Mobile Apps For Evaluators (Top App Categories for Evaluators in Android and iOS)


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Ignite Session - AEA 2013
Mobile Apps For Evaluations
Top App Categories for Evaluators in Android and iOS
A YouTube Video of the presentation can be found at the end.

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Mobile Apps For Evaluators (Top App Categories for Evaluators in Android and iOS)

  1. 1. Do You Have A Smartphone Yet? What Could You Get For What is Now a Used 50$ Smartphone: (e.g.) Many Similar Devices •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  OS - Android 2.3.4 1 GHz CPU Snapdragon 1300 mAh Battery GPU Adreno 200 512 MB DDR RAM 1 GB ROM 8 GB moviNAND Micro SD to 32 GB Multi-touch display Accelerometer Digital Compass Proximity sensor 3.7-inch AAMOLED 8.0 megapixel Dual LED 720p HD video FM tuner Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) Bluetooth 2.1
  2. 2. Functions & Possibilities Note-Taking Voice Recording Video Recording Camera Survey Tools Presentation Presentation II To Do Lists Mindmapping Diagrams Comics Maker Business Cards Alarm Clocks Drawing 1,000,000+ Choices Timer & Pomodoro Calendar Planning Online Conferences Timesheets Cloud Storage Pdf Annotation Social Media News Reader Book Reading Podcasts Polling Device Security File Security And Many More
  3. 3. Many Choices & Lack of Time Modifying T-Pack For Evaluation Purposes (Finding a Balance)
  4. 4. Testing and Finding The Right App Can Take A Lot Of Time… Which We Often Lack
  5. 5. Technology Adoption Curve Dabbling. Doing old things in old ways. Doing old things in new ways. Doing new things in new ways. Prensky (2005) How Many Apps Do You Own, And What Do You Use Them For?
  6. 6. Yet, Be Willing To Try New Apps and Ideas Construct a Personalized Learning Environment (PLE)
  7. 7. Be Creative. What Would You Like Technology to Do? u  Participants attended a Cirque in campus to relax. u  Among other activities we asked them to take 3 photo of the event. u  u  Another one about an event/act that increased their awareness for the need to balance in their life. u  u  One about the act that had the greatest impact upon them. Last a photo of the event/act that helped them to de-stress the most They had to explain each photo. FotoFeedback Activity With MaxQDA - MaxAPP
  8. 8. You Co u a R e p o ld Create rt in Co mics How Would You Use Your Virtual Swiss Army Knife? Up o-Back Aut To ur Data Yo d The Clou me nnect Anyti Co e With Anyon Anywhere
  9. 9. App Café - Event Structure Framework App Café!
  10. 10. Mobile Apps For Evaluation iOS Categories    App Example    App Example    Android Categories    App Example    App Example    Note-taking    OneNote    Evernote    Note-taking    Evernote   Extensive Notes   Voice Recording    Voice Recorder    iTalk    Voice Recording    Smart Voice Recorder    Easy Voice Recorder   Video Recording    Pinnacle Studio    iMovie    Video Recording    Magistro Video Editor    VidTrim Pro   Surveys Tools    TouchPoint    QuickTap Survey    Surveys Tools    QuickTap Survey   Droid Survey   Presentation    Prezi    Keynote    Presentation    CloudOn   Kingsoft Office   Presentation Part II    Haiku Deck    CloudOn    Presentation Part II    Quickoffice   Documents To Go   To Do Lists    Any.DO    Toodledo    To Do Lists    Any.DO    Tasks   Mindmapping    Grafio    iThoughtsHD    Mindmapping    SimpleMind    SchematicMind   Planning    Beesy    Less Meeting   Planning    Project Schedule   Meeting Minutes Pro   Online Conference    Fuze    Adobe Connect    Online Conference    Cisco WebEx Meeting   Adobe Connect    Cloud Storage    Dropbox    Google Drive    Cloud Storage    Google Drive   Dropbox   Pdf Annotation    iAnnotate    Goodreader    Pdf Annotation    RepliGo PDF Reader   ezPDF Reader   Social Media    HootSuite    Flipboard    Social Media    Seesmic   HootSuite   A Brief List of Categories With More App Alternatives
  11. 11. App Evaluation Checklist •  Meets  your  needs  (for  example,  the  use  of  the  app  is   relevant  to  the  learning  objec;ves).     •  The  current  version  of  the  app  has  a  good  ra;ng,  3  stars  or   be@er,  in  the  App  Store  or  other  App   •  Review  Resource  (see  below).   •  The  majority  of  user  reviews  are  posi;ve.   •  Help  or  tutorial  is  available  in  the  app.   •  Has  a  support  Web  site  or  online  community  of  users.   •  Content,  including  any  adver;sing,  is  appropriate.   •  Informa;on  is  error-­‐free,  factual,  and  reliable.   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Content  can  be  exported,  copied,  printed,  or  otherwise  shared.   App’s  seKngs  and/or  content  can  be  customized.   App  is  easy  to  use.   Works  with  accessibility  op;ons.   Appropriate  cost  (meets  your  budget).   No  in-­‐app  purchases  are  necessary  for  intended  use  of  app.   App  has  been  updated  recently.   App  promotes  crea;vity  and  imagina;on.   App  provides  opportuni;es  to  use  higher  order  thinking  skills.   App  promotes  collabora;on  and  idea  sharing.   App  provides  useful  feedback. Relevance | Customization | Feedback | Thinking Skills Usability | Engagement | Sharing Tony Vincent Click for Additional Evaluation Rubrics
  12. 12. Note-taking -  Allows for Synching To The Cloud -  Offers Compatibility Across Devices -  Allow for Handwritten Notes -  It is Possible to Add Pictures / Videos -  Compatibility With Desktop Client -  Allows for Audio Comments -  Notes Can Be Easily Organized -  oard pe Keyb ful Swy Help Can Be Notes Can Be Exported Category Note-taking  iOS OneNote  Evernote  Widge ts Allow For Quick Activa tion Android Evernote Extensive Notes
  13. 13. Voice Recording -  lso u Can A Yo lls cord Ca Re Included in Some Note taking Apps -  Can Be Used As A Backup -  Use A Non-Restricted Version -  Allow For Cloud Sync, Export -  Allows For Editing, Leveling and Effects -  Remind Participants You Are Recording -  Most Record On The Background -  Compresses High Quality Audio in a Small File Category Voice Recording  iOS Voice Recorder ITalk Android Smart Voice Easy Voice Recorder Recorder
  14. 14. Video Recording -  Consider A Tripod Adapter -  Record to SD Card When Possible -  Allows for Editing of Video Recording -  Can Produce and Share Videos Online -  Application of Multiple Filters -  Allows for Transitions and Basic Effects -  Can Create Titles Screens -  Ease To Use, Start and Zoom -  Auto Stabilization Functions Category Video Recording iOS Pinnacle Studio iMovie If videos are recorded for social media purposes, Vine or Socialcam, among others can be used to quickly share video snippets. Android Magistro Video VidTrim Pro Editor
  15. 15. Survey Tools -  Allows For Offline Surveying -  Type and Quality Of Questions Allowed -  One Time Fee Or Continuous Costs -  Export Files, and File Accessibility -  Allows For Multiple Surveyors -  Ease To Develop Questionnaires -  Consider Web Apps Like Qualtrics Insta Su r For And vey roid Is Also Pr omising If a connection to the internet is available tools such as a Google Form, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Poll Daddy and other web-based survey tools could be used effectively and more flexible Category Survey Tools  iOS QuickTap Survey TouchPoint Android QuickTap Droid Survey Survey Offline
  16. 16. Presentation -  Includes a Timer (Running + Slide) -  Exports and Imports Common File Types -  Allows For Easy Incorporation of Media -  Includes Advanced Graphing Capabilities -  Provides The Look + Style You Prefer -  Can Be Shared For Collaborative Editing -  Multiple Templates Are Available -  Can Access Cloud Storage Sites Category Presentation  Presentation iOS Prezi  Haiku Deck Keynote CloudOn Android CloudOn QuickOffice Kingsoft Office Documents To Go
  17. 17. Create Your Presentation In A 3D Infinite Canvas Beyond PowerPoint Haiku Deck Is Gorgeous, Free and Worth Trying. Its Gallery Of Free Images Is Impressive With CloudOn You Can Access MS Office For Free On iOS and Android And Your Cloud Storage
  18. 18. Store ists -Do L The App r You To n In st Fo mmo Works Be Co at ery Are V e One Th Th Find To-Do Lists -  Syncs To The Cloud -  Sends Notifications -  Easy to Add and Clear Items -  You Can Categorize Items -  Classify Items By Urgency -  Works Across Devices Have You Both App Stores include a large number of attractive to do lists, pomodoros and timers to help increase ones productivity. Category To-Do Lists  iOS Any.DO  Android Toodledo Any.DO Tasks Used A Po m odoro?
  19. 19. Diagraming and Mind Mapping SimpleMind -  Syncs To The Cloud -  Can Draw Figures Freehand -  Multiple Import and Export Formats -  Flexible Nodes And Connections -  Allows For File Attachments (Audio, Etc) -  Can Link to Web sites and Resources -  Different Boxes and Colors -  Includes a Presentation Mode Category Mind Mapping  Grafio  iOS iThoughtsHD Popplet iThoughts Android SimpleMind SchematicMind HD
  20. 20. Projects and Planning These apps include: -  calendars -  note-taking -  to-do lists -  audio notes -  Evernote exports -  picture imports -  many other features Category Planning iOS Beesy Less Meeting Android Project Meeting Minutes Schedule Pro
  21. 21. Webinar and Video Conferences -  Allows for Different Participant Levels -  Can Be Access Different Multiple Devices -  Allows Anonymous Users -  Can Be Easily Recorded -  Cameras and Microphones Management -  Possible To Break Into Smaller Groups -  Provides A Stable Connection -  Presenters Can Share and Control Slides -  Inclusion of Polls, and Additional Pods Category Video Conferences iOS Fuze Adobe Connect Android Cisco WebEx Adobe Meeting Connect
  22. 22. Cloud Storage s mpanie rage Co odel ud Sto M Most Clo on Freemium Function -  Reliable Company and Security Features -  Background Sync of Files / Pictures -  Available in Various Platforms / Devices -  Easy To Use and To Share From -  GB of Free Space? Monthly Cost? -  Included in Various Other Applications -  Facilitates Collaboration -  Versioning System Category Cloud Storage  Other programs such as SugarSync,, or SkyDrive also have large communities of users. iOS Android Dropbox  Google Drive  Google Drive Dropbox
  23. 23. Pdf Annotation -  -  Storages Documents in The Cloud -  Annotation of PDFs Is Seamless -  Program Can Manage Large Files -  Multiple PDF Export / Important Possibilities -  Allows For Advance File Management -  PDF RepliGo Reader Can Highlight, Cross Out, Write Comments te iAnnota Syncs Files Across Devices & Cloud ezPDF Reader Category Pdf Annotation  iOS iAnnotate  Goodreader Android RepliGo PDF ezPDF Reader Reader GoodReader
  24. 24. Social Media -  Follow Conversations & Hashtags -  Allows For Multiple Account Management -  Access to Twitter, Google+ and/or Facebook -  Access To Facebook Pages -  Access To Other Networks – LinkedIn, Etc.. -  Ability to Upload Files And Share -  Able to Aggregate Multiple & Different Feeds Twitter Selected as Top Educational App Flipboard and Feedly facilitate the management of feeds and news sources. Category Social Media  iOS HootSuite Flipboard  Android Seesmic HootSuite Hart (2013)