2012 - GAPSA Organizational Structure


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2012 - GAPSA Organizational Structure

  1. 1. Changes to the Organizational Structure
  2. 2. Evaluation Standards and Competencies C1) Professional U) Utility Practice C6) C2) Interpersonal Systematic Competence Inquiry E) Evaluation F) Feasibility Accountability Evaluator Program Competencies Evaluation Standards C3) C5) Reflective Situational Practice Analysis C4) Project A) Accuracy P) Propriety Management
  3. 3. Logic Model
  4. 4. Changes to the General Assembly Increasing Communications and Openness Increasing Ability to Address Pressing Issues
  5. 5. GAPSA Evaluation (http://z.umn.edu/gapsaeval) Data Analysis “BE IT RESOLVED this internalevaluation will utilize a series of different qualitative methods Participant Observation Focus Groups including the use of focus groups, interviews, data Evaluationanalysis, and surveys to assessits functioning in relationship to student councils.” Interviews Surveys
  6. 6. Tyler GiesekeMinnesota Daily GAPSA Will Broaden Its Executive BoardDecember 11, 2012 “Though only half of the University of Minnesota’s 10 graduate and professional schools are represented on its executive board this year, GAPSA plans to modify representation to include the presidents of all of its member councils next fall. The group will also partner with the Center for Integrative Leadership to provide leadership training for its members.”
  7. 7. Pressing Student ConcernsWhat comments do you have for the Board of Regents about your graduate or professional experience with respect to advisers, graduate assistantships, workload, etc.?
  8. 8. Current GAPSA Exec. Structure 2012-2013 President Student Student Executive Vice Vice President for Vice President of Vice President of Vice President of Vice President for Representative to Representative to At-Large Director President Public Affairs Finance Student Affairs Programming Grants the Board of the Board of Regents Regents Chair - Chair - Internal Chair - Public Chair – Finance Chair - Student Chair - Grants Varies - Multiple Member of the Member of the ProgrammingAffairs Committee Affairs Committee Committee Affairs Committee Committee Tasks Board of Regents Board of Regents Committee
  9. 9. Existing Structure and Changes Council of Graduate Students Nursing GradSEHD Most relationships will remain the same College Board School of Dentistry Pharmacy Student College Board Council OSA MSA GAPSA Office of Minnesota Student Student School of Affairs Association Medical SchoolPublic Health Student Student Council Senate GAPSA College of Graduate and Masters in Veterinary Medicine Business Professional Student Administration Student Council Association Association Law Council
  10. 10. Framing a Better AlignmentBy increasing collaboration between CIL, CILGAPSA, and each council, GAPSA will Center fortransform into a more representative group Integrative Leadershipwhich is able to better voice the concerns of thestudent body while maintaining a strong GAPSAdecentralization and support for each council. Graduate and Professional StudentCIL will contribute to the leadership Associationdevelopment of representatives from every Grad. And Prof. Councils Executive Members ofcouncil. The leadership development Each Councilworkshops provided by CIL would not only beavailable to the members of the executiveboard, but also to other members of everycouncil.
  11. 11. Grand Challenges, Grassroots MOOCs & Other CIL-GAPSA Initiatives Collaborate: What Would You Like To Work On: Entrepreneurial Teams: Challenge 1 Idea 1 Entrepreneurial SkillSustainable Development I think that…. Programming (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 2 Idea 2 Entrepreneurial Skill Human Trafficking I think that…. Evaluation (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 3 Idea 3 Entrepreneurial Skill Climate Change I think that…. Design (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 4 Idea 4 Entrepreneurial Skill Energy Efficiency I think that…. Marketing (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 5 Idea 5 Entrepreneurial Skill Product Safety I think that…. Education (Example, Contact Info) Challenge 6 Idea 6 Entrepreneurial Skill Community success I think that…. Engineering (Example, Contact Info)