Rohit Talwar -Meeting Innovation and the Technology Timeline - IMEX - May 23rd - 26th 2011


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Convention 2020 presentation on Meeting Innovation and the Technology Timeline - presented to Association Day and the Imex Seminar programme - May 23rd - 26th 2011

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Rohit Talwar -Meeting Innovation and the Technology Timeline - IMEX - May 23rd - 26th 2011

  1. 1. Meeting Innovationand the Technology Timeline IMEX FrankfurtMay 23rd – 26th 2011 Rohit Talwar Image source:
  2. 2. Convention 2020• Global strategic foresight study to help the meetings industry prepare for the decade ahead - Industry-wide sponsors• Multiple outputs Nov 2009 – December 2011• Recent survey on issues / strategies / business models for 2011 & 2015
  3. 3. CEED Slovenia – Engaging Gen Y and Z EntrepreneursImage source:
  4. 4. PCMA Learning LoungeImage source:
  5. 5. Global Franchise - TEDImage source:
  6. 6. Event Camp Twin Cities The Audience are the EventImage source:
  7. 7. Embrace Collaboration – Design e.g LIFTImage sources: /
  8. 8. Embrace Collaboration – Events e.g GastroImage source:
  9. 9. Food Service Network Total ImmersionImage source:
  10. 10. Personal and Immersive e.g. Globe Forum Silent ConferenceImage source:
  11. 11. Innotown – Simple and SlowImage source:
  12. 12. Trade Show Innovation• Routes / Network• Health Industry Distributors• United Food ProcessorsImage source: Imex
  13. 13. Food Inspiration - 1 Reinventing the Trade ShowImage sources: /
  14. 14. Adelaide Convention Centre Creating Experiences source: Adelaide Convention Centre
  15. 15. Food Inspiration - 2 Pop-up EventsImage source: /
  16. 16. What’s the Technology Horizon?Image source: Frog Design
  17. 17. Technology Gets Personal By 2020 all conferences and exhibitions I attend will offer a totally personalised experience, tailor-made to my needs, and offering whatever technological tools are needed to make the event fully interactive so I can engage with and influence the content of the event. 17Image source: 1093 respondents
  18. 18. Total Customisation In 2020, the personal comfort of attendees will be much more important to organisers than today. Individuals will be able to obtain personalised menus at meals, there will be many options for entertainment and relaxation, e.g. customised seating. Organisers will make far better use of information about individual attendees than they do today. 18Image source: 1093 respondents
  19. 19. Real Time / Predictive AnalyticsImage source:
  20. 20. TMT – Convergence and ImmersionTelephony Connectivity• Voice • Cellular• Messaging • Up to 14 bands• SIM card • WLAN/BT• Phonebook • GPS• Ring Tones • NFC• Security • FMData/ MultimediaEnterprise • Camera 8-16M• 100Mbps • Camcorder• Email • 24M Color Display• IMS • Memory (160GB)• Browsing • Multiformat A/V • HD Video/TV out• VPN • Games• PIM• Ecommerce Software (50-100M Tps) • Protocols • DRM• Payments • Middleware • Applications • User Interface • Minimize fragmentation
  21. 21. What I Want – When I WantImage sources L-R: / /
  22. 22. New Analytics and a New Knowledge InfrastructureImage source:
  23. 23. Augmented Reality / Heads UpImage sources L-R: /
  24. 24. Haptics / Holograms / Interactive SurfacesImage sources L-R: / / blogspot. com
  25. 25. Haptics TechnologyImage source:
  26. 26. Holographic LaptopsImage source:
  27. 27. Wearable DisplaysImage source:
  28. 28. Immersive WebImage source:
  29. 29. TeliaSonera in Sweden claims a 76% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions • Reducing business travel by more than 50% • Increasing the use of tele-meeting services, by 15-20% per year 76% CO2 • Reducing the office area/employee reduction by a total of 50% • Reducing total energy consumption by more than 30% • Green electricity from 2007 • Introducing mobile working 2001 2009Image source: Telia Sonera 29
  30. 30. TeliaSonera TelePresence Meetings Stockholm-Helsinki• Number of meetings: 464• Reduced number of journeys: 1.392 – 500,000€ in travel costs• Saved working time: 40 months• Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by: 169,000 kg 30Image source: Telia Sonera
  31. 31. Meeting ModelsSource: Tandberg
  32. 32. Next Steps – How Can You Get Involved?• Please tell us about your event innovations• Future Reports – Give us Feedback• Take part in Pulse Surveys• Contribute Expert Papers• Run / Host a Workshop / Survey• Student Essay Competition• Suggest Research Topics - tell us what you’d like to see• Ask about the sponsorship
  33. 33. Fast Future – Meetings Industry Services• Briefings and workshops for executive management and boards of venues, CVB’s and associations• Customised research on trends, technologies and new markets• Development of strategies and business plans• ‘Deep dives’ on key trends and technology developments• Consultancy and workshop facilitation on innovation and new business models 33
  34. 34. Fast Future• Research, consulting, speaking, leadership• 5-20 year horizon - focus on ideas, developments, people, trends and forces shaping the future• Clients – Industry Associations – ICCA, ASAE, PCMA, MPI – Corporates - GE, Nokia, Pepsi, IBM, Intel, Samsung, GSK, SAP, Orange, O2, E&Y, KPMG, Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Travelex, ING, Santander, Barclays, Citibank, DeutscheBank – Governments - Dubai, Finland, Nigeria, Singapore, UK, US – Convention Bureaus – Seoul, Sydney, London, San Francisco, Toronto, Abu Dhabi, Durban, Athens, Slovenia, Copenhagen – Convention Centres – Melbourne, Adelaide, Qatar, QEIICC – Hotels - Accor Group, Preferred, – Intercontinental – Congrex, Kenes – Aeroports de Paris / Schiphol Group
  35. 35. Future Convention Cities Initiative• Cities that want to be at the leading edge of delivering business events• Focus on maximising long term economic benefit of events• Research, sharing of expertise and best practices• Meet four time a year• Initiated and co-ordinated by Fast Future
  36. 36. Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation Objectives• Identify change drivers and key success characteristics for the globally branded hotel sector over the next decade• Examine the implications for: – Hotel strategy – Brand portfolio – Business models – Customer targeting – Innovation
  37. 37. Rohit Talwar• Global futurist and founder of Fast Future Research.• Award winning speaker on future insights and strategic innovation – addressing leadership audiences in 40 countries on 5 continents• Author of Designing Your Future – Published 08/2008• Profiled by UK’s Independent Newspaper as one of the Top 10 Global Future Thinkers• Led futures research, scenario planning and strategic consultancy projects for clients in telecommunications, technology, pharmaceuticals, banking, travel and tourism, environment, food and government sectors• Clients include 3M, BBC, BT, BAe, Bayer, Chloride, DTC De Beers, DHL, EADS, Electrolux, E&Y, GE, Hoover, Hyundai, IBM, ING, Intel, KPMG, M&S, Nakheel, Nokia, Nomura, Novartis, OECD, Orange, Panasonic, Pfizer, PwC, Samsung, Shell, Siemens, Symbian, Yell , numerous international associations and governments agencies in the US, UK, Finland, Dubai, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.• To receive Fast Future’s newsletters please email
  38. 38. Designing Your Future Key Trends, Challenges and Choices Facing Association and Nonprofit Leaders• 50 key trends• 100 emerging trends• 10 major patterns of change• Key challenges and choices for leaders• Strategic decision making framework• Scenarios for 2012• Key futures tools and techniques• Published August 2008• Price £49.95 / €54.95/ $69.95• Email invoice request to
  39. 39. Our Services Bespoke research; Identification & Analysis of Future Trends, Drivers & Shocks Public Speaking, In- Company Briefings, Accelerated Scenario Seminars and Planning, Timelining & Workshops Future MappingPersonal Futuring forLeaders and Leadership Expert Consultations &Teams Futures Think Tanks Identification of Design & Facilitation of Opportunities for Innovation, Incubation Innovation and Strategic & Venturing Programmes Strategy Creation & Investment Development of Implementation Roadmaps
  40. 40. Example Projects• Public and private client research e.g. : – Convention 2020 – the Future of Business Events – Future Convention Cities Initiative – Maximising Long Term Economic Impact of Events – One Step Beyond – Future trends and challenges for the events industry – Hotels 2020: Beyond Segmentation – Future Hotel Strategies – The Future of Travel and Tourism in the Middle East – a Vision to 2020 – Future of Travel and Tourism Investment in Saudi Arabia – Aviation and Airports e.g. Aviation 2030 – Scenario Projects – Migration 2030, Future of Narcotics, Chemical Sector, Family 2030 – Scenarios for the global economy for 2030 and the implications for migration – Designing Your Future (Published August 2008) – book written for the American Society of Association Executives & The Center for Association Leadership – Global Economies – e.g. The Future of China – the Path to 2020 – The Shape of Jobs to Come – Emerging Science and Technology Sectors and Careers – Winning in India and China• Strategic advice to industry players• Confidential advisory and coaching services to CEOs and top teams• Public speaking at public conferences and in-company events• Future thinking workshops and retreats
  41. 41. Example Clients