Social Media. Advanced. 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit


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Stephanie Pflaum brings best practices, social media insight and purpose to this presentation about measurement, success and engagement online for nonprofits. Presentation from the 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit.

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Social Media. Advanced. 2014 Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit

  1. 1. Social Media for Nonprofits: Advanced Cleveland Nonprofit Marketing Summit August 1, 2014
  2. 2. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum 74% of online adults use social media.
  3. 3. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Source: Waggener Edstrom 55% of people who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired to take action.
  4. 4. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Online giving grew 13.5% in 2013. Source: Blackbaud
  5. 5. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum STRATEG Y
  6. 6. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum MISSION STATEMENT
  7. 7. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Awareness Retention Driving Action SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS
  8. 8. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum
  9. 9. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Increase email list sign ups through social media channels by 500 names by October 31, 2014
  10. 10. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Acquire 100 new donors through social media channels by the end of 2014.
  11. 11. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Increase brand mentions online by 25% by August 1, 2015.
  12. 12. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum DEFINE YOUR AUDIENCE
  13. 13. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum SURVEY INSIGHTS
  14. 14. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum ANALYZE CURRENT SOCIAL FOLLOWERS
  15. 15. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum HOW DO THEY DESCRIBE THEMSELVES? BIOS =
  16. 16. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum GET AUDIENCE DATA FROM YOUR WEBSITE
  17. 17. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum PROMOTE YOUR BEST CONTENT AND SEE WHERE IT GETS
  18. 18. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum PROMOTE YOUR BEST CONTENT AND SEE WHERE IT GETS
  20. 20. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum WHICH CHANNELS SHOULD I BE USING?
  21. 21. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum GO WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS
  22. 22. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum LAWYERS ARE ON LINKED IN
  23. 23. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum SENIORS ARE NOT ON TWITTER, YET?
  24. 24. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum WHO IS ON YOU TUBE?
  25. 25. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum EVERYONE IS ON YOU TUBE!
  26. 26. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum YOU TUBE IS THE #2 SEARCH ENGINE
  27. 27. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum YOU TUBE IS THE #2 SEARCH ENGINE MARU
  28. 28. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR CONTENT
  29. 29. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum BE VISUAL ARC offers a useful tip while injecting their brand and awareness into newsfeeds on Facebook.
  30. 30. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum TELL STORIES Pin caption: Follow our President & CEO Carolyn Miles for an inside look at our work for children in the US and around the world.
  31. 31. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum USE VIDEO Charity Water uses Instagram to tell their stories in 15 second chunks – not fancy stages, lighting or narration involved.
  32. 32. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum INTERACT: ENCOURAG E
  33. 33. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum BE HUMAN
  34. 34. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum EMPOWER ADVOCATES Greenpeace partnered with scientists to track whales using GPS while they migrated south through dangerous waters where the whales are hunted. Greenpeace called the campaign the Great Whale Trail and encouraged supporters to become involved by making personal fundraising pages in support of the cause. The result: over 5,000 personal fundraising pages were created raising over $120,000.
  35. 35. @stephpflaum SHOW APPRECIATION
  36. 36. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum INSPIRE ACTION
  37. 37. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum CELEBRAT E MILESTONE S
  38. 38. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum POST FROM EVENTS
  39. 39. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum ALIGN #HASHTAG S ACROSS CHANNELS
  40. 40. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Don’t call it ‘posting’ – call it ‘planting seeds.’ If you want your relationships to grow in social media, you have to nurture them.
  41. 41. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum MEASURING SUCCESS
  42. 42. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum METRICS
  43. 43. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum TRACK YOUR SOCIAL LINKS URL Builder study- 91975?utm_source=marketo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign =newsletter&utm_content=socialmedia Hootsuite
  44. 44. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum SOCIAL MEASUREMENT TOOLS 50 Social Media Measurement Tools
  45. 45. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum Channel Goal Audience Content KPIs Facebook Increase reach of brand content by 25% in Q3 & Q4 College students Funny videos, stats that speak, celebrity quotes in images Monthly post reach Twitter Increase conversations around new campaign Industry professionals Moving images, dramatic video Conversation volume month-over-month LinkedIn Build a community around my cause Young professionals Engaging, informative articles, thoughtful questions to spark discussion Number of people who joined the group month-over-month Sample Strategy Template
  46. 46. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum
  47. 47. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum CREATE A BLOG TO ARCHIVE YOUR GREAT CONTENT!
  48. 48. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST
  49. 49. #HANDittoCleveland @stephpflaum THANK YOU! Stephanie Pflaum | @stephpflaum Senior Digital Marketing Strategist Fathom GOALS