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Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
Think beyond plastic technology 20130310
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Think beyond plastic technology 20130310


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Slides for the Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Competition from DA.AI Technology (Taiwan)

Slides for the Think Beyond Plastic Innovation Competition from DA.AI Technology (Taiwan)

Published in: Technology
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  • Team Name: What is your organization’s name, contact info, name and title of primary contact? Include a one-sentence description of what your company does.
  • What specific problem are you tackling? We know you’re helping solve plastic pollution, but which part of it, specifically? Persuasively describe what you’re targeting.
  • How does your product solve the problem you described? Explain your value proposition and how your impact will be measurable. For this slide, focus on being persuasive, rather than technical.
  • How does your company make money? Who are your customers and how do they find your product? – check overseas stores no.
  • Tell us about your technology. How does it work, and what resources does it require? Diagrams may be more helpful than text here.
  • What is your marketing and sales strategy? Describe how you will reach your target audience and customers. What channels will you use, and what are the approximate costs?
  • Who are your competitors? Better to be thorough than narrow: We want to see that you’ve done your homework. Focus on why you’re good instead of why your competitors are bad.
  • Who’s on your team? What experience do they bring? Describe your management and, if applicable, board of directors, advisors and investors.
  • Financials: What is your projected revenue three and five years out? How many customers do you expect to have then, and at what conversion rate? What startup capital do you need? Have you raised any money through friends, family or angels? How long will that money will last, and when will you need to raise your next round? Financial forecasts are, by nature, guesses, but we need to see your thinking behind them.
  • Sustainability: Explain how your company is ecologically sound. What action are you taking to build sustainability into both the production of your product and operations of your company?
  • What is your current status? Any accomplishments to date you’d like to mention? What’s on your timeline for the near future? If you win the $50,000 First Prize, how will you use the investment?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Environmental Protection ・ Technology ・ Humanitarian CultureExtending Article’s Life by Bringing New Life to Plastic Wastes, and Promoting Environmental Education Dr. Ting Hung DA.AI Technology Co. Ltd./Head of RD Department No. 63, 2F, Zhouzi St, Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11493 TEL: (886)2-2657-5245 # 1902 FAX: (886)2-8751-3450 EMAIL:, Website:, 1
    • 2. Our Green MissionFact: According to Taiwan EPA (2010), Taiwanese consume 4.5 billion PET bottles and 18billion plastic bags each year !Our green mission: DA.AI Technology, with the concept of‘Coexisting with the Earth’, aims to reduce the amount of these accumulated plastic wastes (PET bottles and plastic bags), and use them as the raw materials in Waste PET bottles producing textile products and oil respectively. most importantly, through telling the stories of our products, to educate people to be environmentally conscious. to convey our concept of: It is not to encourage consumption, but to promote the importance of using alternatives, and cherishing things in our daily lives. Waste fabrics Waste plastic bagsOur target: To achieve a sustainable zero-waste Cradle to Cradle (C2C) manufacturing closed-loop process.Our ultimate goal: To encourage and inspire more businesses, organizations, industry leaders and thegeneral public to join our efforts in cherishing and protecting our Mother Earth and giving back to society. 2
    • 3. DA.AI Eco Brand Meaning ‘Great Love’ in ChineseDA.AI Tech. serves as an educational platform promoting green livings, as well as an integrating platform Incinerated Landfilled combining the efforts from individuals and entrepreneurs to Dumped at seas recycle and reuse the resources.A) All DA.AI eco textile products have: In 2010, the global bottled water High purity, are safe to use. consumption was about 237 billion L No piece dyeing (original color of bottles/dope-dyed). ≈ 6.85 million tons of waste non- Mostly 90-100% of recycled material content (50% as degradable PET plastic! the min., and 100% as the goal). (Ref.:Zenith International, 76 countries) Production History Card – allows our customers to understand our green technology. If landfilled QR Code – moving stories of our volunteers, thus inspiring = Emitting 0.27 million tons of CO2e; customers to apply recycling in daily lives. If incineratedThus DA.AI Brand is, eco, educational & humanitarian. = Emitting 8.49 million tons of CO2e. B) Pyrolysis oil from waste plastic bags (upcycling): However, if recycled and processed Good quality into chips for textiles = Can be used to replace boiler fuel oil Saving 7.59 million tons of CO2e !! Potential to replace diesel fuel *As compared with using virgin materials (Ref.: Calculated using WARM, USEPA) 3
    • 4. Eco Products and Stores Eco Products: Blankets, Garments, Bags, T-shirts, Coats,Stores in Taiwan Scarves, Daily supplies7 DA.AI Eco Concept Stores47 DA.AI Service Booths (in Tzu Chi Jing Si Halls, Tzu Chi Offices, Tzu Chi Hospitals)50 Jingsi Book Stores (To sell DA.AI classic eco products)Stores Overseas1 DA.AI Eco Concept Stores in China9 Jingsi Book Stores (To sell DA.AI classic eco products in USA, China, Dominican Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, DA.AI’s Eco Products are all derived from recycled PET bottles, Australia, Hong Kong and Philippines) which are collected, treated and sorted by 76,000 volunteers in Taiwan. Tzu Chi followers (about 4 millions), members and environmental E-Shop protectors all over the world who recognize the concept and values of DA.AI, are our potential customers. (Taiwan) DA.AI has organized more than 280 presentations, exhibitions and events to educate and promote our environmental concepts and eco products. (China) KIOSK DA.AI APP (under construction) 4
    • 5. Our TechnologyTechnology 1 (mature): To use waste bottles as the raw materials for textile products This technology is now in the mature stage, producing eco textile products and sustaining our company. Nearly 160 tons of PET bottles are recycled at the 5413 recycling stations in Taiwan, 76,000 volunteers each month. Re-sorting De-capping Removing bottle Cutting into flakes Washing of flakes waste bottles rings Chips from Textile products Yarn Granulation waste fabrics Recycling of waste fabrics Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Closed-Loop ProcessTechnology 2 (bench scale): To use waste plastic bags as the raw materials for oil production It is now in the experimental stage (bench scale, 20 kg/h). Nearly 2.8 million plastic bags are recycled at the 5413 recycling stations in Taiwan, 76,000 volunteers each month. Breaking up Re-sorting waste plastic bags (about 1 cm) Feeding Pyrolysis process ‘Plastic’ oil 5
    • 6. Marketing and Sales StrategyDomestic and international exhibitions in 2012:• 38 oversea exhibitions Tzu Chi Recycling• 9 domestic exhibitions Supply Chains StationsSeminars:• 183 presentations• 54 eco product promoting activitiesRunaway shows:• 2 large-scale runway shows Business to Business to Business• 10 small-scale runway shows Customer B2B B2CCross-industry alliances:• 4 business alliances Physical Virtual Semi- channel channel Products manufacturedMedia: products• Quarterly Journals named “Green Bodhi” • •APP • • • • Tzu• Magazines, DVD ns statio ce Servi s store ept conc Eco- orate Corp es offic Chi k Kios ites Webs Bra nd• Photography• EDM marketing• Online marketing It cost approximately US$100 thousand dollars forDA.AI Eco concept stores promotion events in 2012. 6
    • 7. The Market of our textile products Company Taiwans brand A Japans brand B DA.AIName items Time to market 2008 2007 2003 Market share (%) 99 0.06 0.27 Functional recycled PET yarn and Market segmentation 100% recycled PET end products Functional recycled PET yarn recycled PET textiles yarn Marketing channel Eco brand supplier ODM ODM 1. Controls the source and the quality of raw 1. Uses chemical methods on 1. Uses chemical methods on the materials on its own, achieving more energy the recycled PET bottles to recycled PET bottles to achieve savings and carbon emission reduction achieve quality stability and quality stability and functionality. through physical melting technology. functionality. 2. Develops a wide range ofTechnology advantage 2. High (90-100%) recycled polyester content 2. Develops a wide range of applications from the functional increases the feasibility of re-processing of applications from the yarn. the waste PET textiles. functional yarn. 1. High purity of raw materials. 1.Has a wealth of production 1.Has a wealth of production 2. Non piece-dyed as the goal. experience. experience. Controlling of key 3. High (90-100%) recycled polyester content, 2.Produces a variety of 2.Produces a variety of functional components with 50% as the min and 100% as the goal. functional recycled PET yarns. recycled PET yarns. 1. Obtains good quality of eco-friendly Limited to the use of chemical Limited to the use of chemical Quality advantage products through the control of raw materials. methods to meet customer methods to meet customer 2. High yield rate. demands. demands. 7
    • 8. Our Story & Team Volunteers are the source of strength for changing the world in the 21st century Tzu Chi International Humanitarian Aid Association (TIHAA) was formed out of the compassion of Dharma Master Cheng Yen, the founder of Tzu Chi Foundation (the largest non-profit charity organization in Chinese- 2003 speaking world) in view of the massive destruction to the earth by human beings, which causes natural disasters. Master instructed her disciples to research and develop products which can be used in international relief missions. Looking at the adverse impact of non-biodegradable plastic bottles, the head of TIHAA, Walter Huang, started to 2006 gather vendors to set up assembly lines producing eco-friendly textile products using recycled plastic bottles. After Master’s approval, Walter Huang, James Lee, and three other entrepreneurs then established DA.AI 2008 Technology Co. Ltd., aiming to solve the environmental problem and promote environmental education. Board of directors: Tzu Chi Foundation ( Director: Walter Huang – Also the President of Texma International Co. Ltd., AND a happy volunteer who helps tirelessly in international relief missions. Executive director: James Lee – Also the Vice President of Kee Yeh Co., Ltd., AND a volunteer executive director at DA.AI Tech.These groups of entrepreneur volunteers have their own business or career to manage, and at the same time are committed to Tzu Chi as volunteers. The main objectives of these entrepreneur volunteers are to combine both charity and Director, Walter Executive Director, Huang helping in James Lee sharing environmental protection. international relief experience with young mission generationWe also have a group of dedicated volunteers who recycle and re-sort wastes for DA.AI to use as the raw materials for production. Currently we have 76,000 volunteers around Taiwan. 8
    • 9. Financials Type of company: Self-Sustaining Social Enterprise Name of brand: DA.AI Number of employees: 98 Major products: Eco textile-related products (chips/pellets, yarns, fabrics, garments, bags etc.) DA.AI hopes to inspire more businesses, organizations, industry leaders and the general public to form a Cycle of Love 100% net proceeds donated 5,413 recycling stations DA.AI Tech. & to domestic/international relief 76,000 volunteers business partners and charityStartup capital and projected revenue: In 2008, five entrepreneurs equally invested 91.6 Revenue (million US $) 30 million New Taiwan (NT) dollars (≈ US $3.1 25 million) in total, and founded DA.AI Technology, 20 the first green, socially responsible enterprise in 15 Taiwan, which contributes entirely to the society. 10 As seen in the figure, the revenue growth 5 rate increased exponentially in the first few years since its establishment (2008-2012). 0 We project that in the next three years (2013-2015), 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Year DA.AI’s revenue would be exponentially increased at a growth rate of 20-30%. 9
    • 10. SustainabilityCradle to Cradle® closed-loop system Production History Card Transformation of waste plastic bagsDevelopment of new functions for eco-fabrics Ventilation and moisture absorption Technology Product • Traces back to the sources of material • Allows users to understand the making Cooling and heating process and production time QR Code-Stories of EP Volunteers Good elasticity Allows users to 84% energy savings, and • realize how small powers can be 77% carbon emission gathered to affect the Earth’s future reduction • be inspired and apply recycling in Operation daily lives Emphasis on sharing and environmental education Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility • More than 280 programs organized each year • Values corporate interest, the interests of employees, customers and shareholders Professional certifications and recognitions • Cares for social and ecological interests • Recognitions with 13 certifications and 11 awards 10
    • 11. Achievements and Timeline Short-term strategy: International and Domestic Recognitions: Enhancing our technologies: Improve the functionality of products. Further reduce carbon and plastic footprints. Obtaining certification and authentication for our Control Union GRS TÜV Rheinland Group Recycled Material Product Water Footprint processes. Achieving an industrial scale of producing oil from Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) waste plastic bags, in order to replace the use of fossil Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM Silver fuel. EPATÜV Rheinland Group Taiwan Green Mark Providing more education and exchange programs for Recycled Material the general public. Forming an alliance with individuals, schools, Ministry of Economic TÜV Rheinland Group Taiwan Textile Research businesses and industrial leaders for protecting the Institute Affairs (MOEA) Product Carbon National-standard for environment. M.I.T. Green Product Footprint textile products Long-term goal:DA.AI’s Resource Recovery Statistics 2009~2012 Become a global role model in the environmental industry. Recycled 254 million PET bottles If we won the $50,000 Prize…  First, we would invest in building a demo pyrolysis Saved 4 million L of oil unit for converting waste plastic bags into useful oil, for use in various industries in place of fossil fuel use. Reduced 16 million kg of CO2-e  Second, we would develop functional RE-PET chips to maximize the value of recycled resources. Saved 686 million L of water 11