Betting tips: how to improve your betting


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If you're looking to try find out the basics of sports betting, including where you can get expert betting tips, have a read through this simple presentation on betting.

We've put together some thoughts on key betting terms, betting stats, sources of good information and a little bit of info about Favourit, the social sports betting network.

If you want more info or want to find expert betting tips, join Favourit.

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Betting tips: how to improve your betting

  1. 1. EXPERT BETTING TIPS© Favourit
  2. 2. Do you bet on sport and want to improve yourwin rate?Favourit’s the smartest social sports bettingnetwork. Copy the betting experts and winprizes in leaderboard competitions.Join Favourit – it’s free. © Agility Interactive 2011
  3. 3. Learn the Betting Basics• Sports betting can be a fun and rewarding addition to a sports game.• There’s heaps of sports you can bet on: – NBA, Premier league, AFL, NFL, NRL and even politics• Once you know what sport you want to bet on, you’ll have plenty of markets to consider including: – Who’ll win the match? – What will the winning margin be? – Who’ll score first? – What’ll be the first half outcome? – Will there be overtime? – Will the final score be over / under a certain number of points?• There’s loads of sports betting information available, but much is rubbish!• This is a simply basic overview of sports betting. © Agility Interactive 2011
  4. 4. Understand Betting Odds• To start with, betting odds are probably the most important part of the betting game.• Odds can be decimal (ie. $1.20) or fractional (ie. 10/2) depending on your country.• Each competitor in a market will be given odds that the bookmaker sets (show below).• Note. Odds will change depending on the level of money bet on a team and the bookmakers risk position.Example of odds displayed on below: © Agility Interactive 2011
  5. 5. Understand Betting Odds• Betting odds don’t just reflect what the potential likely outcome of a game, they reflect the way the bookmaker prices the event (which may not include a bias).• Take into account the key points below for a market with two competitors (ie. A Head to Head market) – Odds far apart (ie. <$1.50 vs $3+) – generally these games play out as expected, hence the low potential return on the favourite. – Odds close together (ie. $1.70 - $1.90 either way) – these games provide much better value and generally offer great value if you can pick a winner.• Keep your eye out for sources that provide betting tips like Favourit. © Agility Interactive 2011
  6. 6. Basic Terminology of BettingTerm DefinitionSports bet This is a wager that is placed on an outcome. The wager is based on your stake, and is multiplied by the odds to provide a potential return.Odds This is the price you will received if the probability that something will occur happens.Fixed odds This is the fixed price you will receive if you bet with a bookmaker as opposed to a “TOTE”, where you bet into a pool with other customers.Betting tips These are tips provided by betting experts and those that read form guides to provide helpful information about potential outcomes. Betting tips are available from experts on www.favourit.comSingle bets This is a bet that is placed which is dependent on one outcome only.Multi bets This is a bet that combines multiple bets together to increase the odds payable if the outcomes occur (ie. Team A wins in Match 1 and Team B wins in match 2). © Agility Interactive 2011
  7. 7. Key Betting Stats• There are plenty of key betting stats available on the web which can help you improve your betting: – Last 5 game record streaks – is the team on a streak, and have they played a number of games in a row that may tire them out? – Head to head team record – is the team they’re playing currently ranked higher or lower? Have they a track record of winning or losing against them? – Overall points finish of last games – what is the average winning ratio this team tends to have? – Live scores at specific periods – where does this team tend to sit at half time? – Key players who’re out – are any key players out with injury?• If you want to get access to these betting stats, they’re free on Favourit. © Agility Interactive 2011
  8. 8. Favourit Leaderboard You can copy thesebetting experts as they place real and virtual bets on Favourit © Agility Interactive 2011
  9. 9. More Betting Tips Info:Betting Expert.comChampions Picks.comInformed Betting.comBetting Tips on Favourit © Agility Interactive 2011