Gaining the Edge on Facebook’s EdgeRank


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  • Great presentation, also There are some pages that depend on writing small articles on their fan page instead of using a website or blog, they do that by adding their text on the picture in the description section, and the limit is 5000 character which is almost 800 Words. It’s the reason that you have to click on “see more” to read the rest of the post. Facebook hasn’t confirmed it as a ranking factor in EdgeRank, but users may like the post and see that you put a lot of into it that will lead to more shares and likes.
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Gaining the Edge on Facebook’s EdgeRank

  1. 1. How to Keep Your EdgeMastering EdgeRank & Maximizing Facebook Exposure February 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Facebook Page EdgeRank Recommendations Tactics Objectives Overview
  3. 3. Facebook Page Goals & Objectives
  4. 4. Facebook Page Strategic Goals What is our strategic goal for executing a Facebook strategy?  Influencing brand perception?  Customer service?  Dialog?  Thought leadership?  Drive direct actions?
  5. 5. Sample Facebook Page Metric Objectives Increase volume of page “likes” by at least 1% month over month Increase engagement rate to be between .80-1.00% or higher month over month Increase the number of “likes” within the target demographics by at least 2% month over month
  6. 6. EdgeRank Overview
  7. 7. Simple, Right?
  8. 8. How is EdgeRank Calculated? • How much “edge” do you share with another Affinity Facebook page? EdgeRank is a one way unique relationship based on shared connections and interactions. • The more involved an action the higher the Weight weight. Photos used in updates are higher than text status updates. Comments are higher than Likes. Clicks may have little to no EdgeRank. Time • Fresh content wins.
  9. 9. Affinity How to create Edge  Shared connections creates “Edge” Bill likes running, Rob likes fishing, fishing, boating, Jeeps, SEO, Bon Toyota Trucks, Jovi, the Pittsburgh SEO, Bon Jovi, Steelers, Quaker Quaker Steak and Steak, the Pittsburgh Bell’s Brewery Pirates and Game of Thrones Tommy likes running, Ford cars, SEO, Miles Davis, the Pittsburgh Pirates and all things Buckeyes Football
  10. 10. Affinity Interactions refine Edge Affinity is a one-way measurement based on interactions with objects High Edge Bill likes running, Rob likes fishing, fishing, Toyota Jeeps, SEO, Bon Trucks, SEO, Bon Jovi, the Pittsburgh Jovi, Quaker Steelers, Quaker Steak and Bell’s Steak and Game of Low Edge Brewery Thrones
  11. 11. Weight If it takes a lot of time and keeps someone on Facebook, it’s more likely to be heavy Uploading a photo Sharing Commenting Liking Clicking
  12. 12. Time Fresh content wins When news breaks.. On a global or personal level, fresh content can beat out weighty content
  13. 13. EdgeRank Assumption EdgeRank depends on ratios Pages with high “Likes” should have a corresponding number of high interactions. If “Likes” increase and off-page clicks increase, you lose EdgeRank. That is, a page with rapidly growing “Likes” should show an increase in “weighty” interactions. Increasing “Likes” and off-page clicks negatively impacts EdgeRank.
  14. 14. Sample EdgeRank Analysis
  15. 15. Recommendations
  16. 16. Overview To improve EdgeRank, focus on tactics that will not only grow your audience but also encourage engagement with your page. Tactics include:  Clearly segmenting audiences  Developing content themes  Identifying optimal posting frequency & timing  Leveraging unutilized real estate  Utilizing targeting features
  17. 17. Clearly Segment Audiences Moms  Women, aged 35-64  Mothers to children 8+ years of age Technology Professionals  Fans of Cisco  Targeting geographic locations Caregivers for Diabetics  Fans of American Diabetes Association  Fans of Glucerna  Women with Baby Boomer parents
  18. 18. Develop Content Themes Moms  Maintaining your health, fitness, & safety so you can better take care of your family  Maintaining the healthy, fitness, & safety of your child athletes  Battling back-to-school germs Technology Professionals  Innovation, funding and events  Five Myths of the Cloud Caregivers for Diabetics  Tips on cooking for Diabetics  Information on clinical trials and research  How to have a happy social life and be a great caregiver Note the blend of timely and evergreen content
  19. 19. Develop Content Themes Mindful Mom Monday  Happy Mindful Mom Monday! Concussions are a very real fear for moms of active children. Do you make your child wear a helmet when riding a bike? What’s your take on helmet safety? Tech Tuesdays  Minimize the risk of outsourcing with these five strategies. How likely are you to outsource software development and support in 2013? Take Time for Yourself This Weekend  As caregivers, we need to make sure we do our best to recharge. If you had your choice of a 3 mile run, a movie at home night or dinner with an old friend, which would you choose?
  20. 20. Posting Frequency and Timing Test, test and test. There is no perfect posting frequency or time, it varies by audience. In an effort to reach all audiences and touch upon all content themes, an ideal number of posts would be ?? per week All posts should be sent our between the hours of x – y to solicit maximum engagement
  21. 21. Leverage Unutilized Real Estate Update cover photo frequently to drive engagement  More audience/consumer/patient-focused  Organize photos by audience centric categories (think “Living with Arthritis” NOT “Meet our Doctors”)  Utilize testimonials to demonstrate value with an audience focus  Build custom Facebook apps to drive interactions (appointments and referrals)  Contact forms  Calculators/Cosmo-quizzes/Symptom Checker  Submit Your Story – Especially for any organization with an emotional appeal… and almost anything can have an emotional appeal.
  22. 22. Utilize Targeting Features Post targeting allows you to reach specific segments of your fan base in order to improve engagement and allow users to see content relevant to them  For example, content directed at our Mom audience will be targeted specifically toward them.
  23. 23. Keep Your Edge! Understand the basics of EdgeRank Don’t drive fake Fans or fake engagement Stack the deck in favor of real engagement, no matter how much you want to talk to everyone.... Tell yourself it is good to focus!
  24. 24. Questions? @bbalderaz