2012 Spring - What Are Your Media Habits - Survey

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  • 1. What are Your Media Habits? Created by: -Elizabeth Hedin -Idris Kamara -Sarah Komperud -Heather Keelon -Alfonso Sintjago -Maren Stoddard -Sarah Walker
  • 2. . Questions We Wanted To Answer: What are students’ current media viewing habits? Given that new services have been introduced in the last 5 years, how have students’ media viewing habits changed over this period of time?
  • 3. Focusing the Survey:Included Participants:Undergraduate and graduate students at theUniversity of Minnesota in Professor Stout’sPrinciples and Methods of Evaluation classMedia Focus:(a) Kinds of media preferred,(b) Vehicles used to view media(c) How the above have changed in the last 5(d) How living situations effects the quantity of viewing
  • 4. Media ViewingPreferences
  • 5. “It doesnt matter either way. I have specific shows that I like to watch and if theyre on TV Ill watch them there, if not Ill look them up online.” Media “I don’t have a preference. Mobile devices are more convenient but traditional TV-based media can be more Viewing relaxing since I sit on the couch.”Preferences “I enjoy being at home, watching regularly scheduled T.V., but internet-based allows me to watch it even if Im not home. I do like the limited commercials of internet-based media.”
  • 6. Hours Spent onInternet Media
  • 7. Hours Spent on Non-Internet Media
  • 8. “An increase in usage of media, particularly watching movies/shows via the internet. Ease of access and veryHours Spent on convenient.” Non-Internet Media “Yes, I really enjoy Netflix live streaming. I watch TV in my own spare time at my convenience.”
  • 9. The Results: Now and Then The Results: Now and Then The Results: Now and Then Change inViewing Habits
  • 10. Change inMedia Viewing Quantity
  • 11. Cable Television Service
  • 12. Streaming Video
  • 13. Smart Phone Use
  • 14. Current Living Situation
  • 15. “I used to live with a roommate and get sucked into what she was watching. I watch much less TV now that I live alone” “If someone I live with isCurrent Living watching something I will Situation probably join them.”
  • 16. Additional information about our study includingadditional graphs and correlations can be found at: http://z.umn.edu/mediahabits