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Types of volcanoes:fatoumata camara 4ºa

Types of volcanoes:fatoumata camara 4ºa



powerpoint of geology.

powerpoint of geology.



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    Types of volcanoes:fatoumata camara 4ºa Types of volcanoes:fatoumata camara 4ºa Presentation Transcript

    • Volcano: It is an opening or rupture in a planet surface which allows magma and volcanis ashes an gases trhought the chamber or crater . DEFINITION:
    • There are many types of volcanoe, and to undertand it better we can clasify them in two subtypes: 1- Types of volcanoes related to the activity.(their frecuency of eruption) 2-Types of volcanoes related to the structure: There are a lot of subtypes but I'm going to talk about Shield Vocanoes and Composite ones. TYPES:
    • ACTIVE VOLCANO: there are those volcanoes that erupts regullary, very often. DORMANT VOLCANOES: there are those volcanoes that have erupted during the years but now are quiet. EXTINCT VOLCANOES: there are those volcanoes which scientist consider that it is very unusual to see them erupting again becuase of they don't have more lava supplies. RELATED TO THE ACTIVITY :
    • Kīlauea is an active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands
    • Hohentwiel is an extinct volcanoe in Baden Wurttemberg in the south of Germany.
    • The Vesuvius is an extinct volcanoe that is in Galf of Naples, Italy.
    • Composite volcano that are also known as Stratovolcano are tall and conical volcanoes built up with many layers of hardened lava.THey are characterized by a steep slope structure and periodic explosive eruptions. RELATED TO THE STRUCTURE:
    • Shield volcanoes are types of volcanoes usually built almost enternely of fluid lava flows. And they are broad slope and they have a large size and low profile forming like a warrior's shield. RELATED TO THE STRUCTURE(II):
    • COMPOSITE SHIELD Estructure Steep slope Broad, gentle slope Tectonic Plates Environment Convergent boundaries (subduction zones) Divergent plate boundaries and hot spots. Types of Rock Andesite Basalt Lava temperature 800ºC 1100ºC Lava viscousity 1-Hight (like smach potato): that is because of the temperature and the materials. 2- They have acid materials 1-Low(like the honey) 2- thay have basics materials. Eruptive Style Explosive Quiescent DIFFERENCES BETWEEN:
    • Mauna-Loa (Hawai) Shield volcano.
    • Mount St Helens(Washington, USA): Composite volcano