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English task (raja ampat)

  1. 1. 2013ENGLISH TASK Fauzany Azkia Nabila IX C 2/12/2013
  2. 2. Raja Ampat Island Raja Ampat is very charming. The area occupied by thousands of species of coral and it shall bepreserved. The Raja Ampat islands is located in West Papua, Indonesia “Bird’s Head Seascape,” lies inthe heart of the coral triangle, the most bio-diverse marine region on earth. The Real Wonder of TheWorld that has set the Raja Ampat Island as one of the wonders of the world on December 13, 2012 RajaAmpat islands has 610 islands (only 35 islands are inhabited). pin entry fee Raja Ampat region of Rp250,000 per person . Conditions of Raja Ampat is very unique and different because it has the structureof endemic land, marine biodiversity, coastal ecology, and culture. This beauty is perfect with thetradition and local wisdom. Some activities we can do in the Raja Ampat Islands, Such as: Diving and Snorkeling Cape Kri is one of the most famous dive spot because this is the only point where you can dosnorkeling and diving . Because the biological wealth of the region can be seen only from a few feetbelow sea level. Understandably, this place has 1024 species of fish, 537 species of coral, 699 species ofmolluscs, and 5 species of sea turtles are endangered rare.Among the fish species that can be seen in the Cape Kri is: nudibranchs, groupers, reef sharks,sea stars, snapper, angelfish, and nemo fish (like those in the movie Finding Nemo) or
  3. 3. ornamental fish known as the clown fish Indonesia. besides there are diving spots such asTanjung Kri, Cross Wreck, Gam island, Fam island, Dampier Gulf, Farondi island, and Waigeo. Birdwatching Cenrdawasih In the breeding season, cendrawasih male birds will make a move like dance to attract females.Things liked and enjoyed by all the people is what makes the villagers to help preserve and not to pursuetheir paradise in the jungle. Isaiah were successfully mapped a place this beautiful bird of paradise birdspemandau monitoring, especially when the attraction of the iconic bird dancing Papua. For travelersthat enjoy dance cenderwasih Manjai Sawinggarai must climb the hill for about 30 minutes.Unfortunately, this attraction can not be watched all the time because the birds just dancing in themorning around 07.00 WIT until 09:00 and in the afternoon around 16:00 until 17:00 WIT. Hiking a great place to hiking is at the Wayag islands. we can hike for 30 minutes and see the beauty of theislands from above. You will see small rocks that extend in the clear blue sea. Clear sky like an umbrellathat keeps the peace nan deserted island. Karst cliffs that stand like fungus irregular sizes vary. Itsunimaginable beauty. Wayag Island is a must-see destination. your holiday to Raja Ampat incompletewithout visiting to the wayag island. For photography enthusiasts, the beauty of the landscape Wayagbe missed. From any angle, this looks beautiful island. Plus a random arrangement of karst lake thatlooks like velvet really tempting your camera lens. Buying some craft Typical of Papua Such as pig tusks, bags, necklaces, masks, hats, etc Culinery Tourism Papeda is Papua food for rice substitute. When is eaten, do not forget to pour ikan kuah kuning.This will allow you swallow chewy Papeda so no stop at the throat. Some people even eat Papeda moreunique ways of using two fingers in the thumb and index finger and brought it to our mouths. Papedathat looks like the glue is a bit difficult to chew. Once inside the mouth, he would have immediatelyswallowed. Anyway, Papeda will be more delicious if eaten while still warm. The Famous Place Wayag Islands The most popular activities you can do at Wayag is climbing the cliff for 30 minutes and see thebeauty of the islands from above. You will see small rocks that extend in the clear blue sea. Clear sky likean umbrella that keeps the peace nan deserted island. Karst cliffs that stand like fungus irregular sizesvary. Its unimaginable beauty. Wayag Island is a must-see destination. your holiday to Raja Ampatincomplete without visiting to the wayag island. For photography enthusiasts, the beauty of the
  4. 4. landscape Wayag be missed. From any angle, this looks beautiful island. Plus a random arrangement ofkarst lake that looks like velvet really tempting your camera lens. Salawati Island This is where the location of the discovery of a new species of rainbow fish Salawati. This specieswas found by the research team Indonesia and France.rainbow fish or Latin name MelanotaeniaSalawati is spesies to-19 were found through exploration ecoregion biodiversity Birds Head of Papua.Salawati rainbow fish found in rivers Doctor, right on the islands west Kornel positions or about 64 mileswest of the city of Sorong, West Papua. Anyway, why is it called the river because of the illusion ofmeditation Doctoral villagers whose waters are believed to cure various diseases. Beauty fish becausekulitanya color colorful. Clad in purple on the dorsal row until mauve lilac on the basis of its tail. Closegills sprinkled with a splash of color and gold leaf green dot spacing. Part abdominal fins to the base endof the tail fin overtaken scattered light violet-blue dot row. Additionally, dark blue percak is stretched onher backside. These findings seemed - will return confirm how rich diversity of flora and fauna in Papuain particular Raja Ampat. Bay of Mayalibit Bay of Mayalibit is one of the potential in the field of fisheries producing lema fish , ebi shrimpand sea cucumbers. According to the study there are at least 230 species of fish that live in the Bay ofMayalibit. Not only rich in fishery resources, but also the potential of the forest are still very awakemangrove. Manta Point, Arborek Manta Point is a place where when you dive to see manta rays. stingray in here is the worldslargest with weight 2300 kg and a length of 7, 6 meters. This beast is a giant animal that does not have apainful sting. So, at the same time you can see flapping wings beautifully Sawinggrai There are four species Cenderawasih are looked after here, Red cendrawasih(Paradisaea Rubra),belah rotan cendrawasih (Cicinnurus Magnificus), small cendrawasih (Paradisaea Minor) bigcendrawasih(Paradisaea Apoda). One of the four species, red cendrawasih is icon Sawinggrai village.The birds live comfortably and safely in this tourist village. Therefore, the main attraction is the touristvillage close look Sawinggrai paradise that is still preserved in their habitat. Not only that activity that we can do in the village Sawinggrai, you can also do snorkeling or givefeeding to wild fish around the pier that will instantly grab your food. Anyway, you do not have to worryabout trouble to stay in the village. Community Sawinggrai provide homestay built over the sea aroundthe docks. Homestay here is very interesting because the interior and exterior design is quite beautifulcombined with the natural beauty of the charming village. Rates homestay ranges from Rp. 500thousand per-night per-person. That price includes three meals, fish feeding, snorkeling andbirdwatching cendrawasih
  5. 5. Waigeo Island if compared Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Island Batanta which is the main island in RajaAmpat, Waigeo is the biggest island. The beauty that can be enjoyed is the white sandy beaches andcrystal clear sea water so it can be seen directly underwater life without must snorkeling or diving. RajaAmpat Islands, including Waigeo Island, famous for its underwater biota diverse spicies have thousandsof fish and beautiful coral reefs in the world. Batanta Island There is Batanta Waterfall in Batanta Island, Raja Ampat Islands. This waterfall has a height ofabout 10 meters . Behind the waterfall, there is a small cave. Caves can accommodate about five people.In this cave can sit and see the view from behind the curtain of water. If youre lucky, sometimes it canlook very beautiful rainbow. Access to Raja Ampat Approximately $ 3 million of ticket prices from Jakarta to and from Sorong and takes about 6hours to transit in Makassar/ Manado about two hours. Outside the airport will be found the main roadto the city of Sorong and ports. to get to the Port of Sorong, enough to cost Rp 3.000, - only. From theharbor, you can ride the ship to the capital of Raja Ampat. ship at a cost of Rp 120,000, - per person,everyday sail around 14.00. Travel by boat from Sorong to the Raja Ampat take about two hours. Tips: Do not forget to bring sunblock, suncreen Anti-mosquito lotion, toiletries, towels, hats, sunglasses UV and a comfortable shirt to withstand the hot beach weather. More cool too, if you bring an underwater camera to record the beauty of the underwater charm. To save money, you can stay in houses or homestay. You can stay in Koranu Fyak Homestay. It is rented Rp 250,000 per person per night, including 3 meals and coffee or tea available 24 hours. Here also available for transfers and transportation to and from Waisai, equipment rental and guide diving, snorkeling, bird waching, treking, visit coral island (Gam Lagoon, Wayag, Kabui), and visited the tourist village. Vacationing with your friends at once it will make your holiday easy in Raja Ampat. You can jointly rent a speedboat when you will surround the Raja Ampat, so the cost of your trip cheaper. Renting a wooden longboat belong to surrounding citizen with a capacity of 10 people be choice, because the number of passengers had no effect on tariff total. Some resort-resort in Raja Ampat have package rates, so once you get paid facilities such as lodging, diving and eating. Lunch is provided ranging from traditional to international menu created directly by the local community. Usually available various seafood, try the yellow fish soup that was one of the culinary icons Raja Ampat. best time to visit Raja Ampat is in October or November. At that time the sea of raja ampat is calm with a suitable atmosphere for the photography.