Twitter Analysis & Action


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Cater to followers and attract influencers with a laser-focused strategy.

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Twitter Analysis & Action

  1. 1. Twitter Analysis & ActionCater to Followers and Attract Influencerswith a Laser-Focused Strategy@KurtKrejnyDirector of Online Marketing
  3. 3. Overview• Shared experience• Organized vision• Don’t fly blind• Data drives decisions• Results-oriented
  4. 4. Why Use Twitter for Business?AcquisitionGenerate leads and sales – obtain quality visitors and conversionsRetentionEnhance branding visibility and build repeat customers – nurture leadsIntegrated MarketingStrengthen other efforts associated with customer acquisition and retention SEO Paid E-mail Acquisition Retention Integrated Marketing Video Mobile Offline
  5. 5. Twitter Pain Points• SWOT analysis• Team, process and workflow• Audience understanding• Problem solving• Measurements and reporting• Recoverable mistakes Take the Blue Pill!
  6. 6. Twitter SWOT AnalysisWEAKNESSES: THREATS:• Not ranking for branded search • Duplicate or spam accounts• Poor image, bio and URL • Negative mentions• Not linked to blog • Hacked account• No custom URL shortener with tracking • Unanswered customer service requests• No custom background • New channel adoption (Google+ / Pinterest)• No follower interaction • Measureable ROI (favorable)• Over promotional content • Lack of brand evangelists• Few retweets • Employee posts• No personality or human voice • Ever-changing management tools• Poor response strategy • Search engine rankings• No crisis management plan • CRM integration• Poor following/follower ratio• No on-site integration• No sharing widgets• No time to manage account• Lack of focus toward business goals• No reporting• Can’t connect with audience• Minimal digital assets
  7. 7. Determine Your Goals• Align with overarching business goals• Quantity vs. quality• Brand visibility• Content distribution• Generate links and traffic (new form of link building)• Influence search rankings• Connect with customers / prospects• Reputation & sentiment• Expert positioning• Customer serviceGoals and objectives drive the tactics of your campaign
  8. 8. Develop Audience Personas• Put yourself in their shoes• Document your known experience• Nuances of Twitter• Keep the dust off• Identify actionable insights• Prioritize effortsPersonas guide a smarter campaign
  9. 9. People Driven Product Driven• Based on the Meyers-Briggs Type Established Products and Markets: Indicator (MBTI) methodology • Financial Decision Maker• The Eisenberg Brothers simplified the • Champion decision-model from 16 types of • Evangelist personalities to 4 • Power User • Competitive • Spontaneous Brand New Products: • Methodical • Innovators • Humanistic • Early Adopters • Early Majority • Late Majority • Laggards
  10. 10. Persona Template
  11. 11. Understand Your Followers• Utilize tools• Analyze data• Create categories from bios• Develop custom formulas• Identify influencersExisting data refines your strategy
  12. 12. Twitter Profile Data Export FOLLOWER PROFILE ANALYSIS: TOP KEYWORDS 4,000 3,424 3,500 - Time Zones 3,000 2,500 - Followers by # of Followers 2,000 1,500 828 - Date of Last Tweet 1,000 685 637 500 191 114 251 122 - Users by # of Followers 0 - Users by Total Tweets FOLLOWERS TOP TIME ZONES USERS BY # OF FOLLOWERS (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time … 24% (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time… 13% 9% 0 to 100 (GMT-06:00) Central Time… 12% 20% (GMT-10:00) Hawaii 11% 11% 100 to 500 (GMT-05:00) Quito 8% 500 to 1000 (GMT+05:30) New Delhi 5% (GMT-07:00) Mountain… 3% 19% 1000 to 2500 (GMT-09:00) Alaska 3% 41% > 2500 (GMT-03:00) Greenland 3% (GMT+05:30) Mumbai 2% 0% 10% 20% 30%
  13. 13. Influencer Research• Categorize influencers• Topics & communities of interest• Secondary influencers• Domain influenceManipulate your message for influencer impact Detailed Influencer Data:
  14. 14. Gather Social Insights• Supplemental data• Audience demographics• Best day/time and topics to postMore data points for a smarter content strategy Facebook Insights LinkedIn Analytics YouTube Analytics
  15. 15. Facebook Insights• Reach, engagement, talking about, virality• “Like” demographics and location• Tab views• Referring traffic• Export data
  16. 16. YouTube Analytics• Top 10 videos• Geography / Demographics• Drill down by video• Traffic sources• Audience retention• Engagement metrics • Subscribers • Likes / dislikes • Favorites • Comments • Sharing• Export data
  17. 17. LinkedIn Analytics• Engagement for specific Products & Services pages• Visits by: • Industry • Function • Company
  18. 18. Content, Acquisition, Engagement• Utilize data to determine effective content• Create content-to-category map (with goals)• Determine % of activity in each category• Plan content calendar / posting schedule• Develop outreach strategy for influencers• Utilize management tools• Establish follow criteria• Follower maintenance• Update SWOT analysisTools / data / experience / hustle / sound marketing
  19. 19. Content-to-CategoryMapping
  20. 20. Twitter Content TacticsRecognize Intellectualize• Follower of the day • Fact of the day• Fan photos • Questions / Polls• Preferred partners • Tweet chat• Share other viral content • Live tweeting (events, conferences, webinars)Incentivize Capitalize• Contests (random or earned) • Popular hash tags• Limited time promo code • Promoted tweets / accounts / trends• First time customer promo• Free product for evangelists• Charitable effortVisualize• Photos / Videos• Infographics / Charts
  21. 21. Twitter Profile Optimization• Searchable name / support brand• Bio – add @profile, hash tag or URL• Is location important?• Web URL supports your goals• Add Favorites / Create Public Lists• Images and videos draw attention• Multiple users – consider monikers• Custom URL shortener (trackable)• Design / Custom background • Brand colors / easy to read • Add more info / images • Call to action / phone number • Promote other channels • Add personalityIf search engines can’t find you, how will your audience find you?
  22. 22. Organic Visibility Tips• Get your Twitter profile to rank • Proactive reputation management • Link building and Twitter directories • Daily recap service (, Storify)• Cross-channel promotion• Include handle in press releases• Email signature / newsletters• Offline promotion • TV, radio, print, business cards, tradeshow displays, storefront, QR codes• Use standard hash tags• Timely trending topics• Follow the people that follow you on other channelsMake it easy for people to find you
  23. 23. On-site Promotion• Profile link placement• Feed on homepage, newsroom or blog • Fresh content• Sharing widget • Determine what should be shareable • Pre-populated text (make it easy)• Social sign-in option• Retweet links within content• Promote hash tags within contentMake it easy for people to follow you
  24. 24. SWOT Analysis RevisitedSTRENGTHS: OPPORTUNITIES:• Ranking for branded search • Duplicate accounts removed• Optimal image, bio and URL • Few negative mentions• Connected to blog posts • Secure account access• Custom URL shortener with tracking • Customer service requests honored• Custom background • Early adopter with new channels• Engaged followers • ROI tied to all efforts• Valuable and informative content • Solid base of brand evangelists• Loads of retweets • Employee social media guidelines• Personality in messaging • Effective management tools• Timely response strategy • Social CRM integration• Crisis management plan developed • Boost search engine rankings• Excellent following/follower ratio• Proper on-site integration• Sharing widgets in the right spots• Efficient account management• Efforts support business goals• Solid reporting and analysis• Extensive library of digital assets
  25. 25. Realize Your ReturnAnalytics:• Segmented traffic and conversions• Understand multi-channel funnelsCustom Calculations:• Value of a Twitter follower• Value of retweet / trending topicTracking:• Coupon codes / Direct Message links• Unique call tracking numberLead-gen:• Non-branded outreach (based on keywords)• Social CRM solution to close the loopIncrease the chance of a tracked conversion – don’t leave money on the table
  26. 26. Thank You! Kurt Krejny @KurtKrejny @FathomOnline