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  • 1. The Dirty Little Secrets Why Your Website Isn’t Delivering Value The Business of Association Publishing Association Media & Publishing November, 3, 2011
  • 2. Who We AreAmy Peebles – Amy Peebles is the Director of Strategy and Programs at the American Bar AssociationFrederick L. Faulkner IV – Fred Faulkner is the Principal at AIE Digital, LLC, a digital marketing and web consultancy focusing on associations and small to mid-sized busineses.
  • 3. The Dirty Little Secrets
  • 4. Association Challenges
  • 5. You Have a Lack of Urgency
  • 6. • Overhaul the governance model and committee operationsGovernance • Empower the CEO and enhance staff expertise Staff • Rigorously define the member marketMembership • Rationalize Programs & Services Value • Build a robust technology frameworkTechnology Race for Relevance: 5 Radical Changes for Associations
  • 7. Your PEOPLE are the problem, not the TECHNOLOGY.
  • 8. Silos Skills Accountability Inter- Project Management Who Owns the department Decisions? Projects Communications WhoInternal Politics Business Implements the Analysis Decisions?
  • 9. You Don’t Understand Your Audience & Their Needs
  • 10. Checkbook MemberPassiveMemberEngagedMemberMemberLeader
  • 11. You Don’tUnderstand the Ecosystem
  • 12. Visitors / MembersSearch Websites Social Email Offline AdsEngines & Blogs Media Website / Content
  • 13. You Lack Integration Across Your CommunicationChannels Both From aTechnical and Strategic Perspective
  • 14. CommunicationsEditorialTechnology Message MemberAMS / CRM Social Media / Email / Web
  • 15. Take Back the Web• Define Who Owns the Website – Roles to define: • Website Layout and Design • Advertising • Content – Homepage – Landing Pages – Navigation & Architecture • Back-end Management • Features & Functionality
  • 16. Take Back the Web• Know Who Needs Training• Define Member Involvement & Oversight
  • 17. Association Strategy• What Role Does the Website Play?• Build a Specific Website Strategy – Keep all digital and non-digital channels in mind – Define metrics to measure against• Strategy needs to evolve and change as your organization changes
  • 18. Strategic Pillars Digital StrategyDistribution Content Engagement Analytics
  • 19. Publishing Strategy• Does Your Current Workflow Need to Change? – Inbound content / content creation – Content editing – Systems that are used for editing – Distribution (offline, online, store) – Rights & Permissions
  • 20. Redefine the Value Proposition• What is your competitive advantage?• Why should people seek information from your site?• Are you engaging members and prospective members?• Are you still considered the authoritative source on your subject matter?
  • 21. Inbound Marketing• Find ways to convert traffic to your site to members and/or customers• Define some tactical conversion funnels into your website• Track metrics and modify as necessary
  • 22. Thank You