Expert Australian Open tennis betting tips & how to bet on the Australian Open guide


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Favourit's expert Australian Open tennis betting tips guide gives you free information to help improve your betting. We also explain about how to bet on the Australian Open, the history of tennis, some useful stats and live scores sites and information about tennis betting markets. Favourit is the social betting site that gives you a better way to bet and improve your odds.

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Expert Australian Open tennis betting tips & how to bet on the Australian Open guide

  1. 1. Australian Open Tennis Betting Tips & Guide © Favourit 2013.
  2. 2. Mens Australian Open Winners Players tend to have a winning streak in tournaments. n%27s_Singles
  3. 3. Womens Australian Open Winners Serena Williams has won 5 Australian Open slams since 2003 and could be back as a favourite in 2013. Reference: mpions
  4. 4. Australian Open Betting • The Australian Open is held from January 14th for two weeks in Melbourne Australia • The Australian Open is split in two. You can bet on Mens Australian Open and bet on Womens Australian Open tournaments. • There are a massive range of betting markets including: – Who’ll win the match? – Who’ll win the first set? Second set? – Who’ll score the most aces? • The Australian Open offers both pre-match and live betting.
  5. 5. Australian Open Stats & Insight • Important Australian Open tennis stats we recommend you look for: – Current seeding – where is the player seeded and how long have they held that position? – Last Australian Open finish – where did this player finish in the last Australian Open competition? – Last 5 match record – is the player on a streak, and have they played a number of games in a row that may tire them out? – Head to head record – what is the player’s track record of winning or losing against the other player? – Overall finish of last games – what is the average winning ratio this team tends to have? – Live scores at specific periods – what is this player’s style, do they come out hard to tend to catch up towards the end of the game? • Check out our expert Australian Open betting preview on Favourit
  6. 6. Top Tennis Players • There are hundreds of tennis players you can bet on but here are a number of the top players: – – – – – – – – Bet on Novak Djokovic Bet on Andy Murray Bet on Roger Federer Bet on Rafael Nadal Bet on Victoria Azarenka Bet on Li Na Bet on Maria Sharapova Bet on Serena Williams
  7. 7. Favourit Australian Open Leaderboard Follow and copy expert tennis punters on the tennis leaderboard
  8. 8. Other Tennis Championships • There are heaps of slams and tournaments you can bet on including: – Grand Slams: • • • • Bet on the Australian Open Bet on Wimbledon Bet on the US Open Bet on the French Open – Bet on the ATP World Tour – Bet on the WTA Tour • There’s also plenty of tennis betting markets you can bet on. – – – – • Who’ll win the match? Who will win the first set? What will the winning margin be? Who’ll score first? You can also bet on the go for tennis using a mobile betting app.
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