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CRS Project

  1. 1. The Corporate Reporting Service Project Brendan Fawcett Planning Office University of
  2. 2. Corporate Reporting Service Project• Establish a fit for purpose reporting service for our management information, built to industry standards• Governance structure to monitor, improve and develop the reporting service• Training and information to enable existing and new users to exploit the reporting service
  3. 3. Business Objects• Main reporting tool covering: – SITS (student report) – Facility CMIS (timetabling) – Kinetics (RACS conference booking) – SDE (ITS Service Desk) – PAMS (Accommodation Management) – HR Statistics – Blackboard – Financial data
  4. 4.
  5. 5. So what do we need to do• Install the latest version of Business Objects• Migrate users across (and provide training)• Establish governance structure - management group to prioritise developments• Use the migration process to: – Catalogue and tidy reports – Ensure that we set up an appropriate security model for users
  6. 6. Working Group• Catalogue the existing MI content• Define “Best Practice” guidelines for report development and provision• Define MI reporting service (access to data, specific reporting tools, processes)• Undertake a gap analysis• Make recommendations to the Project Board about work that should be completed before the migration of horizontal users
  7. 7. So what does this mean for me?• Vertical: – ITS Service (SDE) – RACS (Kinetics / PAMS) – Blackboard• Unsure – HR Statistics• Lateral: – SITS (student report) – Facility CMIS (timetabling) – Some Financial data
  8. 8. Demo catalogue - What we’ve done so far
  9. 9. An example catalogue entry for a reportField InformationTitle SITS-BO-00005 DL Admissions Tracking ReportBusiness Area AdmissionsPath Departmental UsersAdmissionsDistance LearningAdmissionsAuthor ajg38Date Last Modified 16/06/2011Business Contact Sophie ChattawayData Sources UoL User-Driven UniverseFormat Webi Ability to monitor the progress of applicants through the Admissions process (including when and how they applied, whichDescription supporting documents have been received and which are outstanding, view details of their offer and whether or not they have made a fee payment).Prompts EntryYear, Occurance, MASCode
  10. 10. Some questions about cataloguing: – Do you need anything else? – What level of description is needed? – Do you need further business contact details? – Are the prompts useful? – What should the next steps be? – Would anyone be willing to help look through and approve descriptions of reports that we are keeping?
  11. 11. Other Questions• How best do we involve people in your department or area in this project?• What future working group sessions do we need to run? Who else do we need to invite?• Who should be involved in report writing best practice?• Any thoughts on how best to run the Gap Analysis? Who would like to be involved?
  12. 12. Any Questions / Feedback?