You've Created a Social Media Campaign - Now What? Measuring the success of social media


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The Akron chapter of the American Advertising Federation and Canton Advertising Federation jointly present a professional development seminar on measuring social media success. Featured speaker Bill Balderaz, founder of Columbus-based Webbed Marketing, will discuss how businesses and marketing, advertising and PR professionals can associate hard results with social media campaigns. His topics will include: Determining the value of social media and understanding its metrics, Integrating social media campaigns and business goals and Determining social media ROI and helping clients select the right tools to measure it.

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You've Created a Social Media Campaign - Now What? Measuring the success of social media

  1. 1. You’ve Created a Social Media Campaign —Now What?Measuring the success of social media! Bill Balderaz Webbed Marketing
  2. 2. Brand Focused vs Social Media FocusedBrand Focused VS Social Media FocusedBrands telling their story Joining a conversationCarefully defined and controlled Consumers defining your brandBeing perfect Being genuine
  3. 3. Brand Focused vs. Social Media Focused―Yes it generated 2 MM impressions, 400 leads and 50 sales, but it has the wrong color blue in the logo.‖
  4. 4. The Preacher vs. The Cab Driver
  5. 5. AgendaIs Social Media Marketing For You?Set Clear GoalsApproaches to Tracking Online MarketingSocial Media Case StudiesSummary
  6. 6. Is Social Media Marketing ForYou?
  7. 7. Is Social Media Marketing for You?Are you goal-oriented?Can you fast track legal, marketing and branding concerns?Is it okay if EVERYONE hears about this program?Can you stand behind your product and program in the face of criticism?Can you be edgy?
  8. 8. Assumption #1: Yes, This Matters in B2B 91% of these decision-makers 55% of the B2B buyers in thisconsume social media including 69% of Spectators use social survey are Joiners—they’ve blogs, video, and customer media for business purposes. created profiles on social reviews. networks. After Spectators, the most popular role is Critics (people who leave comments on 43% are creating blogs, review products, etc.), with media, including blogs and 58% of those sampled engaging videos in this activity, and 37% using it for business purposes. Source: Forrester Research
  9. 9. Assumption #2: Yes, This Matters in the Consumer Space47% of all respondents said 45% said they would visit a they would go to a social social networking site to findnetworking site to download out about upcoming sales in coupons or search for gift stores or discounts onideas if those services were products. available. 22% said they would read or write a product review on a blog. Source: BrandWeek
  10. 10. Set Clear Goals
  11. 11. Clear GoalsCan’t measure ―more buzz‖Define measurable metrics – 16 media placements, 40 relevant links, increase sales 12%Take baseline metrics before campaign starts • SEO metrics, Social Media metricsBreak metrics down into quantifiable goals • Mentions in blogs, social networks, links to the site…You can quantify metrics
  12. 12. Approaches to Tracking SocialMediaScorecard
  13. 13. The David Meerman Scott ApproachWhat is the ROI of putting your pants on?
  14. 14. The Analytical Approach
  15. 15. The ―We Know It Works‖
  16. 16. The Webbed Marketing Scorecard
  17. 17. The Webbed Marketing ScorecardTracks ―micro goals‖ that funnel into strategic goalsIn bound links, blog mentions, presence on social networks, traffic numbers, web mentions and other measurable metrics funnel into strategic goalsProvide real evidence of measurable improvementProvide direction on where to focus efforts
  18. 18. SpiderflyMarketing Communications & Customer Service: How do I identify individual influencers and also aggregate volume, demographics, tonality and velocity of social media?Internet Marketing Team: How do I diagnose key social media and search metrics for my website and my competitors’ sites?Public Relations: What is my real time blogger buzz, and how does that benchmark against my historical performance and competitors?CEO: Just give me one number!
  19. 19. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  20. 20. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  21. 21. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  22. 22. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  23. 23. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  24. 24. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  25. 25. Consumer Generated Media Analysis
  26. 26. Diagnostics
  27. 27. Diagnostics
  28. 28. Diagnostics
  29. 29. Real Time Blog Buzz With Benchmarks
  30. 30. Just Give Me A Number
  31. 31. Just Give Me A Number(Okay now I need more details)
  32. 32. An ROI CalculatorMetric Value Spend Social Media Results Total Value ROIImpressions (CPM) $12 100000 $ 1,200Leads $ 400 40 $ 16,000Sales $3,000 7 $ 21,000Total $10,000 $ 38,200 282%
  33. 33. Social Media Case StudiesMeasuring ROI
  34. 34. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.A specialty web and mall pet gift and accessories retailerHighly targeted market, highly competitive industry, limited advertising budgetConsumers and influencers are heavy web users
  35. 35. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.Press releases timed with high search volume, high media attention topics • ―I Love My Mommy‖ t-shirt near Mother’s Day • ―Take Your Dog to Work‖ campaign • ―I Have Two Daddies‖ campaign • ―MySpace for Cats & Dogs‖Highly targeted market, highly competitive industry, limited advertising budget
  36. 36. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.
  37. 37. Case Study #1 - Moochie & Co.
  38. 38. Case Study #2 - Hatteras Cash Cow
  39. 39. Case Study #2 - Hatteras Cash Cow
  40. 40. Case Study #3 - Shizuka New YorkLocated in Midtown ManhattanCosmetology & skin care with ―Eastern Holistic Knowledge‖Featured in international media including Marie Claire, Shape, Vogue, and Harpers Bazaar
  41. 41. Case Study #3 - Shizuka New YorkFollowing Word of Mouth program: • Mention on Jay Leno • Mention on CNN • Home page of • E! ―The Soup‖ • The Hollywood Reporter
  42. 42. Case Study #3 - With a Compelling HookHighlighting ―Bird Poop Facials‖
  43. 43. Case Study #3 - Setting GoalsBranding and awarenessIncreased site trafficNew clients
  44. 44. Case Study #3 - SEO Press Release
  45. 45. Case Study #3 - Blogger Outreach
  46. 46. Case Study #3 - VideoThe YouTube Geisha Facial video – 20,000+ views
  47. 47. Case Study #4 – Romantic Makeover
  48. 48. Case Study #4 – Romantic Makeover
  49. 49. Case Study #4 – Press Release• #1 on Google News for ―Hocking Hills‖• #1 on Google News for ―outdoors getaway‖• #1 on Google News for ―vacation contest‖• #1 on Google News for ―worst gift ever‖• #2 on Google News for ―makeover‖• #5 on Google News for ―outdoor vacation‖
  50. 50. Case Study #4 – Online Promotion• Contest Facebook page to promote contest and host entries and votes • 887 fans • 151 Total wall posts • 139 Contest submissions • 559 Total likes/votes • 4,242 Total pageviews
  51. 51. SummaryStart with a strategic goal • more sales, leads, or media awarenessBreak those into measurable ―micro-goals‖ • inbound links, website traffic, blogger mentionsCreate a baseline scorecardCorrelate progress against the strategic against progress on ―micro-goals‖
  52. 52. Take AwaysListening is more important than talkingDon’t think about numbers for the sake of numbers, correlate numbers to business objectivesInfluence the influencersJoin the conversation, just remember it’s a dialogue, not a monologue!
  53. 53. Be The Cab Driver!
  54. 54. For More