Brick kiln industry


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  • Intro – Tertiary Industry
  • Brick kiln industry

    1. 1. Environnent of Pakistan Presented By: Iqbal House
    2. 2. Brick KILN INDUSTRY
    3. 3. A brief Introduction: The Brick Kiln Industry is an important small scale industry of Pakistan, it provides employment to people in rural areas where agriculture is not enough to sustain all the people
    4. 4. The Process InvolvedInput:  Raw Materials: Clay and water  Power: Mainly from Coal  Labour: Children and Afghan Refugees + =
    5. 5. Process1) Mixing of Clay with
    6. 6. Process2) Moulding of Clay into
    7. 7. Process3) Drying of Clay in Sunlight
    8. 8. Process4) Keeping in fired clay for baking and giving Strength
    9. 9. ..and the output Bricks
    10. 10. Uses of Brick Kiln IndustryUsed in Construction
    11. 11. Uses of Brick Kiln Industry Lining of canals
    12. 12. Uses of Brick Kiln Industry Making of Sewerage Drains..
    13. 13. Effects on Environment of Brick Klin Industry• The heavy smoke particles containing CO2, SO2 and other harmful gases lead to air pollution and further leading to environmental hazards such as acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion.• Acid rain and Ozone depletion results into health hazards and diseases such as skin cancer.• The trees are cut down in order to obtain wood required to burn bricks. This results in heavy deforestation and it makes the soil infertile. Agricultural land is reducing in the areas near brick kiln fields.• The waste is being dumped into rivers and it has lead to water pollution with many marine species in danger.
    14. 14. Effects on Environment of Brick Klin Industry Deforestation
    15. 15. Solutions…• Measures to ask brick kiln owners to convert to natural gas from traditional methods, thus reducing large scale deforestation• The chimney of these Kilns should be high so that it reduces the degree of pollution, and reduces the vunarabitly of harmful diseases such as asthma and Lung Cancer• People should use masks while working in Brick Kilns to avoid inhaling dangerous chemicals• Clean and efficient coal technologies should be used where coal is pre- treated for complete combustion• Smoke should be filtered before it leaves the chimneys
    16. 16. Questions…• What are the locations where brick kiln industries can be found in Pakistan?• What is the importance of brick kiln industry to Pakistan?• What are the major inputs to the production of brick kilns?• Why should brick kilns be strong and resistant enough to tolerate high temperatures and be very hard and firm?• What threats does the Brick Kiln Industry pose to the Enviroment? Move on: The Ending Note
    17. 17. The Ending NoteI would like to thank the Iqbal House Group members for their dedicationand hard work, I really could not have done it without you guys.• Noman and Farooq for showing their interest but doing nothing• Usman for doing everything but not bothering to deliver it, the internet always becomes a victim to a cruel joke.• For Abdul Hai for doing such a great job by copying an pasting work from different websites, I am sure that would have been a TREMENDOUS effort from your part :D• To Ahmed, the loadshedding finally paid off, thankyou for sending your work at 11 o’clock at night, it warms my heart• And a sincere thankyou to Saad Shakeel for showing interest and submitting a great input by time From Your ELECTED and CHOSEN Group Leader