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About FATA Research Centre and Journal
 Papers should be well-written with clarity.
 The abstract should ...
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Tigah Journal now accepting research paper submissions on FATA


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FATA Research Center (FRC) invites social scientists, policy makers, thinkers, researchers and/or students to submit research paper for publication in the fourth issue of its research journal named “TIGAH, A Journal for Peace and Development”.

The abstract/ brief of your proposed / outlined paper can be submitted till 15 October 2013 while submission of complete paper, in accordance with the guidelines, is expected till15 November 2013.

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Tigah Journal now accepting research paper submissions on FATA

  1. 1. Call for Paper About FATA Research Centre and Journal  Papers should be well-written with clarity.  The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper and should contain at most 300 words.  The length of final paper is normally no greater than 5,000 words but should not exceed 7,000 words.  All papers must be written in English and submitted through email.  Brief biography of the writer should follow the abstract.  APA style should be used for referencing.  The Review Committee reserves the right to accept or reject submissions for print and/or online use.  Detailed guidelines are available at Research Areas  Political Parties and FA- TA  Education, infrastructure and public health  Rural poverty, inequality and modern social mobili- zation  Rethinking Gender and Politics  Regional politics  Relevance of the econo- my in transformation from war to peace  Peace Process  Leadership, power and politics  IDPs: challenges vs op- portunities  Cross boarder linkages  Politics of religion: sec- tarian and radical rival- ries  Phased withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan  Pakhtoonwali- the social code of conduct  Conflict management at the grassroots  War on Terror: Impact on Literature Important Dates:  Abstract Submission 15 October 2013  Paper Submission 15 November 2013  Final Review and Publication December 2013 Further Details: Ms. Rubab Zahra Coordinator 051-2112854 051-2112853 Fax: 051-2112857 House No 23A, Street 28, F10/1, Islamabad Submission Guidelines September 2013 Issue IV TIGAH A Journal for Peace and Development FRC is a non partisan and non-political research organization based in Islamabad. It’s the first ever think-tank of its kind that focuses on Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) in its entirety. The purpose of FRC is to help the concerned stake holders better understand this war-ravaged area of Pakistan with independent research and analysis. We think, write and speak to encourage all segments of Pakistani socie- ty and the government to join their strengths for a peaceful, tolerant, progressive and integrated FATA. The Journal of FRC is Pakistan’s only publication exploring topics significant to public, private, government and nongov- ernmental sector actors partnering in peace and development in FATA region. It helps empowering the people of FATA as well as defining social, political and economical rights. Schedule: Twice a year Circulation: Online and printed copies Audience: Senior executives, academicians, government policymakers and practitioners in the field of peace and de- velopment in FATA. Review Committee: Our review committee consists of academics, scholars and researcher of international repute.