What people say about aria dresses


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What people say about aria dresses

  1. 1. Are you looking for bridesmaiddresses? I’m pretty sure that it can bea lot difficult to ask your bridesmaidsto spend money on their dresses foryour wedding day. Well, give thanksto TakHau, the president and Creative designer of Aria Dresses.If you are looking for a sleek, custom or formal bridesmaid dresses, Ariadresses may be exactly what you are looking for. These dresses are beautiful andstylish, fitting in with the traditional wedding styles and every dress is designed,sewn and tailored in the United States. The website,http://www.ariadress.com/ iseasy to navigate and ordering is simple. The only difficult part will be deciding whichof these lovely gowns you like the best.Here are some of the testimonials of the happy buyers of Aria dresses:“I highly recommend Aria Bridesmaid dresses! Theyre styles are formal yet veryrefreshing and not your typical bridesmaid dress. My bridesmaids absolutely lovethem and feel theyre very re-wearable. As for the staff at Aria, they have been adream to work with and when 2 of my bridesmaids got pregnant after ordering theirdresses, Aria promptly sent extra fabric to accommodate any alteration needs.”“Aria Bridesmaids were wonderful to work with. My girls all looked beautiful indresses that suited them. The colors all looked gorgeous and I know theyll be
  2. 2. wearing those dresses again! Easy and simple and relatively quick for getting acustom dress!”“My bridal party ordered 7 dresses from Aria and I think everyone found somethingthey looked great in. The colors were really dynamic and beautiful and the orderarrived on time and was correct.”“Awesome! Great colors, fabrics. Came within the timeframe they stated. Highquality, decent prices.”“The staff at Aria are very responsive and professional. Every time they would receivean update, payment or contract from my bridesmaids, they would call me right awayso that I knew who had ordered and who still needed to order (that was such a bighelp!) We even received the dresses almost a month before they had quoted us toreceive them!”“Granted, I never wore these dresses because I was the bride, but my bridesmaidsseemed to be happy with them. One of my bridesmaids lives in LA, so she went to thePasadena location to scout colors. She said when she tried on a full-length dress withthe notch bodice, she felt like a princess. My two bridesmaids wore perwinkle dresseswith light blue sashes.Price range is $160 to $230, depending on dress length. Iwouldve ordered a knee-length dress myself because I loved the designs.”“The girls love these dresses! Theyre simple and very light dresses in silk shantung
  3. 3. and are definitely something they can wear again after the wedding. There is a pricebreak if you order 6 or more dresses. You can save on shipping charges by picking upthe dresses in the showroom (if you happen to live in the LA, DC, or Boston area) andno tax if purchased from outside the 3 aforementioned areas. I had a cousin of minefrom NY pay with her credit card. This saved me about $15/dress.”Aria dresses presents and offers a large range of custom made bridesmaid gownsand wedding dresses designed to fit different types of silhouettes and preferences.So, visit the site now and be one of those people who loved the Aria dresses.