Bet on cricket? Learn cricket betting tips here.


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If you're looking to improve your betting on cricket, take a look at our simple presentation that outlines key stats, indicators and betting markets you can consider when betting on cricket.

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  • There has been a lot of crackdown on illegal betting in countries such as India but the situation is not the same as far as online cricket betting is concerned. This is one of the easiest options available to get a piece of the action as you can bet from local to international matches as per your convenience. If you do not follow much of international cricket and want to put down some money on county matches, it is very much possible to do so online. There are various sites that offer to provide cricket betting services to its patrons.

    Having said that, you should not get too excited after taking seeing all the various options available for online cricket betting. Spread betting has been in the news lately at times even for the wrong reasons. But, spread betting is certainly the most profitable option available to the betters currently. You should be able to find the spread betting options once you are on any cricket betting website. However, this may not be the best option especially if you are completely new to betting. Sticking to the traditional methods of betting for a team win or loss may suit you more in this case.
    Another alternative to you if you are new to betting is looking to get cricket betting tips from other expert bettors. If you are unsure on which team to bet on to in the matches or which bet provides the most value, having someone give you these tips might be a better and more comforting option. You can try out a service like the Cricket Tipster. He sends out his cricket tips to your email well in advance of the game and you simply place your bet at your favorite bookmaker. Check out
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Bet on cricket? Learn cricket betting tips here.

  1. 1. CRICKET BETTING TIPS© Favourit
  2. 2. Bet on cricket and want to improve your game?Favourit lets you copy the cricket bettingexperts and win prizes in leaderboardcompetitions.Cricket Betting on Favourit
  3. 3. Cricket Betting Basics• There are three main types of cricket games played: – Test Match Cricket – multiple days usually 5 days – One Day Series – often International competitions – Twenty20 Cricket – short, fast paced day games – Other series include: • Indian Premier League • Twenty20 Big Bash (AUS) • ICC World Cup Cricket• There’s also plenty of cricket betting markets you can bet on. – Who’ll win the match? – Who will score the most runs? – Which team will have the highest opening partnership?
  4. 4. Cricket Stats & Insight• There’s loads of important cricket stats we recommend you look for when betting on cricket: – Teams last match performance – how did they play in their last game in the same series? – Pitch condition – what is the condition of the ground, pitch and weather? – Key player stats – are any key players out? – Overall strength of bowling and batting – is there a key strength or weakness you can see?• Check out cricket betting tips on Favourit
  5. 5. Previous Cricket World Cup Winners The Australian Cricket team has had a strong winning streak in the International Cricket Competitions.Reference:
  6. 6. Favourit Cricket Leaderboard Follow and copyCricket betting tips and picks from the cricket experts
  7. 7. Check Out: Betting Tips on Favourit