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Dave Cupples Affiliate Summit Keynote 2012- 7 Secrets to Using Social Media and Affiliate Marketing to Live Your Dreams #ase12
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Dave Cupples Affiliate Summit Keynote 2012- 7 Secrets to Using Social Media and Affiliate Marketing to Live Your Dreams #ase12


Published on and my book based on this is at … and my book based on this is at
Dave Cupples Keynote at Affiliate Summit East 2012 in New York City #ase12

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Dave Cupples Tweets LIVE #ASE12 - Retweet, Comment, Share! @FatCowBusiness FatCowBusiness Slides:
  • 2. While in School in 1999 … Image:
  • 3. Secret #1 It’s not about you, it’s about themBe an Entrepreneur, pick the gaps in the market & give people what they want Image:
  • 4. Low Hanging Fruit and Gaps in the Market• Invest your time, money, resources on the best opportunities → the low hanging fruit• Pick the GAPS in the market: ↑More Searches / Demand ↓Less Competition / Websites Image:
  • 5. Google Insights - Check Image:
  • 6. Top Searches & Rising Searches
  • 7. Scrape Google Suggest → Übersuggest•
  • 8. Question & Answer SitesVIDEO: Top 10 Q & A sites for affiliates →
  • 9. • Quora → Social Q & A site for influencers who share and retweet These are the questions people are demanding blog posts and videos about!
  • 10. Give Journalists what they want:• SourceBottle and HARO
  • 11. Using hot topics for PR –
  • 12. Secret #2 - Learn from other people and at least learn from yourself Image:
  • 13. Success leaves clues …Don’t reinvent the wheel … Reverse engineer what is working for your competitors Image:
  • 14. Find competitors’ top pages & backlinks • Open Site Explorer Example: problogger.netExample: VIDEO: Spy on competitors’ top pages & backlinks →
  • 15. How to steal competitors’ customerinformation to laser target Facebook Ads LIKES Female Aged 35-50+ High Income College / Grad School QuantCast How to steal competitors’ customer information to laser target Facebook Ads →
  • 16. Secret #3The Key to any Successful Business is Repeat Customers & Relationships It is far cheaper to market to anexisting customer than to a new customer Image:
  • 17. First time customers Questions, Scammers, Timewasters, Hassles … NO TRUST Image: &
  • 18. Compare to repeat customers …• The value in a business is all about relationships• E.g. Zappos: 75% of orders → repeat customers Image: Image:
  • 19. 2 brothers = $200 millionCustomer just placed their 89th order … their #1 customer has 246 Orders
  • 20. • You don’t want customers that just need what you have … • You don’t want workers or partners who just have the skills you need … You want people who believe what you believe What How Why“People dont buy what you do,they buy why you do it” Simon Sinek Image:
  • 21. Many levels of customers / relationships1) Build a list of end users / customers2) List of JV Partners / Affiliates to leverage and grow your business fast3) The ultimate customer who will buy your business. Strategic Value – Ask “who can make more money from your business than you can?”
  • 22. months = $40 million
  • 23. Secret #4 – Nothing will happen unless you make it happen Call to Action + INCENTIVIZE! How to Incentivize Social Media Followers like Cows → Image:
  • 24. / Strongmail Split Test• 3 different incentives to refer friends to join A – Competition to Win iPod Nano B – No incentive (control group) C – Beta access to exclusive featuresSource: -
  • 25. How to supercharge email opt-ins• Incentive → free eBook / video / digital content• Email subscribe form BIG, BOLD, TOP RIGHT THIS is the business asset you are building! Screenshot:
  • 26. • PopupDomination → increases signups 500%• Top Feature Box → increases signups 500-1000% more than sidebox, without popups Screenshot: Screenshot:
  • 27. How to Incentivize users to LIKE yourFacebook Page using an iFrame Reveal TabBEFORE clicking LIKE AFTER clicking LIKEScreenshot:
  • 28. Free app - Static HTML: iframe tabs• Add Reveal Tab Tutorial →
  • 29. How to incentivize visitors to share on Facebook & Twitter• Cloudflood – create free share button to access link• Social Easy Share – Unlock content by sharing - Build Email List from Facebook App How to Incentivize Users to Share →
  • 30. • PunchTab – Uses Facebook Connect, earn loyalty points for liking, commenting, sharing• List Eruption – No app access needed, Reward sharing special link on Social Media with gifts
  • 31. Comparison Effect – People buy based on what is next to it• Which orange circle is bigger?
  • 32. Psychological framing – 3 Options• Question becomes not “should I buy” but which one?• Show them what to do → suggest most popular option Screenshot:
  • 33. How I made my first $100 and learned the most amazing lesson in life Secret #5 Give Value First Image:
  • 34. Rent the eyeballs vsOwn the eyeballs Image:
  • 35. How Facebook and Social Media differ from Search Marketing• Facebook says “find users before they search”• Earlier stage of sales funnel• Different approach → more “soft” sell• Give value first and create desire• Not “hunting” but more like “fishing” Image:
  • 36. Case Study – Aquabumps.comStarted by a surfer who posted photos of Bondi Beachevery morning to cheer up mates in the office …
  • 37. Social Media Fans are a lot like women … Image:
  • 38. How do you make someone want something? Image:
  • 39. Split Test: Do Testimonials Increase Sales? • Wikijob A/B Test with Visual Website Optimizer Which page had the most sales? A – Original (No Testimonials) B – Testimonials AddedSource: -
  • 40. Secret #6 – The Real Magic of Social Media is Connecting, Partnering & Leveraging off other people• Find influencers with similar target market• Leverage other databases- reciprocal mail outs• Sharing on Facebook / Twitter• – mash up other RSS feeds & tweet• Interviews, Testimonials, Reviews, Comments Image:
  • 41. Guest Blogging: Write Content - Get Links• MyBlogGuest → connects Guest Bloggers to websites looking for Guest Posts, How to find top sites seeking guest bloggers + Top 20 IM sites seeking posts →
  • 42. Spread your content to other websites• Zemanta – Firefox Add-on Spread content to other websites with Zemanta →
  • 43. Tools to find Influencers• FollowerWonk – search keywords in Twitter Bio• Klout – Measure influence & reach• WeFollow – top influencers in each category How to find top influencers in your niche→
  • 44. The Age of People Discovery – Removing barriers to connect with people Image:
  • 45. The Age of CreationYour audience now has an audience Image:
  • 46. Meanwhile in Australia … PLANKING!!
  • 47. Thank you by CPAWay- $1500 Charity Donation• Support by CPAWay• Vote + submit YOUR fundraising pages to Recommended:
  • 48. Secret #7 – Focus on what you do have and what you can do … and do it!• Nick Vujicic -
  • 49. Every change is a massive opportunity …• People want free → but will build your business free• Content Recommendations + Social Personalized Search Image:
  • 50. Take Action“Choose, don’t react. Don’t take what’s given toyou by the environment that you walk by eachday. Decide precisely what you want … andmake that happen”Anthony Robbins Image:
  • 51. Thank YouSlides, Videos, Tutorials free at: FatCowBusiness, DaveCupples @FatCowBusiness, @DaveCupples