Understanding the Values of CBC Blood Work


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Complete Blood Count blood work is needed during routine physical examination. Your physician will need it to figure out your general health condition and to figure out particular remedies. Learn more about fasting for blood work at http://www.dailymotion.com/user/fastingforbloodwork/

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Understanding the Values of CBC Blood Work

  1. 1. CBC Blood Tests & Its Importance Brought to you by: FastingForBloodWork.net
  2. 2. One prerequisite of routine examination is the CBC (Complete Blood Count) blood test. This test provides a lot of information regarding the overall health of a person.
  3. 3. CBC blood test requires two teaspoon of blood from the patient using a syringe.
  4. 4. CBC Blood Test Elements • • • • • • • • • • • mean platelet volume platelet count mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration red cell distribution width mean corpuscular volume mean corpuscular hemoglobin hematocrit hemoglobin red blood cell count white blood cell differential count white blood cell count
  5. 5. CBC blood test is not just for physical exam requirement. It could also be requested by a doctor to determine certain kinds of treatment.
  6. 6. Some examples: • high WBC count – there is an infection taking place in a certain part of the body. • low WBC – problem with the bone marrow or side effects of chemotherapy • WBC is also an indicator if a patient is responding to the treatment. • high RBC – lacks oxygen in the blood or bone marrow problem. • Low RBC or hematocrit– anemic person
  7. 7. Some examples: • low hematocrit count may also signify anemia • high or low mean corpuscular volume can also be a sign of anemia or other diseases • high platelet count – bone marrow disease of inflammation • low platelet – reason for prolonged hemorrhage • high mean platelet volume – a patient is having risk of stoke or heart attack
  8. 8. In summary, CBC blood test is required for routine physical examination. Doctors will also know the right medication for a patient by looking at the CBC blood test result. Every value in your blood test result signifies something.
  9. 9. Thanks for viewing! Brought to you by FastingForBloodWork.net
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