Punjab Health Line


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Punjab Health Line

  1. 1. CITIZEN CONTACT CENTRE Punjab Information Technology Board
  2. 2. • SMS messages • Robot Calls: Pre recorded voice messages • Live Agent Calls – Help Line – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Shared facility for Government Departments CITIZEN CONTACT CENTRE
  3. 3. CITIZEN CONTACT CENTRE • Technology is the pivotal enabler for any efficient management • Coordination between all stakeholders possible via one single platform • CCC platform can be used for – receiving, responding and resolving complaints – conducting surveys with citizens at large – provide counseling via helpline – massive awareness campaigns via SMS, robot calls
  4. 4. PUNJAB HEALTH LINE Punjab Information Technology Board
  5. 5. The Challenge Last year, Punjab was hit by the worst ever epidemic of dengue – affecting over 300,000 people 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 Suspected Confirmed
  6. 6. The Evolution.. Patient Counseling Complaints Dashboards
  7. 7. Punjab Government’s Anti-Dengue Initiatives Establishing Punjab Health Line a. Patient counseling b. Preventive measures to citizens c. Advise on treatment protocol to health practitioners d. Logging of Fumigation Service requests e. Solid Waste Disposal requests f. WASA/ Sanitation related requests g. Complaints logging 1. Over charging of labs 2. School management related 3. Private hospitals, Govt. hospitals, etc. 4. Any other (0800 99000 Toll Free 24/7)
  8. 8. Establishment of e-CRS Dashboard for integration of multiple services by Govt. department
  9. 9. Dengue Patient Information Relaying System (DPIRS) - Dengue Patient reporting and recording at Hospitals ( placement of DEOs)
  10. 10. Vector Surveillance System To manage record of indoor and outdoor vector surveys as part of the larvaciding activities
  11. 11. Dr. Najam has reported 15 Dengue Fever patients and 01 Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever patient D15 H1 4 5 6 7 8 9 # 0 * 1 2 3
  12. 12. Surveillance Larvae Sites Hospital Dengue Patients Data Entry Dashboards CM, ACS, Special Branch, Commissioner, DG Health, DCO/ CDGL WASA LWMC TMOs Schools Health Line Medical Advice Complaints Dengue Information Management System (DIMS)
  13. 13. Punjab Health Line • Over 5,000 calls a day with 80% of them being complaints • 10 departments, 14 complaint types • Multiple sources of information • Immediate resolution demanded by the Chief Minister • Real time reporting
  14. 14. 4843 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 CallsperDay Calls Received Total: 117,000
  15. 15. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Patient Calls and No. of Complaints No. of Complaints Patient Calls
  16. 16. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 Complaints at Punjab Health Line IRS (Healthline) Fog Spray WASA LWMC IRS (Hospital)
  17. 17. eCRS Dashboard – Complaints by Town (Lahore) Report
  18. 18. Dengue Activity Tracking System http://activitytracking.punjab.gov.pk
  19. 19. Dengue Outbreak Detection using SatScan http://activitytracking.punjab.gov.pk
  20. 20. Dengue Disease Reporting on Map http://www.dss.punjab.gov.pk
  21. 21. Awareness Campaign Chief Minister’s initial awareness Message to Public SMS: 36,829 Voice: 49,975 Dengue messages broadcasted (Dr. Faisal Masud to Doctors + Govt. Officials and Political Leadership)  SMS: 1,638  Voice Messages to Doctors: 2161  Voice Messages to Doctors & Citizens: 17,341 Health Department Punjab awareness Message to Public in May 2012 SMS: 94,575
  23. 23. The Challenge • There are more than 300,000 blood donations per year in Lahore alone. Blood is needed during emergency, routine surgeries, accidents, thalassemia patients, epidemics etc. There wasn’t any steady systemic/organized way to meet this demand. • Lack of supply of blood can prove fatal in such cases. Families of patients, already traumatized, have to face this additional stress of arranging the blood. • The main challenge is to connect the right donor with needful patient at the right time.
  24. 24. Punjab Government’s Response • Punjab Blood Line was launched in October 2011, with organizing blood drives, awareness campaigns, registration camp etc. • Establishment of a blood inventory system and creation of a blood donor database with geographical tagging and cell phone ID pivoted over Call Centre services.
  25. 25. PUNJAB BLOOD LINE OBJECTIVE • The main objective of Punjab Blood Line is to mobilize and organize willing donors in order to cope with blood shortages in case of epidemics, disasters, terrorist attacks, accidents etc. For this purpose, Punjab Blood Line registered donors to create a database which is used to mobilize donors when blood is required.
  26. 26. BLOODLINE - ANOTHER LEAP FORWARD Citizens call HEALTHLINE (0800-99000), make appropriate selection from IVR, to register as donors A LIFE SAVED pool of satisfied citizens BLOODLINE – SETTING UP DONORS COMMUNITY FROM THE PLATFORM OF GOVT OF PUNJAB Bloodline brings donors and blood banks together Share availability status of blood bags in registered blood banks etc. Government of Punjab regulates the activity. Ensures that registered blood banks (public sector) update stock levels via online interface
  27. 27. Punjab Blood Line would perform the following functions:  Donor Registration  Donor Search & Mobilization  Match making for requisitions made by Blood Banks  Maintain comprehensive record of each donor  Status (Active / Blocked / Dormant)  Visits to BB  No shows  Blood bags donated so far  Inventory Management ROLE OF PUNJAB BLOOD LINE
  28. 28. PBL Stakeholders Punjab Blood Line System (PBL) DONORS IBTS PATIENTS via BLOOD BANKS
  29. 29. PBL STAKEHOLDERS Donors are fundamental to the process of donation. PBL cannot succeed without a pool of motivated donors. For this purpose donors are:  Registered at Blood Bank  Registered via PBL Helpline 0800-99000  Registered via PBL website bloodline.punjab.gov.pk  Registered via Camps (Motivational Campaign)
  30. 30. Donor Registration Punjab Blood Line Database Hospital Blood Banks PBL Helpline Donors PBL Website PBL Awareness Campaign
  31. 31. PBL STAKEHOLDERS Blood Banks act as a buffer between patients & donors and raise blood requisition through PBL online portal on behalf of patients. They also perform the following duties:  Donor Registration  Screening, Bleeding and data entry of donors  Update stock inventory  Maintain integrated link with Institute of Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS)
  32. 32. PBL STAKEHOLDERS Institute of Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) would manage the PBL system and perform the following tasks:  Register public and private hospitals that meet the minimum requirements for PBL portal  Resource sharing between blood banks for better crisis management through centralized PBL online portal  Monitor donor’s deferral registry  Run awareness and motivation campaigns  Monitor blood requisition / bleeding / screening flow
  33. 33. Hospital Blood Banks Raise Blood Requisition on PBL System Search PBL Donor Database Active? Donor Mobilization Yes No Consent Taken Yes Hospital Blood Banks Donor Screening Yes Yes Non Reactive? Yes Successful bleeding Patient Call Center Agent DONOR MOBILIZATION PROCESS
  34. 34. Value Proposition • Privacy intact • Area based matchmaking
  35. 35. Value Proposition • Optimized Inventory Management • Efficient Resource Management • Curbing the Professionals
  36. 36. Indirect Benefit • Disease surveillance of – HIV – Hepatitis B – Hepatitis C – Syphilis – MP
  37. 37. Donors Hospital Blood Banks Patients Call Center Agents BLOOD BANKS TO ACT AS A BUFFER BETWEEN DONORS AND PATIENTS
  38. 38. INCENTIVES FOR PBL DONORS • Free Hepatitis-B Vaccination • Refreshments for Donors at the Blood Bank • Invitation to State Functions • Free Entry to all Historical Places
  39. 39. INCENTIVES FOR PBL DONORS • Free Pass for Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) for Donor for one week or more • Issuance of Donor Cards • Time-off from Work (one day leave for Government officials) • Medals to be awarded to frequent donors
  40. 40. INCENTIVES FOR PBL DONORS • Free Pass for Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) for Donor for one week or more • Issuance of Donor Cards • Time-off from Work (one day leave for Government officials) • Medals to be awarded to frequent donors
  41. 41. Punjab Blood Line PBL Stats as of May 29th, 2012 Total Number of Donors 18,259 Total Donors in Lahore 9,229 Total Donors Called 1,250 Total Donors Mobilized 77 Penetration Ratio 6.16% Donor Cards Printed 400
  42. 42. PBL Donor Card (for verified donors only)
  43. 43. • 12 major blood banks chosen • 20 DEOs being provisioned by PITB for only 3 months • Morning and Evening shifts • Pilot to show the efficiency of the PBL system in terms of better managing the inventory and flow • Registration of over 8,000 donors by DEOs Pilot in Lahore
  44. 44. e-GOVERNANCE Informed Decision Making Enhanced Transparency Reliable Solutions