Nursing And Fast Track


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Nursing And Fast Track

  1. 1. General Surgical Nursing Contact: Kirsten Rud EPS General surgical nursing describes the mail: procedures general to all operations – In general on fast-track surgery and patient perspectives Dorthe Hjort Jakobsen plus areas such as: Prevention and observation, including smoking and alcohol habits, safety Unit of Perioperative Nursing Care procedures, patient positioning, fast and Clinical guideline nutrition, fluid intake, Anticoagulant therapy, skin/ wound care as well as sleep and rest. Telephone: 3545 7317 / 7308 Date: 01.01.07. General Surgical For more information on background and Nursing references: www. / General Surgical Nursing Unit of Perioperative Nursing Care Fast-track surgery Unit of Perioperative Nursing Care 2006
  2. 2. Skin/ Wound care Preoperatively Sleep and Rest Prevention and Observation • Inspection of the surgical area for wounds Sleep is important for the rehabilitation and scars before the operation Smoking and alcohol • Smoking: Stop 8 weeks before surgery • Make sure that the patient’s habits/ Perioperatively • Alcohol: Stop 4 weeks before surgery • Shaving, if necessary, only by cutter wishes are met • • Preoperative bath (evening or morning – If necessary offer sleeping pill Safety procedure • ordinary soap) Talk to the patient about worries that • Reception of patient in operation theatre • surgical area and navel has to be keeps the patient from sleeping • Identification of the patient • disinfected at the operation theatre with Avoid unnecessary noise such as suitable disinfectant, must dry up in loud talk Fast/ nutrition • between Avoid unnecessary wakening of the • Fast for 6 hours and no fluid for 2 hours • The skin has to be cleaned for iodine with patient, particularly early in the preop a spirit swab after suturing morning • If necessary, hand out ear plugs patient positioning Postoperatively • Prevent pressure symptom and • The bandage can be removed 24 hours hypothermia postop if the wound is dry. • The bandage must be changed if it is Fluid treatment moist, loose or contaminated • Balance the amounts of fluid • Shower is allowed 24 hours postop if the wound is dry. Amusement • Ask it the patient want to listen to music After discharge during the operation • Avoid the sun at the wound for ½ year • Use high sun factor as long as the Anticoagulant therapy cicatrice is red • Anticoagulant therapy depends on the • Avoid perfumed soaps condition of the patient and the surgical • Use cream to soften the scar procedure • Avoid smoking and other nicotine’s substances such as plasters, chewing gum Postoperatively – during the 4 first weeks after the • Usual surgical observation surgery