Choosing a wedding venue


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Choosing a wedding venue

  1. 1. Merchant Taylors’
  2. 2. Your special day Selecting the venue to hold your special day can be a tricky decision because the consequences are so big. Your wedding day should be a special day and the venue should ideally represent this. Many women have dreamed about their wedding day since they were young which makes it far more vital that you choose the right wedding venue.Merchant Taylors’ 2
  3. 3. What type of venue? The wedding venue naturally has a tremendous influence on your special day. It is thus vital that you pick the best wedding venue. Whilst it should not depend upon cost, cost is having said that a huge factor that needs to be thought about as weddings can be pretty costly. In order to choose a venue, you really need to decide what the venue is for. Some couples hold the dinner and the reception at a venue but have the wedding ceremony in a church. Other couples however prefer to have the civil service at the same venue which means getting a venue with a ceremony license.Merchant Taylors’ 3
  4. 4. Church weddings Church weddings are the most popular and so the majority of the time, you just need to search for a venue to host the reception. Quite often people have a church in mind so the venue that you decide to host the wedding reception will very much depend on the church. While many couples like to have a church wedding, others choose to have a non-church wedding. If youd like to have a civil wedding, you have to find a licensed wedding venue. The benefit here is that you can pick the setting of your ceremony and minimal travelling is required.Merchant Taylors’ 4
  5. 5. Venue size An important element when selecting a wedding venue is the size of the venue. Usually, the price of the venue increases as the size of the venue increases and as a result youll need to be conscious of this but youll need to keep in mind that generally the bigger venues are much more comfy. Dinner at a wedding is traditional. It’s where the embarrassing speeches happen and where the wedding venue can really make the biggest difference. The standard of the food is obviously important but so is the setting of the wedding venue has a major effect. It is where your guests have the chance to speak to each other and appreciate the day.Merchant Taylors’ 5
  6. 6. Entertainment The evening’s entertainment is extremely important. Nearly all couples choose to have a band and a dance floor and therefore need a fairly large venue. The dance floor can either be in the main room or a room nearby. The important thing is to find a venue which can house a dance floor with the minimum disruption, obviously if the dance floor is in the main room; the room needs to be big enough to accommodate both a dance floor and the tables for the wedding breakfast.Merchant Taylors’ 6
  7. 7. Price The price of the venue is usually the deciding factor for many. Despite the fact that your big day should really be a special day and it should be affordable. This might mean lowering the number of guests or selecting a smaller venue.Merchant Taylors’ 7
  8. 8. Are you looking for a wedding venue? Give Merchant Taylors’ a call 020 7450 4459 Taylors’ 8