Mary loses her teeth


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Instructional story for kids about oral hygiene. Includes vocabulary and comprehension questions. (In English)

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Mary loses her teeth

  1. 1. ries 2011; Ouaga 2011-2012 2
  2. 2. Recette de Pou Nime leaves Salt Baking soda Clean and dry the leaves. When the burn them until all that is left is spoonful of baking soda and a pinc toothbrush or a branch and clean yo Rinse your mouth well with water wh to swallow the powder.
  3. 3. and Expressions mouth (teeth, tongue, gums) can happen if you do not brush fall out when the child gets older ce them mouth with your teeth circle ressions are in italics in the text. on Questions k at the beginning of the story? of your teeth well? Is good oral y not? teeth? And if you don’t have ? ce? Why did her father take her to re harmful to your dental health? Two days later, she is eating gr She feels a small movement in h and when she opens it, her tooth her hand. She cries for her father “Papa, Papa! I’m sick! I’m losing Papa! Take me to the health clinic r Her father quiets her. “Calm down It’s a normal part of childhood.” M child has “baby teeth” that fall out w
  4. 4. elp a child eat and talk. When that aby teeth, and teeth that are bigger r. Since you are no longer a baby, are appearing. But you must un- ygiene! Go and collect a lot of Ni- w to care for your teeth.” After that day, Mary brushes her when her friends tease her. Slowl giene is very important. They beg and brush their teeth several times
  5. 5. you don’t take care of your th, you are going to have lth problems your whole life. It necessary to brush your teeth er every meal and before ng to bed; and you won’t get k this way again. “ er told me, but I did not ow that it is very impor- my teeth. Thank you, doc- Mary obeys Nime she h and p “My daughter, teeth are a very important part of the body. There are many people in our village who will tell you differently. But what they say is not true. Oral
  6. 6. ry gets up and her father is wai- places the dry leaves in a metal fire in the bowl and the leaves ring for teeth is expensive. Even or toothpaste, all you need is so- rn the leaves in a bowl. When all mix in a spoonful of baking soda finger or a branch in the mixture eth well. Then you rinse the pow- llow the ash.” They go to the clinic. The cavity. Since Mary has ig weeks, the tooth is infect “Mary, you must take care very important for your ove
  7. 7. et up in the morning and her in bed. “My daughter, what’s well. I think I have a fever.” health clinic right away,” says In order to brush your teeth, you from Nime leaves and somethin branch or your finger). Apply th brushing utensil. Brush your top vertical and circular movements. teeth as well as your gums and to “When you feel like your teeth ar you go out and would like to clean of a Nime tree. Like I said yeste after every meal and before going “I understand, Papa,” responds Mar
  8. 8. The next day, Mary goes out with her friends. They eat a plate of foufou together at noon. After the meal, Mary finds a Nime branch and starts chewing on it to clean her teeth. sk at It th ng a- k? th, so ep Mary thinks about her friends’ w She decides to ignore her fathe teeth anymore. In the next few months, Mary’s father notices that his daughter is not following his advice. He asks her if she conti- nues to brush her teeth. “Yes, Papa, every day like you told me to.” Her fa- ther knows she is lying, but says nothing.