Rohit Talwar Overview of the Future Convention Cities Initiative (FCCI) - Imex Seminar - 25 05 11


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Presentation at Imex describing the Future Convention Cities Initiative (FCCI) - 25 05 2011

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Rohit Talwar Overview of the Future Convention Cities Initiative (FCCI) - Imex Seminar - 25 05 11

  1. 1. IMEX Seminar May 25th 2011 Rohit Talwar CEO – Fast FutureExecutive Director - FCCI
  2. 2. The Opportunity • Conventions and Trade Shows are a multi-billion industry • Major contributor to knowledge exchange and business creation • ButImage sources: /
  3. 3. Growth is not GuaranteedImage source: Piper Report
  4. 4. Global Competition is Growing Thinking is Back in FashionImage source:
  5. 5. To win we Must Focus ‘Beyond Tourism’Image source:
  6. 6. ICCA Rankings - Subject AreasThe opportunity is partnering to maximise knowledge transfer and value creation in the key industries of the future
  7. 7. Seoul Sydney Durban San LondonFrancisco Abu Dhabi Toronto
  8. 8. FCCI - Primary Research Activities Point Research and Knowledge Sharing Competitive Advantage Thought Leadership Research ActivitiesImage sources: / /
  9. 9. The FCCI research agenda is focussed on the following value creation objectivesImage source:
  10. 10. Drive Economic Growth and Job CreationImage source:
  11. 11. Maximising Knowledge Sharing through Business EventsImage source:
  12. 12. Create Global Opportunities for Local Businesses and ResearchersImage source:
  13. 13. Showcasing Local CapabilityImage sources: /
  14. 14. Leveraging Existing Infrastructure and Encouraging New InvestmentImage source:
  15. 15. Nurturing New Ventures and Accelerating Emerging IndustriesImage sources: / /
  16. 16. Promoting Innovation and Driving Research and DevelopmentImage source:
  17. 17. Drive Citywide Co-ordinationImage source:
  18. 18. FCCI FIRST ACTION FORUM SEOUL MARCH 2011Image source: Seoul Tourism Organization
  19. 19. TourismConvention ServicesDesignDistribution ServicesDigital ContentR&D
  23. 23. Proposed Sydney Multifunctional Convention andEntertainment Centre (SMCEC) 27
  24. 24. Legacy value A captive audience of leaders • Profiling • Investment • Exports • Education and skills development • Global networks • Attracting industries and institutions 28
  25. 25. A scoping studying of Business Events :Beyond Tourism Benefits • University of Technology Sydney August 2010 • Key findings Knowledge expansion Networking, relationships and collaborations Educational outcomes Fundraising and future research capacity Raising awareness and profiling Showcasing and destination reputation 29
  26. 26. Case study approach • 4th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2007) Led to the establishment of a major virology institute at the University of NSW through initial investment by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation later matched by government. • 7th International Orthodontics Congress (IOC 2010) Many Australian clinicians picked up knowledge about new techniques and technologies. Conference led to significant funding increase for the Australian Society of Orthodontists research programs. 30
  27. 27. International Congress on Obesity (2006) • Secured government funding for a new Centre for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease – ready by 2013 “This conference is vital to staying at the forefront of the fights against obesity.” Tony Abbott, Federal Minister for Health then (Currently Leader of Opposition Party in Australia) 31
  28. 28. Priority sectors identified by government fordevelopment • Finance, Insurance & Professional Services • Infrastructure and Construction • Advanced Manufacturing • Communication and Info Technology • Retail • Education and Research • Agri-food • Creative industries • Mining • Tourism • Health and Allied Services 32
  29. 29. Link business events to government priorities BESydney Target government Government priority sectors invests in for development BESydney Work with government and Community institutions to secure events benefits Events help develop sectors 33
  30. 30. Citywide Alignment - LondonBusiness Tourism Steering Group Senior group of industry figures with an interest in developing London’s global events business, across hotels, venues, transport, retail, corporate, agency, local government Research on client perceptions of the destination Comparative study into competitor destinations Industry Forums Clearer understanding reached of a joined-up approach Recommendations and future approach
  31. 31. Leveraging Sporting Legacy 2015 2016* 2017 2018 • Rugby World Cup • NFL Super Bowl • World Athletics • FIFA World Cup • Women’s Football • World Hockey Champs • Youth Olympic Games World Cup Champions Trophy • Solheim Cup (Ladies’ • FIBA World Basketball • Amateur Boxing • European Athletics Golf) Champs World Champs Champs • Hockey Euronations • FINA Water Polo • World Masters • Table Tennis World • IPC World Swimming World Cup Athletics Champs Cup Champs (25m; • Track Cycling World • World Disabled • LEN European Disability) Cup Badminton Champs Swimming Champs • Track Cycling World • World Team • Track Cycling World Cup Badminton Champs Champs • FINA Diving World Series • IPC European Swimming Champs • European Junior Athletics Champs • European Team *Olympic Year – may Athletics Champs limit event feasibilityImage source: London & Partners
  32. 32. Abu Dhabi – 30 Year Vision• Building an open, efficient, effective and globally integrated business environment• Adopting a disciplined fiscal policy that is responsive to economic cycles• Establishing a resilient monetary and financial market environment• Driving significant improvement in the efficiency of the labour market• Developing a sufficient and resilient infrastructure• Developing a highly skilled, highly productive work force• Enabling financial markets to become the key financiers of economic sectors and projectsImage source:
  33. 33. Abu Dhabi – Key Sectors• Education• Energy and Environment• Healthcare• Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas• Pharmaceuticals• IT, Telecoms + Communications• Transportation and Logistics• Construction• Culture• Food industry• Manufacturing and Infrastructure• Security and Defense• TourismImage source:
  34. 34. Abu Dhabi – Infrastructure• Health – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi bringing high quality medicine• Education – In Abu Dhabi branches of Yale University, Sorbonne, New York University and new Zayed University• Masdar City – World first zero carbon, zero waste and car free city• Science and Technology• A new surface transportation Master PlanImage source:
  35. 35. Advantage Abu Dhabi• A three-year Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority initiative aimed at catalysing and seeding innovative and viable business events aligned to the Abu Dhabi Government’s 2030 Economic Plan• Aimed at International Conferences and Exhibitions• AAD Recipient:
  36. 36. Durban | A Strategy Led Approach
  37. 37. Critical factors that determine businesstourism success Convention Bureaus Leadership – vision, strategy, funding Networking -buyers; business tourism trade shows Branding Skills Ambassadors Infrastructure – venues, airport Bidding – aggressive; substantial bid funds (Haven-Tang et al, 2007)
  38. 38. Convention Bureau Roles• Lead generation and tracking; - to identify business tourism opportunities;• Bidding and bid support – with associations, meeting planners and venues;• Delegate boosting – marketing support for specific meetings;• Business tourism destination marketing – stimulating awareness of a tourism destination from a business perspective – the attractions and business tourism services of a region;• Product development and accreditation;• Impact assessments; and• Co-ordination.
  39. 39. Convention Bureau Support together with Partners• Promotional Materials;• Educational Trips and Site Inspections;• Supplier Information and Quotations;• Social Programmes;• Pre and Post Tours and Incentive Packages;• Assistance with Congress bids;• Convention Publicity and Delegate Boosting;• Destination Display and Promotion;• Information Kits and Welcome packs for delegates;• Shuttle Services; and• Identification of PCO services
  40. 40. FCCI – What’s Next?• Initiated a competitive advantage research study• Launching multi-city study on the economic benefits ‘beyond tourism’
  41. 41. The Beyond Tourism Study• Identifying the longer term economic benefits resulting from key business and association events• 6 cities participating• Sydney already completed a similar exercise
  42. 42. Attributable Sales Revenues Exhibitors / Delegates Local Sponsors BusinessesImage source:
  43. 43. Business Innovation and Performance ImprovementImage sources:
  44. 44. Knowledge TransferImage source:
  45. 45. Research Opportunities and FundingImage sources: / / /
  46. 46. Entering New Networks, Partnerships and CollaborationsImage source Tallberg Foundation
  47. 47. Awareness and AwardsImage source
  48. 48. Inward InvestmentImage source
  49. 49. Which all contribute toImage source Job Creation
  50. 50. Conclusion• New economic era• Too important to mess up• Strategy, research and innovation now critical• FCCI testing out strategic research collaboration Image source: