Don't Make Your Subscribers Think: How to Optimize Your Email Usability


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Don't Make Your Subscribers Think: How to Optimize Your Email Usability

  1. 1. Don’t Make Your Subscribers Think:How to Optimize Your Email Usability Tricia McCune @CLEMeetup Live Tweet Your Favorite TipsDirector of Email Marketing Strategy #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline
  2. 2. Why you should be doing Email Marketing? • The DMA puts email marketings ROI for 2011 atEmail Marketing $40.56 for every $1 invested.* • In Datran Medias 2010 Annual Marketing & Media Survey, 39.4% of industry executives said the advertising channel that performed strongest for them was email.** The money is following the results... • A January 2011 survey by BtoB Magazine found 63% of respondents likely to increase spending on email in 2011, with 29% keeping spend constant.*** • Is there ever an instance where it’s not applicable to do email marketing for certain companies? NO! * ** ***
  3. 3. Now the we know EVERYONE should be doing it UsabilityEmail Usability The degree to which something is easy to use and a good fit for the people who use it. Don’t Make Your Subscribers Think The Email User Experience = Needs to be easy Your Email Program = Needs to be a good fit for subscribers
  4. 4. Email From NameFirst Impression • 56% of respondents cited knowing and trusting the sender as the primary reason for opening an email. - Return Path • 73% make the decision to click on the "report spam" or "junk" button using the from line. - Email Sender and Provider Coalition From Name Take Away: Send from the most recognizable name and not an employees name or a mascot.
  5. 5. Email Subject Line • Emails with shorter subject lines significantly outperformed emailsFirst Impression with longer subject lines. - MailerMailer • Repeating the exact same subject line for each newsletter accelerates the drop in open rates. – MailChimp • Straightforward and headline type subject lines performed the best when analyzing subject lines of over 40 million emails. – MailChimp • The best subject lines tell whats inside, and the worst subject lines sell whats inside. – MailChimp • 75% of respondents say lack of relevance is the biggest reasons subscribers choose to opt out. - Merkle Interactive Services Subject Line Take Away: Keep it short, straightforward and relevant.
  6. 6. Now that you’ve got them to open…Email Design • In 2010 only 33% of those surveyed have images turned on by default. – MarketingSherpa • 26.6% of online customers use preview panes (instead of look at your whole email). – MarketingSherpa • 13.36% of emails are opened by a mobile operating system or device. - Knotice Email Design Take Away: Design for image blocking, the preview pain and mobile.
  7. 7. Wait there’s more… Eight Seconds to Capture Attention: Silverpops Landing Page ReportLanding Page • 45% of landing pages didnt repeat the strong promotional copy found in the email, thus failing to reinforce the call-to-action that prompted the email recipient to click a link in the first place. • 35% of the landing pages analyzed didnt match the emails look. • 17% of email marketing campaigns failed to deliver on the promise inherent in the messages call-to-action, and merely dumped recipients to a companys Web site home page. Landing Page Take Away: Follow-Through on the offer and make sure your email and landing page match.
  8. 8. Types of Emails • Sales/E-CommerceEmail Program • Lead-Gen • Newsletters • Transactional • Automated Nurturing • Re-Engagement • Welcome Letters • Reminders • Social Sharing • Contests • Cart Abandonment • Product/Service/Event Reviews • Breaking News • Special Offers • Opt-in • Referrals
  9. 9. Finding the right fit for your subscribers • Untargeted email programs increase costs by as much as 3.6 times the cost of targeted programs. - Relevancy GroupEmail Program • Open rates for segmented versus non-segmented campaigns are as much as 20% higher on average for the first 30 days. – MarketingSherpa • Click rates for segmented versus non-segmented campaigns are doubly high for the first 30 days with a slight increase for 60-90 days. – MarketingSherpa Email Program Take Away: Send the right messages to the right people to lower costs and increase results.
  10. 10. Questions? Tricia McCune @CLEMeetup Director of Email Marketing Strategy Live Tweet Your Favorite Tips #NEOWUD11 via @FathomOnline