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  • 1. Ten Hip Street Style Fashion Brands of2011In the world of street style fashion, wehave seen a lot of brands rise and fall andwe are only halfway through the year.Street style fashion trends come and go,but the true test of a timeless brand iswhen you break the bank just to own apiece of their brilliance. Here is a list ofthe hippest street style fashion brandsthis year.1. GantGant has come a long way since they started their quest to create that perfect Oxfordshirt. After a major relaunch of their website, the company is now a force to be reckonedwith and is more accessible to consumers with the introduction of e-commerce. Withtheir range Gant Rugger, and separate collection designed by Michael Bastian, it makeus want more signature chambrays, more madras, more blazers, hell, we just want moreGant.2. Mark McNairyMark McNairy is just the thing the fashion world needed, a dose of reality. You may notbe the guy who can wear blue-suede wingtips, a ring that reads an expletive, or plaidmadras cargo pants, but hes not doing it for fame, and unapologetically so. Hes makingwell-crafted clothes for an effortlessly cool guy—these are the makings of becoming a
  • 2. household name.3. J. CrewYou can love or hate the fact everyone is wearing the same J. Crew chambray shirt asyou, but that says a lot about the powerhouse brands presence this year. With footwearcollaborations with New Balance, Converse, Nike, to designers like Billy Reid, and let’snot forget the opening of their specialty shop the Liquor Store, we are sure J. Crew stillhas some tricks up their sleeve to crush the rest of the year.4. Levi’sLet’s face it, Levi’s is synonymous with denim jeans and the brand showcases anotherbanger in its spring collection. Levis stays, killing it each season with both the timelessdenim and the endless collaborations with Stüssy and Opening Ceremony. And foradvanced level denim heads, Levis Vintage Clothing and Levis Made & Crafted have gotsomething for you to be excited about for the fall. Also, be on the lookout for the cyclingspecific Commuter Collection due this summer.5. GivenchyEver since designer Riccardo Tisci took the reins at the house of Givenchy, the fashionworld and public alike have been trying to get ahold of his clothing, or find a way toadapt his runway looks. Each season, he presents a new way to wear a classic piece, orcompletely trick a bomber jacket out. Spring/Summer 2011s leopard print collectionwas hard to beat, but he outdid himself for Fall/Winter 2011 with his rabid Rottweilerprints. Riccardo and Givenchy are definitely worth watching for the rest of 2011.6. Supreme
  • 3. Supreme is pretty much known for its exclusivity and long lines on release days, so itstays on its A-game. This season, Supreme released its collection with a grip of paisley,floral prints and even leopard. They also scored huge points by partnering up with noneother than hip hop legend Prodigy from Mobb Deep. You might be tired of seeing thebox logo on everyone you pass in SoHo, but wed like to think of it as a unifier; aSupreme army standup. And get used to it, because this brand isnt going anywhere.7. Norse ProjectsEurope is making big moves this year. Norse is a Danish brand that has wicked streetstylecred from coast to coast. We have to respect the simplicity of the clothes,concentrating on functional basics made of quality materials. And with a great fit suchas soft suede brogues with Trickers, simple raglan sweatshirts, and five-panel hats, thedesigners are often influenced by the Scandinavian weather and surroundings withsubtle streetwear twists. Also, Mikkel Groennebaek, one of the founders, and his crewroll deep with KAWS.8. Saturdays Surf, NYCBesides designing dope surf graphic tees, Saturdays NYC brings the West Coast spirit tothe dirt-lined streets of New York. Located in SoHo, the shop also sells La Colombecoffee, books, artwork, and surfboards. Make sure you check out the outdoor deck in theback of the shop, its a great escape from the city. Saturday’s mantra of “surfing, livingand working in New York City” definitely lives in its Spring Collection—a clean andcomplete apparel line of shorts, tanks, chinos and shirts with a casual surfer vibe.9. Mitchell & NessWhen it comes to throwbacks, Mitchell & Ness has definitely got you covered. The sports
  • 4. apparel company crafted tennis racquets, golf clubs among other equipment since 1904.It was love at first sight when the Standard and Scripts were released. Today snapbacksare the official summer staple. Recently Don. C, the G.O.O.D. music manager, customcreated a Chicago Bulls hat for Kanye West. And Wale has made a mean push for thereturn of throwback jerseys. M&N is already on your radar, and they should stay there,theyve got some major projects in store for the coming months.10. Herschel Supply Co.Mixing up contemporary and vintage styles, Herschel Supply Co. makes ill bags andbackpacks, but you cant expect any less from this young Swedish brand. Everything ismade with function, durability, and style in mind, and all of this at reasonable prices.This year they have already done smart collaborations with Need Supply and Stüssy,focusing brass and canvas materials. It’s nice to see a brand doing it well for the post-recession market.