Trending now vera wang dresses 2012 bridal collection


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Trending now vera wang dresses 2012 bridal collection

  1. 1. TRENDING NOW: Vera Wang Dresses 2012 Bridal CollectionIt’s all about Vera Wang fashionistas! Big time headway made in the bridal industry recently, VeraWang is at the root of it all. The veteran wedding dress designer is fresh off of designing the weddingdresses possibly of the year for Kim Kardashian and family, besides Sarah Burton for Kate Middleton.Vera Wang is making headlines again with her newest bridal dress collection. Could it be that the daysof wearing white down the aisle are over? If Wang has her way, then the answer to this question is,yes. The new Vera Wang dressesare nude and black and quite unconventionally gorgeous. Dare wesay we love it? White wedding dresses are so passé and a stretch for many brides taking the plunge.Case and point, Kim Kardashian got married in white, but we seem to remember a certain sex tapethat leaked and may very well be her claim to fame. We’re just saying. Anyhow, we love the alternativeidea anyway. See what all of the fuss is about below and you can be your own judge.
  2. 2. We adore the above strapless nude mermaid fit Vera Wang dress with layered and flared chiffonduster bottom. The intricate gown is polished off with embedded pleats. This gown if for a moreyouthful bride looking to push the envelope in spite of the traditional color, but this gown would lookjust as good in white.
  3. 3. Next, pictured above is another mermaid fitting strapless gown with the same duster bottom, the onlydifference is the floral lace inset and twisted bodice. We feel like we’ve seen this design before, and theonly thing really appealing about it is the nude color. It’s beautiful nonetheless.
  4. 4. Now this gown isinspiring to say the least, imagine walking down the aisle in this oversized cloud of chiffon. It’sstrapless and breathtaking in nude and cream. We love the simplicity of this fairytale wedding gown.
  5. 5. The above Vera Wang wedding dress is epic! Check out the black strapless bodice and oversized tullefloor length dress. Just take a moment to take it in. Is it truly wedding gown worthy or is it secondbest?
  6. 6. We love the lace floral empire waist strapless wedding dress is wedding dress gold. We can’t getenough of this design. The nude chiffon fabric bursting through the floral lace is to die for. We thinkthis dress is truly the stair of the collection by far.So what do you all think about black and nude bridal? Thanks for keeping it, your source for what’s trending in fashion now.