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Common Core Learning Day - Fayetteville Free Library


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Presentation delivered by Meredith Levine and Margaret Portier at Common Core Learning Day, held at Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY on May 31st, 2013.

Presentation delivered by Meredith Levine and Margaret Portier at Common Core Learning Day, held at Fayetteville Free Library in Fayetteville, NY on May 31st, 2013.

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  • 1. FFL and theCommon CoreCommon Core Learning Day 2013Meredith LevineDirector of Family EngagementEmail: mlevine@fflib.orgTwitter: @schmoopie517Margaret PortierDirector of InnovativeFamily ServicesEmail: mportier@fflib.orgTwitter: @tophile
  • 2. We all serve youth.
  • 3. Patron ServicesBeing an information hub.
  • 4. Patron Services Develop a pamphlet orhandout with resources forparents. Gold Star indicators on thechildrens collectionsdenoting Common CoreAligned. Our library website will havea Common Core sectionwith resources for parentsand teachers.
  • 5. CollectionsSupporting Common Core
  • 6. Collections - Nonfiction Reallocated budget fornonfiction titles Nonfiction materialsintegrated into displays Shifting to Dewey Hybrid allaround the library Integrating all media Adding new material in thecontent areas to supportSTEM learning Increasing nonfiction graphicnovel offerings
  • 7. Collections - Nonfiction Resources for finding booksthat support Common Core Appendix B School Library Journal EngageNY Corestandards.orgPublishers Criteria Catalogs
  • 8. Collections – Fiction Maintain classics collection Making sure collectionmatches curriculum Increasing the number ofhistorically accurate fictionmaterials Increasing the size of thegraphic novel collection Picture books haveCommon Core Alignedlabels
  • 9. ProfessionalDevelopmentTo keep up with Common Core developments.
  • 10. Professional DevelopmentWebinars by publishers highlightingtheir new nonfictionofferings School Library JournalCommon Core webinarseriesWorkshops NYLA School Librarysection offerings OCM BOCES CommonCore workshops
  • 11. Professional DevelopmentStaff Training – NY statefunded Common Coreinformational site for schoolsand librarians FFL Common Core LearningDayProfessional Journals andOrganizations School Library Journal VOYA Join ProfessionalOrganizations
  • 12. ProgramsTo enrich the Common Core learningexperience.
  • 13. Storytime ELA Shift 1 BalancingEducational Literacy Text ELA Shift 3 Staircase ofComplexity ELA Shift 6 AcademicVocabulary 5 Storytimes per week Ages 0-1 Ages 1-2 Ages 2-3 Ages 4-5 Musical Family Storytime Early Literacy Skills iPads Music, Movement &Repetition Creating life long libraryusers
  • 14. Murder Mystery in the Library Winter Break Program forschool aged children Evaluation of evidence Handwritten notes, videointerrogations, actualcrime scene clues Comprehend informationand critique ELA Shift 4 Text Based Answers ELA Shift 5 Writing from Sources ELA Shift 6 Academic Vocabulary
  • 15. STEAMPunk Club Shift 1 Balancinginformational and literary text Shift 2 Knowledge in thedisciplines Math Shift 2 Coherence• Each month sponsored bya steampunk YA novel• Book discussion• Hands on projects• Hot air balloons• Salt water and airbatteries• Wind turbines• Takeapart• Skeletons• Rockets
  • 16. Creation Club ELA Shift 2 Knowledge in thedisciplines Math Shift 5 Application Afterschool club for middleschool aged students Each month there is aworkshop teaching a newskill or use of technology inthe Creation Lab Club Creations are sharedon the library website andsocial media outlets
  • 17. LEGO Robotics Math Shift 5 Application Math Shift 6 Dual Intensity College and CareerReadiness Use Technologyand Digital MediaStrategically and Capably First LEGO League Mission:LEGO
  • 18. Extreme Weather Local TV meteorologisttalked about meteorologyand television broadcasting Used green screen wall tomake kids intoWeathercasters ELA Shift 2 Knowledge in theDisciplines ELA Shift 6 Academic Vocabulary College and Career Readiness UseTechnology and Digital MediaStrategically and Capably
  • 19. Takeapart Tuesday ELA Shift 2 Knowledge in theDisciplines ELA Shift 6 AcademicVocabulary Math Shift 5 Application Community donatedbroken and usedtechnology Bring Your Own Tool event Patrons work together totake apart the machinesand figure out how theyworked
  • 20. More ProgramsNow Make Your Own Book Minecraft Smartplay 3D Printer Certification Teen VolunteersSummer Young Scientists MOST Museum (OCPL) Zoo to You (OCPL) Maker Mondays Kids Can Cook LEGO Angry Birds
  • 21. What’s Next?Questions?
  • 22. Resources
  • 23. Thank you!For further information or to schedule an FFL Innovation Tourplease contact:Susan ConsidineExecutive