9. Consumersare living a Romance with LowCost Brands.
  • 10. Consumers change faster than brands,advertisers & business
  • 11. Different: culture, values,… differentmarketing & branding approach
  • 12. “I make movies for masses but I speak to them one by one”.Steven Spielberg
  • 13. “A Brand becomes stronger when younarrow its focus”.Ries & Ries. “The 22 inmutables laws of branding”
  • 14. The Businessesthat succeed will be thosethat make life easier
  • 15. “[Branded Utility] is where the brandcreates a commitment to a relationship.It’s where the brand creates somethinguseful to you, something that’s a utility inyour life. The consumer will feel moreconfident with the relationship if the brandwill continue to be part of your life.”
  • 16. The consumer wants…Innovation Experiences
  • 17. “If you move from being a commodityproduct to an emotional product,though to real attachment andengagement that comes fromcreating an experience, the degreeof differences might appear to bequite small but the results are going tobe much greater”.John Russell. MD Harley Davidson.
  • 18. “A revolution doesnt happenwhen a society adopts newtools. It happens whensociety adopts newbehaviors ...”Clay Shirky. Author, Consultant, Professor at NYU
  • 19. TheRevolution is coming…
  • 20. “New” “Traditional” MarketingMarketing lost arises fromEFFECTIVENESS CONSUMER
  • 21. Traditional marketingis no longer enough. Marketing must be linked closely with business strategyand able to prove its contribution to shareholder value.
  • 22. ?What´s going on withadvertisement
  • 23. “The days of making funny things thatmay or may not have an effect on theclients business are ending.”
  • 24. Whats going on with Media?
  • 25. New Broadcaster…..
  • 26. 2.0 Communication Trends Brands ü  Social Video need to ü  Social Commerce know this reality ü  Mobile Commerce ü  Augmented Reality ü  3D ü  Rich Commerce ü  Personal pages ü  QR Codes ü  Smart TV ü  Html 5 ü  …
  • 27. “You can spend 15 Million onadvertising, go bankrupt andyour name still means nothingt o p e o p l e . Yo u r b r a n d i screated out of customercontact and the experienceyour consumers have of you”.Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Founder Easy Jet
  • 28. "Your brand is not strongerthan your reputation — andwill increasingly depend onwhat comes up when youare Googled."Allan Jenkins. Global Communications Consultant
  • 29. Today WOM is really important….“The most recommended company in itscategory grows 2.5X the category average”Bain & Company Research.
  • 30. The “Big" ideas based on consumerawareness arethe new "Prime Time"
  • 31. Unconventional marketing strategies = Brand benefits
  • 32. The Content is the new voice of Brands.
  • 33. "The consumer is skeptical. After years of stifling levels ofsaturation and advertising pressure, consumers havelearned to get around "the world" and reject anybusiness practice that invade his space without hisconsent. The new consumer is immune and indifferent toany kind of persuasion”
  • 34. “[The agency’s job is to create] content sovaluable and useful that [consumers]wouldnt want to live without it.”
  • 35. “Times ofturbulence are the most exciting, because everything changes"
  • 36. The future of Advertising & Brands aregreat products that have marketingembedded in them.
  • 37. “Apple takes value creation one stepfurther by making the consumer theultimate value creator. The valuecreation does not stop with a beatifulpackaged iPhone, it continues throughbeing genuinely useful and delivering aseamless life enhancing experience”.
  • 38. Product = Brand =Experiences
  • 39. “Our belief is that marketing and producthave converged. The consumer doesn’tseparate the marketing experience fromthe product experience.”Ajaz Ahmed Founder & Chairman AQKA
  • 40. The challenge isto deliver value through the integration of marketing and product.
  • 41. The explosion of digital media has changed brands and Marketing
  • 42. Social networks, along with brand websites, are the most importantdigital touch points on the path to purchase worldwide, with nearlyhalf the population engaged at any stage. Not surprisingly, offlinetouch points, such as TV and word of mouth, still dominate mediainvestment. However, digital’s enormous potential points to the needfor brands to create integrated offline/online marketing approaches.
  • 43. Maximizing presence through a consistentplanning effort.
  • 44. The increasingimportance ofdigital touchpoints hascompletelytransformed theway consumersbehave and howthey interact withbrands
  • 45. Consumers are having an" affair” with their smartphones. Mobile is more than an extension of thenetwork becoming an opportunity to develop unique experiences with customers.
  • 46. The future is in consumer hands
  • 47. "That there is an online channel does notmean that retail is not important. The secretto a brands success in any digital platformlies in the consistency of its contents,investment and to be at all the technologicaldevices that audiences are handle. "
  • 48. “Whether physically or throughconnected technologies,shopping is still best experiencesocially ”.PSFK. Future of Retail Report.
  • 49. Gamificationis a new trend all Brands have to consider
  • 50. Digital haschanged the world of branding, and Thebrands need to change with it.
  • 51. THE POST-DIGITAL WORLD – B&B AND B&C Today consumers and businesses are working more actively co- creating brands.Branding in The Post-Digital World. Interbrand.
  • 52. Thedigitalization of brands.
  • 53. “Dividing your brand communicationinto a range of smaller ideas –distributed and shared with participants- is essential to a balancedcommunications mix that achievesbrand growth”.John Grant. Author “The Brand Innovation Manifesto”
  • 54. Now more than ever before theBrands haveto represent a story & identity
  • 55. “Brands that have a strong and clearidentity are better capable of creatingmeaningful and lasting relationships”.Jean-Noël Kapferer
  • 56. “As information and intelligence domainof computers, society will place morevalue on the human ability that can notbe automated: EMOTION. This will affecteverything from our purchasing decisionto how we work with others. Companieswill need to understand that theirproducts are less important than theirstories”.Rolf Jensen. Copenhagen Institute for future studies
  • 57. The digital behaviorallows to listen to what the consumer asks "shouting" The information in the network is a way to lower the cost of innovation and consumer knowledge
  • 58. Brands must listen thecustomer and develop strategies to meet their needs.
  • 59. “Loyalty countsmore and costs less than awareness.”Kristen Sandberg Don´t forget ….
  • 60. This new behavior impliesCOLLABORATION
  • 61. A Quiz ?review of future Brands.
  • 62. Brands should be more transparent,positioning itself as a positive force and creating positive relationships with customers.
  • 63. New reality of Brands… “New Branding” “Old Branding” ü  Participation ü  Image ü  Interactive ü  Passive ü  Emotional Selling ü  Unique Selling Proposition Proposition ü  Brand Utility ü  Brand Benefit ü  Segmented and ü  "One size fits all” personalized ü  Persuasion ü  Co-creation ü  Mass Media ü  Integrated. "Content”
  • 64. The BRAND of SUCCESS in 6 points
  • 65. 1. Great Brand Experience 2. Clear & consistent positioning3. Dynamism and Innovation 4. Authenticity
  • 66. 5. Corporate Culture 6. Social ResponsibilityThe challenge is to find the combination of all theelements that transform the brand into an asset thatdrives sales and increase consumer engagement.
  • 67. The Brands future is...Innovation ConsumerManagement Communication
  • 68. “Your brand isformed primarily not what your company says about itself but what thecompany does”Jeff Bezos. Amazon
  • 69. The future ofmarketing andbrands pass forINNOVATION
  • 70. Brands,marketing andinnovation are the drivers to create value.
  • 71. “You can have the mostinnovative product in existence,but if the experience surroundingthat product or service is flawed.The product becomesirrelevant”.Napkin Labs, Design Taxi.
  • 72. “Bedisruptive… to makethe World a better place”
  • 73. The future ofmarketing & Brands isco-creation
  • 74. “Be the changeyou want to see inthe world”Gandhi
  • 75. ?Questions
  • 76. GRACIAS
  • 77. ContactFernando