A Taste of Alice and Olivia Dresses 2012


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A Taste of Alice and Olivia Dresses 2012

  1. 1. A Taste of Alice and Olivia Dresses 20122012 for Alice and Olivia dresses seem to be lookingbright. By bright we mean the colors are jumping andare embracing the sun! The 2012 resort of Alice andOlivia dresses are daring and the brand hasabsolutely done it well.Welcoming the year with very cute, fun and playfulvibes, the collection features a super colorful lines withmodern summer trends, including color blocking,stripes patterns and floral prints.The founder and also designer of the label, StaceyBendet, seem to be happy with her colorful summer bypresenting many bright colored outfits. Imagine lightweight aquatic fitted dress, jumpsuits and sleeveless cardigans, some beautifulwearable maxi-dresses, flare skirts, waist dresses and mini-dresses in bright summershades and patterns.A wonderful and awe-striking bandeau maxi dress and romper come with black andwhite stripes patterns, as well as another color blocking fitted dress and flare dresspaired with adorable wedges, accessories and 70s style floppy hats in matchingcolors. In its entirety, Alice and Olivia 2012 collection will bring everything we adoreabout this exciting and sunny summer for enjoying the vacation or to the fullest.Patterned Alice and Olivia dresses are greatly seen with fainting polka-dots whilehaving a one shoulder cut. Lightly colored, accessories made it bold with the shade ofhappy yellow. Pair the outfit with round white sunglasses and that classic floppy hatthen you are definitely off to the beach for some awesome time under the sun.The colors stay true and they are absolutely quite flamboyant. The aquamarinecolored outfit with airy and baggy pants matched with long shrugs of the same color ifperfect for that summer evening. Toning the color a bit would be dark accessoriesparticularly in black, accentuated by dots of white.Women will definitely get giddy after seeing the brightly colored Alice and Oliviadresses in yellow. All matched up with the floppy hat and holding the color and waist inshape would be a glossy pink belt. Who says it’s a fashion faux-pas to match pink andyellow? Not for Stacey Bendet it seems. Be daring and lighthearted with this outfit thatwill definitely make some men turn their attention on you, that is if you’re not too shy
  2. 2. on attention.Thankfully, your summer next year is looking bright and sunny. All you have to worryabout now are sunscreens and getting that perfect golden tan.