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SEO, Facebook, Twitter & Blogging for Fitness and Martial Arts Professionals
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SEO, Facebook, Twitter & Blogging for Fitness and Martial Arts Professionals


http://FatCowBusiness.com/KMA …

Presentation at Martial Arts Success Seminar on "SEO, Facebook, Twitter & Blogging for Fitness & Martial Arts" by Hapkido Black Belt & A4uExpo/Affiliate Summit Speaker Dave Cupples

Published in Education , Technology , Design
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  • 1. Martial Arts ProfessionalsMaster Minds Success Seminars- 17th March 2012 Dave Cupples FatCowBusiness.com Links tweeted LIVE @FatCowBusiness Retweet, Comment, Share! @FatCowBusiness FatCowBusiness
  • 2. While in School in 1998-99 … Image: onechickennugget.wordpress.com
  • 3. Rule #1 - Don’t do things blindly …Be an Entrepreneur and pick the gaps in the market Image: edoyo.co.tv
  • 4. Want Search Engine Traffic? Pick the gaps in the Market• Pick the GAPS in the market: ↑More Searches / Demand ↓Less Competition / Websites = the low hanging fruit• Most people don’t look past first 3 search results• Target a specific term where you can rank up top Image: ardant.co.uk Background: marspec.com
  • 5. Google Keyword Tool – http://fcow.co/GK• Choosing page titles – check Search Volume of each keyword
  • 6. SeoQuake for Firefox (Free)• Tells PR, Alexa Rank, Backlinks, Domain age• How hard to rank on Page #1 → http://fcow.co/SQ Example Search: “travel”
  • 7. Google Insights - http://fcow.co/GI
  • 8. Scrape Google Suggest → Übersuggest• http://fcow.co/US
  • 9. Google Places for Local Businesses• Free if your business has a physical location• Appears above other search results and in Google Maps Search and Mobile Search• Claim & verify your listing at google.com/places
  • 10. Question / Answer Sites & Forums• Top 10 Q & A sites → http://fcow.co/QA
  • 11. • Quora → Social Q & A site for influencers who share and retweet
  • 12. Getting PR – iclothing.com.au
  • 13. Journalists wanting sources – SourceBottle & HARO
  • 14. Rule #2- Learn from others. Don’t reinvent the wheel …Reverse engineer what is working for your competitors Image: ifun.ru
  • 15. Find competitors most linked & shared pages • Open Site Explorer – Free http://fcow.co/OSExample: sherdog.com Example: incomediary.com
  • 16. Find competitors top backlinks
  • 17. How to steal competitors customerinformation to laser target Facebook Ads Female Aged 35-50+ LIKES High Income College / Grad School QuantCast
  • 18. Spy on competitors and see whatkeywords they are targeting in Google• SEMRush –http://fcow.co/SR
  • 19. Facebook Ads – Which Factors make the most difference: Title 10% Body Text 20% Image 70% Source: Shoemoney.com 2010 (Facebook’s 3rd biggest Advertiser) - http://fcow.co/SM
  • 20. Shoemoney’s Facebook Ad Board Click Thru Experiment• Made Ad Boards of actual Facebook ads, people asked to click• Over 1 million total clicks• Used Clicktale Heatmap / Mouse tracking software Source: Shoemoney.com 2010 http://fcow.co/SM
  • 21. Source:shoemoney.com
  • 22. Source:shoemoney.com
  • 23. 61%of allclicks Source:shoemoney.com
  • 24. Even when foreign language text was used with US English audience … 47% 58% 49%• Takeaway → IMAGE makes by far the most difference Source: Shoemoney.com http://fcow.co/SM
  • 25. Rule #3 – Work Smart – Best Automation Tools Image: embajadachina.org.mx
  • 26. Wordpress• Free, easy to install in a few clicks. Install Wordpress Guide – http://fcow.co/WO• SEO friendly URLS with keywords• Free plugins for everything e.g. FB share / post• Writing new blog posts as easy as sending email
  • 27. Automatic Sharing by Users to Social Media – WP Plugins• Sexy Bookmarks – Includes Google +1 http://fcow.co/SB Screenshot: jamesmartell.com
  • 28. • Sharebar - http://fcow.co/SH Screenshot: wpbeginner.comScreenshot: mashable.com
  • 29. Best tools for Scheduling Facebook & Twitter Updates• Tweetdeck (Free) – auto link shortening• Hootsuite (Best) – Upload from Excel / CSV - Full Facebook links + image preview
  • 30. Syndicating Blog Posts from RSS feed to Twitter• Twitterfeed
  • 31. Automatically Publish Blog Posts to Facebook • NetworkedBlogs - http://fcow.co/NB Step 2 -Step 1- SyndicationRegistera Blog
  • 32. Rule #4- The Real Money from online Business is REPEAT Customers It is far cheaper to market to anexisting customer than to a new customer Image: simpsoncrazy.com
  • 33. First time customers Questions, Scammers, Timewasters, Hassles … NO TRUST Image: gottatopic.com & swing-smarter-baseball-hitting-drills.com
  • 34. Repeat customers = Trust, Rapport, RelationshipThe value in a “business” is your list ofpeople and the relationship you have with those people Image: merchantstand.com
  • 35. CatchOfTheDay.com.au 2 brothers = $200 millionCustomer just placed their 89th order … their #1 customer has 246 Orders
  • 36. Group Buying Daily Deals• Spreets, Scoopon, Groupon, Living Social• List of Group Buying sites - http://fcow.co/GR
  • 37. Rule #5 – Nothing will happen unless you make it happen If you want visitors to Opt-In, Follow, Share on Social Media → INCENTIVIZE! Image: braincram.co.uk
  • 38. Mint.com / Strongmail Case Study• Split test → 3 different incentives to refer friends to join Mint.com via email or social media
  • 39. A – Competition to Win iPod Nano B – No incentive (control group) C – Beta access to exclusive featuresSource: strongmail.com - http://fcow.co/ST
  • 40. How to supercharge email opt-ins• You MUST give an incentive → free eBook or video or digital content• Email subscribe form BIG, BOLD, TOP RIGHT THIS is the business asset you are building! Screenshot: FatCowBusiness.com
  • 41. • Pop it up and force them to make a decision• PopupDomination → increases signups 500% Screenshot: FatCowBusiness.com
  • 42. How to Incentivize users to LIKE yourFacebook Page using an iFrame Reveal Tab BEFORE clicking LIKE AFTER clicking LIKE
  • 43. Free app - Static HTML: iframe tabs• Add Reveal Tab Tutorial → http://fcow.co/IF
  • 44. How to incentivise visitors to share on Facebook & Twitter - http://fcow.co/IN• Cloudflood – create free share button to access link• Social Easy Share – Unlock content by sharing - Build Email List from Facebook App
  • 45. • PunchTab – Uses Facebook Connect, earn loyalty points for liking, commenting, sharing• List Eruption – No app access needed, Reward sharing special link on Social Media with gifts
  • 46. Rule #6 – Give Value First How Facebook differs from Search Marketing• Facebook says “find users before they search”• Earlier stage of sales funnel• Different approach → more “soft” sell• Give value first and create desire• Not “hunting” but more like “fishing” Image: designdamage.com
  • 47. Social Media Fans are a lot like women … Image: desktopdolls.blogspot.com
  • 48. Case Study – Aquabumps.com Started by a surfer in Australia who posted photos of Bondi Beach every morning …
  • 49. Started emailing a few mates to cheer them up at the office …
  • 50. Give value first, build up desire, credibility and trust, and the $$$ will follow
  • 51. Rule #7 – Partner with Influencers• Find influencers with similar target market• Leverage off other databases• Reciprocal email broadcasts• Sharing on Facebook / retweeting on Twitter• Paper.li – mash up other blogs RSS feeds & tweet• Start partnering with similar size and work up• Interviews, Testimonials, Reviews, Comments Image: totalmerchant.net
  • 52. Guest Blogging: Write Content - Get Links• MyBlogGuest → connects Guest Bloggers to websites looking for Guest Posts, Technorati.com• Find sites seeking Guest Posts → http://fcow.co/GU
  • 53. • FollowerWonk – Find influencers in your Niche, search keywords in Twitter Bio
  • 54. • WeFollow – lists top influencers tagged in each category like fitness, MMA …
  • 55. Leveraging your Content to Other Websites• Zemanta – Firefox Add-on http://fcow.co/ZE
  • 56. Your audience now has an audience Give value first + partner with influencers → potential for exponential reach … Image: venturebeat.com
  • 57. Keep in Touch• Slides, Links, Free Videos + Tutorials at: FatCowBusiness.com/KMA Facebook.com/FatCowBusiness @FatCowBusiness, @DaveCupples Dave@FatCowBusiness.com